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Date of Last Visit on old Guest Page:      3/29/2012     14:48

 Guest:  Steve Slezak                                       Email address:

 Current Location:  Solon, Iowa

 I just thought I'd check in with a bit of information nobody will find of terrific interest: I retired after 43 years in broadcasting(Oct. of 2008), and help produce historic CD issues for several CD companies. I still have a classical radio series called THE COLLECTOR'S VAULT, which airs on the Golden Music Memories of Yesteryear website. This has gotten some internet awards, and has a nice following, so that's a plus. Anyone with a station want to buy a unique series(cheap)to help fill your air? Let me know. A tip of the hat to all my fellow AFRTS members. Stay cool.

 Base stationed & date:  Ubon, Thailand 1971/72 


Date of Visit:      2/22/2012   23:07

 Guest:   Dennis Foth                                       Email address:

 Current Location:  Panama City, Florida

 Still have some reel-to-reel recordings of AFTN Korat (our "station" in Chiang Mai) that I had piped into my hootch via telephone line.  Hooked the phone line into the amplifier.  Amazing what Comm Folks can do.  Worked a lot of 12 hour shifts... AFTN kept me going!  While at Ubon, we could also pick up AFVN sometimes out of Saigon.

 Base stationed & date:  Ubon 69-70 , Udorn 71-73, Chiang Mai 73-

 Position in Thailand:   Comm Center Specialist (291X0)


Date of Visit:      12/28/2011 17:55

Guest:   Patrick Minoughan                                         Email address:

 Current Location:  Port Charlotte, FL/Liberec, Czech Republic

 I can't believe I helped preserve a little bit of AFRTS history four years before I even joined AFRTS. This is an interesting article.  You might have to cut and paste this address.

 Base Stationed and date:  Takhli/ 1969/1970 

AFTN Position:   TV Program Director

Date of Visit:      12/21/2011 22:34

 Guest:   Fred Steinberg                                  Email address:

 Current Location:             Smithtown

 Base Stationed:                 Korat 68-69

 Position:              Airborne Photo Tech 601st


Date of Visit:      12/7/2011 8:24

 Guest:   Dave Ramsey                     Email address:

 Current Location:             Ban Samphrao,Thailand

 Just checking in. Kai and I are going into our 2nd year here outside of Udon Thani. Still keep in touch with Eddie Phromanchai of the MEDCAP Program at Udorn that day of the RF-4C crash into  AFTN. He is the fella whom called me away from the station that day to accompany him and the doctors to a village out near Phen. When we returned, we were beyond being shocked to see the obliteration of AFTN.

Base Stationed:                 Udorn, Feb 68 thru May 70

Position:              Photographer

Date of Visit:      11/9/2011 20:49

 Guest:                  Steve Lombard                  Email address:

 Current Location:             Laie, Hawaii

 I was a part-timer at AFTN U-Tapao in 1971.  I cross trained into AFRTS from there and remained in AFRTS until my retirement from the Air Force at Hickam AFB in 1983.  Been in Hawaii ever since.

 Base Stationed:  U-Tapao 1971

 Position:              Part-time television

 Comments:  Helped with Bob Hope Show


 Date of Visit:      11/8/2011   14:33

 Guest:                  Tom Brophy                       Email address:

 Current Location:             Dunedin, Fl. USA. 34698

 During my stay at Ubon, your station in cooperation with the Chaplain Service broadcast a show country wide called 'The House of Free Expression' I was wondering if there was a tape. I was a featured performer,did the lead in of'Where have all the flowers gone'.

 Base stationed:  Ubon, May 68 -Apr 69

 Position:              Automatic Flight Controls Tech 


Date of visit: 11/8/2011 9:45

 Guest:   Gary James                        Email Address:

 Web Address:

 Current Location:             Cleveland, OH

 Worked on B-52, KC-135, and anything else that landed and needed radio maintenance.

