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The American Forces Thailand Network

AFTN Satellite :  Mukdahan 

Base Coordinates Studio Location Frequency Antenna Transmission AFTN Status
N-16° -32' E-104°-43'   NKP Airport 770 kc Long Wire Radiation Satellite
                      AFTN Satellite:  Sakon Nakon 1970  
           Location of Mukdahan (58 miles south of NKP)
          AFTN Satellite operational--   June1967
          Service discontinued -- Sept, 1969

         Units Serviced: 621 TACCON Squad   Det # 6  
  Mukdahan AFS, Thailand
                        Mukdahan AFS looking toward Laos  

Hootches at Mukdahan

Mukdahan AFS, Thailand

All Above Photos with kind permission of  Bud Smith.  More of Bud's Thailand pix can be found here:  (click)

Mukdahan AFS  Mukdahan AFS Radar 
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