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AFTN Satellite :  Nam Pung Dam  (Special Forces) 

Base Coordinates Studio Location Frequency Antenna Transmission AFTN Status
    NKP Airport ADS None Closed Circuit Satellite

AFTN Satellite Map
Location of Nam Pung Dam (90 miles south of NKP)
Special Forces Camp
          AFTN Satellite operational--  
          Service discontinued -- Jan 26, 1970

         Units Serviced:  Special Forces   

Nam Pung Lake - Northeast Thailand

At Nam Pung Lake south of Sakon Nakon U.S. engineers constructed a base camp for Special Forces troops.  The 70 man camp is shown in the foreground and is located on the eastern shore of the lake was built in late 1966. The facility was named Camp Hunky.


Nam Pung Dam - Special Forces Open Air Theatre
Open Air Theatre at Special Forces Camp near Nam Pung Dam, January, 1967

All Above Photos with kind permission of  Office of History, Headquarters, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers

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