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The American Forces Thailand Network (AFTN) was an affiliate of
the American Forces Radio and Television Service. AFRTS is
a worldwide operation, working directly for the Department of

AFTN operated a complete radio and television station at
Nakhon Phanom to bring you the "hometown sights and sounds"
during your tour. A stereo FM station was scheduled for operation
in the near future.

FM monaural radio was on the air 24 hours a day with the latest
hit recordings. The television station, Channel 74, operated
from 10 a.m. to 3 a.m. seven days a week. When there was a major
sporting event in the states, it was usually possible to have it aired
over AFTN within a couple of days via video tape.

Both radio and TV boasted a fully staffed team of professional
broadcasters providing you with a wide range of entertainment and

NKP Radio in l966 and AFTN NKP in l967

TSGT Jack McAfee (Uncle Fudd the Dud) and SSgt Mike Kinchen do a live Country Duo, l967

SSgt Mike Kinchen (above) produces a spot for AFTN from the NKP studio (1967)


(left) NKP Master Radio Studio (1967)

NKP Radio (1966) was on the air prior to the establishment of the American Forces Thailand Network building in l967.  Radio NKP operated out of the back of the 56th Air Commando Wing commander's office, next to the flight line.  The microphone used was a stadium mike, and the board was homemade with an 8-day clock.  It included a switch for choice of automatic turntable #1, or broadcast turntable# 2.  There was another switch to choose local broadcast or "network news" which was coming in on a telephone line from AFVN in Saigon.  Transmission was via a 40W transmitter radiating a 40W light bulb.  The door to the office/studio was a swinging door that opened to the flightline and when the A1Es ran their engines up, the prop wash blew open the door.  The fire station blew a whistle every day at noon and set their clock by the radio station. In turn,  the station set its clock everyday when they heard the whistle.  On the right above is SSgt Mike Kinchen .  The phrase used by the broadcasters was this:  "Serving You as You Serve in Southeast Asia" (At that time NKP was a classified location)

Doc Ball's NKP Photo Album (1967- 1968) (click here)


Setting Up the TV Operation

The van is removed from the C-124 Globemaster on its arrival at Nakhon Phanon on December 18, l968.


The van's wheels come out first, then the remainder of the van.


(above left)  A fork-lift helps moves the TV van        

 (above right) AFTN Chief, Lieutenant Colonel Shale L. Tulin, NKP Base Commander, Col. E.J. White, and TV Project Officer, Lt. Col. Harry E. Ford survey the off-loading.

AFTN Engineer Drawing/Location of TV Van/Bldg. at NKP

Within the van, the TV director readies the cue for the initial broadcast on Christmas Day, l968. (photo from Frank Walker)

Col.s Ford, White and Tulin explain services to be offered the NKP viewer in the first broadcast.

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