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The American Forces Thailand Network

Open Line Talk Show, March 28, 2005

Remembering AFTN and AFN

with Tom Kearney, WPTF,  Dick Storck, and Bob Wertz (on the phone)

    LISTEN  (Part 1)

(16:34 min)


    LISTEN  (Part 2)

(6:44 min)


Top left:  Tom Kearney, WPTF On the Air and Dick Storck

Top Right:  Dick Storck fielding a question from a listener


Tom on the air

   LISTEN  (Part 3)

(13:09 min.)


   LISTEN  (Part 4)

(6:00 min)


WPTF Control Room Central


Streamed audio (REAL AUDIO)  used with the kind permission of WPTF Radio, Raleigh, NC

Created 4 /17 /05


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