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Foto Albums  

Rob with Lona

Rob Neyhard with Lola Falana - Bob Hope Christmas Show 1970

George Smith Utapao 75-76

George Smith  at Utapao 1975-76

"Music for Your Head"

Lee Harris & Roger Williams

Lee Harris and Roger Williams - 1970

more pics click here

History of Sheppard ETV  from Dave Redman

click here

Henry Pitts  Pics   Korat Engineer 72-73

Click here ( link fixed)

Bob Hope Christmas Show, Dec 22, 1966, Udorn RTAFB, Thailand

From Phil Dermody (circled above) , more Udorn pics here

Barry Landau Pics

AFTN  Ubon  1969-1970


Barry's Pics are located here

Philip Dermody Pics

AFTN Udorn, 1967

(back row: Sgt. Philip Dermody, SSgt Gary York, Sgt Gerald Ruffin, AIC Keith E. Hill)

(fron row: TSgt Joe Lendory, SSgt Donald Natale, SSgt Charles Balmos,)

in the chair:  TSgt Richard E. Berry - Station Manager l966-67

 Phil's pics are now located here

Dave and Kai Ramsey

outside Udon Thani, April, 2010

Click here for Dave's Photo Album  

Vietnam Wall in Wildwood, New Jersey

Bill Cruice at Vet Wall

Bill Cruice points to Sgt. Thomas L. Waterman Panel 12, West Line 121

more pics from theVietnam Wall,  click here


John Smoots with Lady Jane

John Smoots pics from Korat:   (l to r):  Col. Lady Jane Donovan, John Watson, and ?????

click here for more of John's pics

SETV  AFTN 2009 Reunion Pics

October 8-11, 2009  ( click here )

Reunion collage Pics


AFTN Insight -- Summer l967

Petula Clark - Sgt Tom McDonald

Mel Torme - AIC Bryant Michaud

click here for scoped airchecks

Tom McDonald at remote broadcast

Sgt Tom McDonald(seated) at Korat - 1967


jim cissell on the mike

Jim Cissell in Seattle  (Click here for story)

Jim's web site has more=

Chris Noel & Jerry Reed 

jerry reed & chris noel

Chris was guest speaker at Veterans Recognition Day  (Nov 08)

Doc Ball Working in Retirement (Nov 08)

doc ball working

Jan Garvin's Trip To U-Tapao/Pattaya Beach  July/Aug 08

pattaya beach today

Click Here for Jan's Trip Description           Click Here for Photo Set

Udorn l973 Comm Sqndrn new Web Site  (Click here


APRIL 10, 1970 at UDORN- F-4 Crash into AFTN

Pictures from Tommy Spahr, Det 1, S.O.W., Udorn

aftn station burning 1970

Complete Photo Album HERE


Complete Photo Album  HERE  
Photos from Tom Spahr

Wally Snell remembers  4/10/70:         (photo of Wally's unit @ Udorn)

Perhaps, I can recount what and how I remember the day the F-4 crashed (on us, I hesitate to suppose, rather than just on them).  I’ve never talked much about it, didn’t know how , I guess.

I was enjoying one of my rare days off, sitting in the barracks near the door, writing a letter I never finished. I was startled by the sound of what I first thought was two mortar rounds being fired. I found out later it was two Martin-Baker ejection seats.  Like an idiot, I rushed outside to see an F-4 flying upside down just over the roofs. Then smoke and debris flying from the buildings two rows over from me and then came a grinding roar that seemed to go on  a very long time.  Then heat and smoke and people yelling and running past me away from the crash. I just stood there. Something horrible and final struck me. How could this be happening? One of the rescue guys I knew ran past and then stopped wide eyed, staring back at the smoke and flames.

 I walked over to ask if he knew what had happened, and to my surprise he asked me first.  He couldn't remember anything that had just happened.  He said he was over by the pool, the last he remembered, and then he was here.. didn't even remember running. I guess I never saw anyone so scared.  “You were over there?” Then I asked if he was OK, and he looked himself over and said “Yeah, sure.”

We went back closer to the fire and asked anybody we could find if we could help.  One of the officers told us there's nothing anybody can do, just stay out of the way.  We found out about the men inside about an hour or so later, but nobody knew how many for days.  “How could something like that happen?  An F-4 right through the double doors of the studio? What was God thinking?”  I asked.

