2009  Sheppard ETV & AFTN Reunion


Friday in Wichita Falls

One of the locations of infamous SETV all night "after sign-off parties" was Dick's my house on Fulton St. Termites, tornados, fire or city code violations turned my old shack of a house into a vacant lot.

Even the old tree which used to be in front of the old house died.  The derelict house next door to the vacant lot seemed to have a recent fire. 



In addition to our full time Air Force jobs, many of us were given permission to "moonlight" part time at various Wichita Falls Broadcasters. 

Robin Hood was a sportscaster at KAUZ-TV, Channel 6.  They added an "adobe facade" to the front of the building.  Ronn Gjestson was also on the Channel 6 production crew and Jack LeVar was a director.



This new tower is probably the transmitter site of several commonly owned Wichita Falls FM radio stations.  Consolidation of ownership allowing multiple stations in a markethas not served the public well.  KWFT 620-(AM) and KNIN  990-(AM) no longer exist and  their frequencies are now used in the Dallas-Fort Worth market.



KAUZ-TV also added a taller more substantial tower. (Yes Robin still smokes cigarettes)




There's now a large tower owned by Clear Channel Radio on the former Onaway Trail 
location of the KNTO-FM tower and the "luxurious" trailer which served as studios and
office is definitely gone.  







Friday Night Banquet

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