 Base Stationed: U-Tapao 1970-71

Position:  Avionics Maintenance Aircraft Radio repair

 Date of Visit:      10/2/2011      13:53

 Guest:   Lon Roland                         Email Address:

 Current Location:             Moore, Ok 73160

 They didn't know I was coming! Nearly spent the night at the air terminal...Rob Marshall and Ray Green finally found me...

 Base Stationed:  '74-'75 NKP, Udorn, Korat, U-Tapao

 Position:   AFTN Announcer

 Date of Visit:      9/28/2011 10:18

 Guest:   Frank Tous

 Current Location:   Kissimmee, FL

 Base Stationed:  U-Tapao 1975-76

Position:              Communications Squadron

 Date of Visit:      9/26/2011 4:36

 Guest:                  Bill Dawson                        Email address:

 Current Location:             Pennsylvania

 Bases Stationed:               1971-72 Ubon 1973-74 NKP; 1974-76 RAF Welford,England


Date of Visit:      9/16/2011 3:44

 Guest:                  Lawrence Freeman          Email  Address:

 Current Location:             Verbena, Alabama

 Bases stationed:  U-Tapao, Jun 72-Aug 73, Korat, Jan 75

Position:              Administrative Specialist

 Date of Visit:      8/16/2011 12:12

 Guest:   Sam Pilato                          Email Address:

 Current Location:             Birmingham, Alabama

 Thanks for the site.  So glad that you guys are on top of things.  We need men like you to spread the word. Thanks

 Base Stationed:                 Korat  1968-1970

 Position:              Sp5  Clerk Typest

________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Date of Visit:      8/5/2011 12:36

 Guest:   Terry  LeFan                       Email Address:

 Current Location:             Tuscumbia  Alabama

 Hello, Just logged on  Gonna surf around. Thanks   T L

 Base Stationed:                 U-tapao  75-Jun76

 Position:              81150  635th SPS


 Date of Visit:      8/1/2011             8:20

 Guest:   SP4 Edward J. O'Neal                      Email address:

 Current Location:             Arlington, Texas

 Base Stationed:                 Korat, Thailand 1967-68 

Position:              697-th. Pipeline Engineers

 Date of Visit:      7/13/2011                          4:52

 Guest:   Bruce  Leonardo                              Email address:

 Current Location:             Las Vegas, NV

 Sorry, spent my time at Udorn, Ubon & Korat.  Was married at Korat 1974 to a local.  Lost her to kidney disease in 2003 after 28 years of marriage.

 Bases  stationed:   Udorn 69-70, Ubon 71-72 & 74, Korat 74-75

 Position:   432nd, 8th & 388 FMS Hydro Commando


Date of Visit:      6/24/2011    15:01

 Guest:   John Pecarina                    Email address:

 Current Location:             Midlothian, TX

 My wife, Peggy, helped out at AFTN, Udorn, in the first half of 1974.  She was a volunteer, put to work sorting records - then asked if she'd like to be the local weather girl.  We'd all take a break and head for the coke shack to watch.  At the time, she was told she was the only American female appearing on AFTN.  She's interested if that remains the case. 

Base stationed:                 Udorn 1973-74 

Position:              Listener


 Date of visit:       6/18/2011   17:51

 Guest:   Lee Harris                           Email address:

 Current Location:             Indianapolis, IN

 Wild year.  Assigned to Ubon only to be replaced by a higher ranking MSgt three weeks later.  TDY to Hdq, then PCS to Korat.  Replaced Jim Estep as News Director.  The list of names for the '69-70 news department looks pretty complete.  Only connection I've had with the staff has been Bob Lacell.  While there we lost our station in Udorn to an F-4 thru the front door.  Had the challenge of writing a 'history' for that time. Details and pictures of the crash were part of the history which was sent to the Clark AFB in the Philippines.  Where it might be now is anyone's guess.  Ralph Baldwin who served with me on Guam referred me to the list.  Hopefully I can dig through the old files and find a few pix to share.

