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                               The RF-4C  Crash into AFTN Udorn on 4/10/70


l968 Photo by Dave Ramsey at Udorn RTAFB of the exact RF-F4 that two years later would crash into the AFTN building at approximately 2:00pm in the afternoon on April 10, l970.              

1.   Crash Reconstruction/Incident

2.   Eyewitness Accounts (1)   Eyewitness Accounts (2)

3.   The Photographic Record of the Crash

   16mm color film of the actual plane crash

        Crash Sequence and Response by Udorn Firemen and Crash Recovery         

  Still photos

          Page 1--The Crash Inferno Page 2--Putting Out the Fires ,  Page 3--Putting Out the Fires, Part 2

          Page 4--The Immediate AftermathPage 5--The Aftermath,    Page 6--The Clean-Up

 4.    Initial Mishap Report Sent to 13th AF    (Report declassified on 2/13/03)

            Report. Cover Pg 1  Pg 2,   Pg 3,  Pg 4Pg 5

 5.    Destruction of Udorn AFTN Radio & TV Facility

          AFTN Rpt to 13th AF by Cpt. Horace "Dick" Hiner     Pg 1,     Pg 2,     Pg 3      

 6.   How the Incident was reported in the media

     a.  The Daily Recce (Udorn base paper)

     b. New York Times (Apr 11th) (Apr 13th, 1970)

NEW     c.  MACV Information Report (April, l970)

  7.   Crash Recollection by Jim Treat, NKP Station Manager (Dec 69-Nov 70)

 8.   Replacement Transmitter for the Udorn Radio by Patrick Minoughan, AFTN Takhli     Program Director (Sep 69-Sep 70) 

 9.  Restoring AFTN Radio Udorn  by Bill Ostrander, AFTN Korat, Engineer (69-70)

Udorn Memorial Service, April 17, 1970

10.   Ecumenical Memorial Service (Udorn RTAFB,  April 17, l970)

11.   AFTN Newsletter- May, 1970

   ------They Will Not Be Soon Forgotten  by David T. LaFollette, Lt. Col. USAF, Chief, AFTN

   ------ A Time to Keep --AFTN Udorn, April 10, 1970

   ------ A Time to Mourn

   ------A  Time to Speak

   ------A Time to Build-Up

   ------From Tragedy to Tribute

  12..   History of the RF-4C-PhotoReconnaisance Phantom

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