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The American Forces Thailand Network

AFTN Satellite :  Sakon Nakon 

Base Coordinates Studio Location Frequency Antenna Transmission AFTN Status
N-17° -05' E-104°-10'   NKP Airport 1450 kc Long Wire Radiation Satellite

                   AFTN Satellite:  Sakon Nakon 1970  
Location of Sakon Nakon (west of NKP)
AFTN Satellite operational   12/20/1968
Service discontinued -- June 15, 1970

Units Serviced: 561 Engineer Co; 91 Engineer Co
Sakon Nakon - 1970
Sakon Nakon

Sakon Nakon
Bob Miller, member of the 809 Engineering Battalion
Aerial View of Sakon Nakon 1970
Aerial View of Sakon Nakon, just west of NKP


All Photos with kind permission of Bob Miller






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