 Bases stationed:               Ubon & Korat, 1969-1970

 Position:              Producer: Tips on Thailand


Date of visit:       6/8/2011             8:42

 Guest:   Ralph Baldwin                   Email address:

 Several old AFTRS broadcaster are trying to locate anyone who served at the Guam station at any time. If you were stationed there please go to FAR East Network-Guam on Facebook or contact me at

 Base stationed:                 1976 

Position:              Announcer

 Date of visit:       6/4/2011             16:52

 Guest:   Curt Masemore                 Email address:

 Current Location:             Dallas, TX           

 TV director, On-Air radio, originated and partially directed (Louis Hakim being the other, and better on air director), the Apollo 12 landing using live Thai TV footage, no less! (scripted and produced (but not narrated, that job went to Bob Nash, Camp Frendship security) the first overseas version of"Jesus Christ Superstar, clocking in at Two hours, and overrunning the news block on Easter 1971, (which almost became the first AFTN stereo audio program, left channel AM, right channel FM), and Writer, director, and voice talent, for the first local 16mm commercial on FOD ( which was never aired because our new video engineer dropped the video head stack for our new 2" VCR.  So it goes).  made a lot of friends, made a few enemies, got fired, got rehired ( God Bless you, Lady Jane Donovan, you pissed off the AFTN power structure and made my whole life at Korat worth being there.  I salute you, Colonel.)  All in all, it was worth it.

 Base stationed:                 Korat RTAFB, 1970-1971

 Position:              TV director, Audio On-air (horrible),


 Date of Visit:      3/17/2011           14:32

 Guest:   Joe  Stolmeier                   Email address:

 Current Location:             Prescott, Az

 Thanks for the roster.  It brings back memories.  However, you neglected to post my name, and have Jim Riggs incorrectly posted as John.  Again, thanks.

 Base stationed:                 Udorn RTAFB 67-68

 Position:              Announcer


 Date of Visit:      3/13/2011           3:39

 Guest:  Grover F. Keith                   Email address:

 Current Location:             Rome,GA

 I was station at UTapao from Christmas 1968- Dec 1969.I was assigned to the 635 Services Squadron. Was promoted from Sgt to SSgt. My Commander was LT Col Wayne Boyne a now famous Author. A part time DJ Sgt Daniels was also in unit. Lots of good times! Retired 1994 CMSgt.

 Base stationed:    UTapao Dec 1968-Dec1969 

Position:  Supporter

 Date of Visit:      3/9/2011             21:19

 Guest:   Gene Pickett                      Email address:

 Current Location:             Choctaw, OK

 If I comment to Jim's question about the numbers seems mean spirited. Not intended, so a short true story by way of a mea cupa : Korat morning radio show guy is reading the "numbers" and then you hear an audible gasp followed by a long pause and instantly knew he had just read the number of his recent massage partner.  True story.  We shared a  hootch area (club 69) with the medics, so he found a quick fix :)

 Base stationed:   Korat   1973/74 

Position:              Radio

 Date of Visit:      3/4/2011             17:38

 Guest:   Gene Pickett                      Email address:

 Current Location:   Choctaw, OK

 Jim Cook… The numbers you asked about were the numbers of the massage girls in town who had checked positive for STDs.    Stay up there in Alaska Jim

 Base stationed:     Korat   1973/74

 Position:              Radio,  Hootch (sp) Bar manager _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Date of visit:       3/4/2011             13:06

Guest:   Jim Cook                             Email address: 

 Current Location:   Homer, Alaska

 Was great fun to listen to the Air Checks! Lots of memories!!  I was the NCOIC of the Korat Air Base IWCS communications fac.  We handled your

 Base stationed:  Camp Friendship/Korat RTAB/ 1968-1970 

Position:      442nd Sig Bn (Long Lines)

 Date of visit:       2/18/2011           11:24

 Guest:   Gary Franklin                     Email address:

 Current Location:             Seattle, WA USA

 How ya doing?