For all these years, I’ve been remembering that there were twelve casualties.  It’s some relief to know there were nine.  I remember a couple of our junior officers were missing for a while, but they turned up downtown.  One of our house-girls never came back, she was so upset.  Our commander and several others just lost their gear and quarters. Honestly, in the face of the horror we were all grateful that no one else was killed in the other buildings..  no small miracle!  Anyway, time and again, I’ve thought about those guys who brought us radio and TV and made all our lives easier. Before I finally gave it up, I used to drink a New Year’s toast every year to them and to all the other friends we lost – I didn’t know what else I could do beyond a prayer of thanks.

I had heard it described as an accident.. no, in my book, it was all combat. There’s no “accidents” when young men go in harm’s way for their country.  They gave their all, and I salute them with love and respect and heartfelt gratitude.  Thank you, thank you, for what you have done to honor these men. I’m so glad someone could do something so special.

Wally Snell, former MAJOR, USAFR

DOC BALL TRIBUTE       [click here]    (8/17/07)

do c ball photo

(click here for updated  photo album)

AFTN Bloopers- #1 to 5- 1971   (click here)

aaftn mini reunion

     AFN/ AFTN Mini  Reunion  2006

        Tampa, FL    click here

aftn station udorn

Larry Walker     AFTN Udorn  Early l970   (11/5/06)                  Pics



Jay "J W" Bradbury  passes away          (10/31/06)

j w bradbury

Jay J.W. Bradbury, longtime AFN radio personality
passed away this week in California.  Jay began his     early broadcasting career in Thailand, arriving at Udorn RTAFB the day after the plane crash in April, l970, and was sent by the base commander to the AFTN affiliate at Ubon RTAFB.

Complete details at the AFN/DoD web site:

       Click here 

Bill Miller    ON THE AIR     June l967

bill miller  To listen:CLICK HERE for AFTN Sound Page 2

    Pics -->       go here

dan ellis pics

    Dan Ellis   Pics   (8/1)

   DINFOS Class of l968  click here

dan ellis pics    

    AFTN Udorn  Early l969   click here


mark gerschefske

Mark Gerschefske     Pics

AFTN Udorn 75-76   click here   (6/17)

ON THE AIR -- "Tips on Teeloking"  ( 6/24)

click here

john turley

John Turley    ON THE AIR

AFTN Udorn Saturday Night Party  l972          click here

Brad Edwards passes away

brad edwards

Brad Edwards, AFTN Udorn & Korat passes away in Oklahoma City.  He left Udorn on April 9, 1970, the day before the plane crash to work at Network News in Korat.  Brad had been a fixture on Oklahoma City TV news since l973.

For Complete story here- CLICK HERE


Gary Sumrall remembers his friends and fellow survivors from   April 10, 1970 at AFTN Udorn

  (click here)

Landis McGauhey Udorn/Korat Pics  l974/75     

Jon Tremaine Photo Albums

   UTapao Radio/TV Pics   l971        Udorn Town Pics l971  

   Udorn  Bob Hope Pics  l972 

   Pattaya Beach Pics  l971     

    Udorn Town Pics l971  

  Sattahip Pics  l971 

   Udorn/UTapao Countryside Pics  l97 

   Udorn/UTapao Station Pics l971   

    Ron Hurst        KORAT l971 Pics     

►   Michael Weldon  AFTN UTapao l966-67 Pics    

jon tremaine

     ►Jon Tremaine  Udorn/Utapao Pics       ►AFTN UDORN   ON THE AIR  

    ►  Air Checks  1 and 2 (Real Audio)

    ► Air Check #3  (Real Audio)

    ► Air Check #4  (Feb 12, l973)

    ► Air Checks #5, 6, & 7  (Feb 12 & 17th , l973)

    ►  Production  & Signoff/Nat Anthems

Location of Thai Bases on Google Earth     (1/15/06)

 MACV Info Rpt on AFTN RF-4 Plane Crash  April  l970   

Dave Ramsey  Udon Thani (Udorn)Pics-- Oct 2005    

► Mike Curry Pic   AFTN Tahkli  l973    

Mike Bolton Pics AFTN U-Tapao l975-76   

  1972  Nong Khai  Photo Album)   

►   Kevin Kanter Pics     AFTN UTapao  1972    

►   Wayne Paige Pics    AFTN NKP   l974-75      

►   OpenLine  Remembers  AFTN/AFN   

►  Brendan Vargas Pics   AFN Utapao   Jan 2005   

► Mike Newman - Ubon Photos l967  

Bill Martin  Udorn Photos  l973  

How AFTN Secretly Transmitted into Laos    

►  F4/AFTN Udorn- 16mm Crash-Still Pics-April 10, l970 


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