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Dave Mallett  at AFTN, Udorn l973   

     1.    Listen mp3     AFTN Collage (13:15 sec.) (put together by Dave & Bill Hart)

     2.    Listen mp3     Country Roads  Pt.1    ( 7:33 sec,)

     3.    Listen    Country Roads  Pt 2    ( 7:14 sec.)

Charlie Tuna on AFTN,  l972

      1.  Listen The Burt Reynolds Clock  (1:14sec)

      2.  Listen   The Electric Phone call  (2:01 sec.)

      3.  Listen  Paul McCartney Message Service (1:36 sec,)

      4  Listen  Listing in the Los Angeles Phonebook (3:40 sec.)

     5.  Listen   Where's Charlie (Jack in the Box)  (5:01 sec.)

     6.   Listen   The Flagpole and KNUS Dallas  (8:03 sec.)

     7.  Listen   Charlie's Classmate  (4:36sec.)

       8. Listen   Wendy of Univ Of Oklahoma (5:00 sec.)

       9. Listen    Playing that "Garbage"  (4:40 sec.)


On the Air at AFTN Ubon, July l968

1.    Listen   Morning Show  (unknown announcer)  3:46 sec

2.   Listen mp3   Soundstage (PM Drive) (we think its Big Al King)   2:54sec

../sound2/king-ubon-1968.mp3taped off the air by Mal Barnes, Australia, ex RAAF Ubon  l968

1970 New Year Nightrain Special at AFTN Korat

Listen Mike Hurst and R.C. Hurt    1:22 sec

Lee Harris at AFTN Korat Net l969

  Listen      News Blooper On the Air (streamed)

Bob Exler at AFTN Korat l969

1.  Listen        On the Air (streamed)

Doc Ball at AFTN Korat l969-l970

1.  Listen  Blooper with R.C. Hurt (streamed)

This "blooper" was caused by newscaster R.C. Hurt who suddenly played back an outtake bad edit in the middle of his newscast at 15 ips instead of 7 1/2 ips.  Doc turned on the air studio microphone and said "One moment please."  He forgot to turn off the mike and began pounding on the news booth window.  Eventually Doc slowly faded up a instrumental fill music selection called "The Party's Over." [Dick Storck, Jan, 2004]

2.  Listen   Promo Announcement

     Jerry Reed at AFTN Takhli, l969 

      Net Spots/Local Spots (from Jerry's tape library)

      1. Listen   VD # 1   Production by Bob Rackham at Korat Net

                              2. Listen   VD #  2    Production by  Bob Rackham at Korat Net

                              3. Listen   VD # 3    Production by Dean Ihns at Korat Net

                              4. Listen   VD # 4    Production by Dean Ihns at Korat Net

                              5. Listen  Silver to Town     Production by Jerry Reed at Tahkli


Rik Delisle at AFTN Udorn, Fall l972

Listen  Elvis Presley Story Promo (:40sec)

AFTN Udorn Radio News, June l971

Listen ≡  Udorn 10:00 Newscast (unknown announcer)

Listen  Dave Garroway PSA w/ Udorn Radio ID

             Tapes from John Stewart (stationed at Udorn RTAFB in l971)

Steve Slezak  at AFTN Ubon l971-72

Listen Air Force Team  (Spot Announcements) (all streamed)

Listen Equal Opportunity

Listen Physical Fitness

Listen Personal Appearance

Listen Rabies

Listen Seat Belts

 Bob Lacell at AFTN Net  (1970)


Listen ≡  Network News Promo  (1:22 streamed)

(Brad Edwards, Bob Lacell, Robert Jimenez,  Glen Hauser)

Listen ≡  Circuitous Travel Spot Announcement  (:41sec streamed)

Listen ≡  Paul Harvey Promo for AFTN News  (:22 sec. streamed)

Listen ≡  Overweight Spot Announcement      (1:02 sec. streamed)

Listen  The Dentist

Listen  Robert Neyhard Weekend Show Promo # 1

Listen  Robert Neyhard Weekend Show Promo # 2


    Solid Rock -- Bob Wertz

                     Udorn, Fall, l972



Listen ≡   Solid Rock Intro/Spot Production by John Turley

Listen   (5:40 streamed)     SOLID ROCK Program (12am - 2:00am) [Click here for Air Check Playlist]

  Listen        Solid GOLD Rock Program (Sat Night) (2:am - 4:00am)


The Korat Junior Officer's Council-AFTN Radio Marathon

All Korat AFTN radio announcers and the TV crew spent 30 hours raising about $10,000 (super Baht in 1969 money) for the Nakorn Ratchisima Provincial Hospital.  Beginning at 12:00noon on Saturday, May 31, 1969, this was one of the biggest combined efforts of AFTN Radio and Television that year.

LISTEN (8:57 streamed)           Marathon Photo Album


 Dick Storck Top of the Morning

                            Korat   October 9, l969


LISTEN (15:43)    Pt. 1

LISTEN  (19.33)   Pt. 2   


  Dean Ihns     Night Train

                     Korat   October, 2, l969


LISTEN   (18:30) Pt. 1

LISTEN                Pt. 2

     Pt. 2 Contains a song that was banned from being played on any AFTN station: "We Gotta Get Out of this Place by the Animals." Deans says he was talked to about this indiscretion.

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