 Base stationed:  UBON 1969-70; NKP 1971-72 


 Date of visit:   2/8/2011 12:06

 Guest:   Bob Freitag                        Email address:

 Current Location: Thanks for the hours of companionship I enjoyed during my 2 years at Korat.  Two audio clips (Rik DeLisle working the Music Machine in 1975, and Suzanne Ritter working the Night Shift 1975)are available on the Korat site in the Audio section. Welcome Home All!Bob Freitag388th MMS Weapons Release Korat 70-72

Webmaster: Bob Freitag's "The Vietnam War Years of Korat Royal Thai Air Base"



 Date of visit:       2/6/2011             22:38

 Guest:  Henry Pitts            Email address:

 Current Location:             Duluth, Georgia

 More pictures posted.  Need help with identification.

 Base stationed:  1972-1973

 Postion:               Engineer


 Date of Visit:      2/6/2011             12:42

  Guest:   Marv Schiffler                    Email address:

 Current Location:             Mesa, AZ

 I was at Korat from Apr 65 to Apr 66.  There was no radio station there at that time. I t would have been nice to have had it in the early days. There was a lot of other things we were doing w/o at that time.

 Base stationed:  Korat 65-66


 Date of Visit:      1/31/2011           13:26 

Guest:   Robert Comey                        

Current Location:  Manchester, NH

 hi,i did not have a radio when i was at korat...

 Base stationed:  Korat  Oct65-Oct66

 Position:              29150  Comm Center Specialst


 Date of Visit:      1/29/2011           23:44 

 Guest:   J.R. Carroll                                        Web address:

 Current Location:             Huntsville, Alabama USA

  I worked at the 621st TCS (Brigham) when this crash took place. My crew was on duty. The F4 was coming in with battle damage,loss of hydraulics, the F4

 Base stationed:  Udorn 1970 - 71

 Position:              621st TAC Control Squadron, Brigham


 Date of Visit:      1/16/2011           11:57

  Guest:   Henry Pitts                         Email address:

 Current Location:  Duluth,  Georgia

 I have a lot of slides, photos and audio of my time with AFTN at Korat.  I've started scanning and posting at:  .This covers the 1972-1973 era.  This is a work in progress and will grow. Feel free to link to the page and also copy what ever you need.

 Base stationed:  Udorn 1970 - 71

 Position:     Television Equipment Repairman


 Date of Visit:      1/12/2011 12:00

 Guest:   Bob Morton        Email address:         

 Current Location:             Greensboro, North Carolina USA

 I was stationed at Ubon 1965 -66 and helped set up and operate "The Music Hobby Shop" along with SMSGT Chuck Anger.  I've put together a webpage with photo's and our story.

 Base stationed:                 Ubon 65 -66

 Position:   Music Hobby Shop


 Date of Visit:      1/6/2011    13:50

 Guest:   George Wilson                  Email address:

 Current Location:  New York

 Found this about Randy Lloyd (Ubon 68-69):"1979-1999: Richard "Randy" Lloyd, longtime afternoon DJ and "The Voice of Bloomington," who died in a tragic apartment fire on April 22, 1999 -- his 54th birthday. His trademark sign-off was "blue skies and green lights."AND"Condolences to the family and friends of Richard "Randy" Lloyd. Lloyd, 54, died in an apartment fire on April 22. He was a DJ at Hot AC/WBWB (96.7fm, Bloomington), where he did 12pm-6pm. Lloyd, known to many as "The Voice of Bloomington" had been at the station for over 20 of the 21 years WBWB has been on the air."

Base stationed: Ubon 68-69

 Position:              Newscaster TV & Radio 


 Date of Visit:   12/28/2010   14:00

 Guest:   Henry Pitts                          Email address:

Current Location:             Oxford, Georgia

Engineer at WETV / WPBA Atlanta 1977 - 1980.<br>Technician for Infax Inc for 30+ years.

Base stationed:                 Korat 1972 - 1973

Position:              TV Equipment Repairman


Date of Visit:      12/16/2010 9:45

Guest:  Leon Vogt             Email address:

Current Location:             St. Paul, Minnesota

I was stationed at Takhli, 355th FMS 1968.  Before that I was stationed at Udorn working on the J79 engines.  Looking for people who I might have served with in 1967.

