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The F-4 Incident--The Photographic Record

The following photographs were provided by Jerry Reed, Dave Ramsey, Paul Parker, and the Air Force Historical Research Agency at Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, AL.  The official USAF photos were taken by Sgt. Bill Morris of the 601st Photo Squadron at Udorn RTAFB, Thailand
The Inferno

This photograph was taken moments after the plane hit the BOQs and the AFTN station. The BOQs are on fire and the station is obscured by thick dark smoke. (photo provided by Col. Sam Newman (ret)

The burning BOQs. (Photo from Dave Ramsey)

Udorn firemen battle extremely hot temperatures and fires.

 A later photograph shows the fires still burning and a massive effort by the base fire department and crash recovery to extinguish the raging fires.  (photo by AFHRA, 432TRW)

The rear of the station. The TV van is to the right.

The flames as seen from an adjoining hootch


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