Base stationed:  Udorn/1967

Position:              jet mechanic


 Date of Visit:      12/1/2010 21:42

 Guest:   Raymond Hubbard                          Email address:

 Current Location:             Boston/USA

 I was surfing the web looking for some old photos from U-Tapao AB were I served in communications in the USAF in 1966-1967 about 4 months after base opened with KC 135 tankers.

 Base stationed:  Utapao Nov 66 - Nov 67

 Position:              E4


 Date of Visit:      11/26/2010 23:01

 Guest:   Randy Seely                       Email address:

 Current Location:            

Another visit to this great site, just to see who's checked in.  Anybody know what happened to Udorn managers John Gimlin...Fred Fulkerson...Dave Johnson? In addition to wonderful others from that time frame, they were there during my 12-months in-country.  Great memories; terrific folks to spend a tour with!  Best wishes and happy holidays to everyone!

 Base stationed:                 Udorn 72-73

 Position:              radio (afternoons)  tv board guy (when needed...:)


Date of Visit:      11/24/2010 5:46

 Guest:  David McAlary                   Email address:

 Current Location:             Falls Church, VA

 Retired from 32 career at Voice of America. The website brings many nostalgic memories of my 24 months in country . . . first at Takhli, then Ubon, and finally network news in Korat. The website doesn't mention my Ubon sojourn in 1971 with Cashman and McKenzie!

 Base stationed: Takhli '70, Ubon '71, Korat '71-'72

 Position:              DJ, newscaster


 Date of Visit:      11/18/2010 18:22

 Guest:   Walter Herron,, exSSGT. Email address:

 Current Location:             Doyle,Tennessee.USA

 SSgt Walter Herron.Military Pay & Travel,Sept 71---Sept72.  Enjoyed AFTN and loved my time at Udorn.

 Base stationed:  Udorn-71-72

 Position:              Military Pay & Travel.


 Date of Visit:      11/11/2010 19:25

 Guest:   George Dunn                     Email address:

 Current Location:             Houston, Tx

 Worked as announcer for about 5 months, doing a C&W show 3 times a week at NKP, Thailand.  Went on to work part time for FM 98.3 KORA in Bryan, Tx.

 Base stationed:  NKP, Thailand

 Position:              DJ



 Date of Visit:      11/6/2010 1:26

 Guest:   Ken Gilder                           Email address:

 Current Location:   St. Petersburg, FL

 For those that have quarter inch magnetic tape that sounds like hell, there is a chance for recovery.  Nothing is guaranteed, but check

 Base stationed:  Korat, 74-75

 Position:              Korat Local Radio; Network News


 Date of Visit:      11/3/2010           18:34

 Guest:   Douglas A Level                Email address:

 Current Location:             Douglasville, GA, USA

 I'm trying to find video/news article of the All Thailand Basketball Tournament 1972/1973 where Ubon's Base Basketball Team won the tournament.

 Base stationed:  Ubon/1972-1973



 Date of Visit:      10/24/2010         9:33

 Guest:   Louis Roberts                    Email address:

 Current Location:             Fortmill, South Carolina

 I was stationed Korat in 1966- 1967 I volnteer for MP duty, I was the MP at the gate for the base, I also worked in the office typing up report's on testing jet.

 Base stationed:  Korat, Thailand

 Position:              also MP  at gate to base Friendship


 Date of Visit:      10/10/2010         12:21

 Guest:   Barry Landau                     Email address:

 Current Location:             Tampa FL

Found pictures 1969-1970 Ubon

Base stationed:                 Ubon 1969-1970

 Position:              Part Time Radio/TV


 Date of Visit:      10/6/2010           10:48

 Guest     Dave Ramsey      Email address:

 Current Location:             Ban Saam Phrao, Thailand

 My wife, Kai, and I have come full circle now. We have retired outside of Udon Thani. We were very lucky that day of the RF-4C crash into AFTN to be in the right place at the right time. The memory of my nine brothers will be with us for the rest of our days.

 Base stationed:  Udorn, 1968-1970

 Position:              Photographer


 Date of Visit:      9/5/2010             0:41

 Guest:   Bethany Swanson             Email address:

 Current Location:             Danville Kentucky

 I am looking for information about my father  SSgt Ralph Swanson he was stationed  with the 635th CSG, I desperately am looking for someone who might have know him, he was there around 68 and 69 anyone who could tell me anything would be appreciated, as my birth certificate is permanently sealed in his military record, and with him gone now I can't get it and I would love to know why it is that way, so if anyone was stationed with him please contact me.  Thank you so much.<br>Bethany Swanson

 Base stationed:  1968-1969



 Date of Visit:      8/21/2010           23:13

 Guest:   Col. W H Newton             Email address:

 Current Location:             Florida

 I am a military historian of AFRTS/AFN/FEN/ARS/AFVN/AFKN insignia and recently visited your website. I am currently searching for the AFTN beercan pocket hanger that was worn by personnel on the right shirt pocket. The were a few different styles but it looked like the AFVN insignia except it was red versus black. I have seen the patch but am having a hard time locating the metal insignia. Do you have any information on where to find one? Appreciate any info you may have. Thanks.<br><br>Col W.H. Newton, USA ret. 

 Base stationed: 



 Date of Visit:      7/18/2010           21:02

 Guest:   Gary Hollen         Email address:

 Current Location:             Tampa Florida

 Anyone out there know the where-abouts of Jed Downey, he was at Ubon 69-70.  Sure would like to reconnect.............

 Base stationed:  NKP 72-73 

Position:              With 6908th 


 Date of Visit:      7/13/2010 2:43

 Guest:   Phillip (Mike) Dermody  MSGT RET             Email address: 

Current Location:             Oakville, Mo

 Thanks for putting up this site.  I was the station Engineer from Oct 66-67.  Still have pictures of the second station and its crew.

 Base stationed:  Udorn Oct 66-67

 Position:              Station Engineer


 Date of Visit:      7/8/2010 8:32

 Guest:   Ken Manley                                       Email address:

 Current Location:             USA

 I was in the Army stationed at Ubon in "72 and '73.  We worked in the compound at the east end of the runway with all the antennas.  We used to get really pissed listening to "Ghost Riders in the Sky" for hours on end.  Seriously, you guys did a great job.  I owned the Sweetheart Bar if any of you guys remember that.

 Base stationed:     Ubon, Thailand 1972-1973

 Position:              Army


 Date of Visit:      6/29/2010 15:06

 Guest:   David Lovett                      Email address:

Current Location:             Dayton Ohio

 I remember when the f4 crashed, I was about 100 yds away. Heard two pops(thought it was mortars) i think it was ejection seats, saw pilot sitting on hospital steps afterward smoking cigarette<br>some things you never forget

 Base stationed:  Udorn, 1969-1970

 Position:              432nd  perimeter guard


 Date of Visit:      6/25/2010 1:43

 Guest:   Dr. Vernon P. Wagner, Lt Col, USAF (Ret. Email address:

 Current Location:             Bakersfield, CA

 One night, the AFTN announcer warned that the medics would put him in a 'Straight Jacket' for his silly jokes.  We came to the station, and DID just that!

 Base stationed:                 Ubon 1968-69

 Position:              8th TAC Hospital flight surgeon


 Date of Visit:      6/21/2010 21:30

 Guest:   Tom Palmer                       Email address:

 Current Location:             Birmingham

 worked age flight line delivering service units crew

 Base stationed:  Ubon  67/68



 Date of Visit:      6/4/2010 18:30

 Guest:   Ralph Baldwin    Email address:

 Current Location: Alton, Illinois 

worked age flight line delivering service units crew

 Base stationed:                 Utapao



Date of Visit:      2/28/2003 11:32

Guest:   Terri Vasecka                                    Email:

Current Location:  Helena, Montana

Comment: This is a wonderful website.  Thank you for all the hard work and the memories.  I can't believe 30 years have gone by.

Base Stationed: Korat /1973

Position:  Announcer/"Big Country"

Date of Visit: 2/26/2003                3:52

Guest:   Mort Cherim                                                    Email:

Current Location: Dover, NH

Comment: Very nice job.  Wish I could have been more help with remembering some names during my time at AFTN-Ubon (68-69)

Base Stationed: Ubon 68-69

Position:  staff anncr/program dir./station manager

Date of Visit: 2/25/2003 9:34

Guest:   Davis F. "Doc" Ball                                          Email:

Current Location: San Antonio, TX

Comment: Great site, and one that brings back many special memories. I was there for three years, and watched a lot of changes being made, from the hand-made control board, to state-of-the-art equipment. I have a few pictures to contribute, and am putting them

Bases  Stationed:  NKP:1966-67; Ubon, 1967-68; Korat, 1969-

Position: Staff Announcer  to   Station Manager

Date of Visit: 2/22/2003 17:42

 Guest:   John Binfield                                                    Email:

 Current Location: Largo, Florida

 Comment:  I served in Nam Phong which was south of Udorn.  I fondly remember AFTN.  I remember doing night duty in the Bulk Fuel Farm, sitting in a Jeep and looking up at the stars.  Thailand had a beautiful sky at night.  As I sat there AFTN announced that we currently had men on the Moon. They then played a song By David Bowie.  It was called "Major Tom".  Every time that I hear that song these days, I think of that night in Thailand.

Base Stationed: Nam Phong


Date of Visit: 2/20/2003  5:04:00 AM

Guest:   Rodney Bell                                       Email:

 Current Location: Baton Rouge, LA (at that time)

 Comment: Hi Bob,The AFTN Memorial site is coming along very well! Nice to see the hits, and all your comrades signing in...Don't know what I would have done without you guys...Loved the music, and listening to updates on the news back in the world...Keep up the good work on the site. It's doing great!R. Bell,F-4D Crew Chief,Udorn AB, Thailand 73-74

Base Stationed:  Udorn AB, Thailand 73-74



Date of Visit:  2/15/2003               9:40

 Guest:   Randy Seely                                      Email:

Current Location: Boise, Idaho

Comment: This site brings back so many memories of one of the best tours I had!  AFTN Udorn was my first broadcast assignment in what became a 30-year radio/tv career,which ended in '02.  Was there 72-73...retired in '86. Great people, great place...wonderful

Base Stationed: Udorn 72-73 

Position: Radio Announcer

Date of Visit: 2/10/2003       21:30

Guest:   Scott H. O'Gara                                Email:

Current Location: West Islip, New York  11795

Comment: Congratulations Bob,  AFTN/AFRTS meant so much to so many.  More constant than mail-call, it connected us to the world and beyond:  Armstrong on the moon, Chickenman in Saigon.  Short enough, we would all be Leavin' on a a Jet Plane.  You have

Base Stationed: Udorn/ 1969-1970

Position: p/t dj: Sunday mornings: Interlude

Date of Visit: 2/7/2003 21:06

 Guest:   Delbert N. Marohl                                          Email:

 Current Location:  Udorn, Thailand

 Comment: Honored by your request to use our VFW AFTN Memorial Post 10249 logo on your site.  Great job!  Quartermaster, VFW Post 10249

Base Stationed:


Date of Visit: 2/4/2003 18:53

 Guest:   Dave Ramsey                                    Email:

 Current Location: Pinellas Park,FL. (at that time)

Comment: Bob,this is fabulous! I'm glad to see this is all coming togeather. I knew and worked with all of the men killed when the F4 crashed into AFTN. They were true professionals in their jobs and a wonderful bunch of guys to know.

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Comment:  Hi Bob, just wanted to let you know again how great your site is. Also, on some of the other Udorn related sites, there is more info. on what happened to the F-4 to disable it. Thanks.

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Comment: Hey Bob:Virgil here.This is an excellent effort.And that AFTN badge/logo grings back memories you wouldn't believe...Way to go..Virgil Hopper

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