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The RF-4C Crash into AFTN Udorn Station on  10 April 1970

RF 4c that crashed into AFTN Udorn

1968   Photo by Dave Ramsey at Udorn RTAFB of the exact RF-F4 that
 two years later would crash into the AFTN building at approximately
2:00pm in the afternoon on April 10, l970.

Udoern Crash Map, April 1970

1.   Crash Reconstruction/Incident


2.   Eyewitness Accounts (Page 1)   Eyewitness Accounts (Page 2)


3.   The Photographic Record of the Plane Crash


-->16mm color film of the actual plane crash  Crash Sequence and Response by Udorn Firemen and Crash Recovery  


-->Still photos


-The Official Photographic Record - 601 Photo Squadron, Udorn RTAFB, Thailand

-Aerial Photos of the Crash Site - 432 TRW, Udorn RTAFB, Thailand

 AFTN Udorn Debris Photo Gallery

-Tom Spahr Photos of the Barracks Fire

-Darrell McCabe Photos of the Barracks Fire

-Jim Davey Photos of the Barracks Fire

-Larry Clum - Photos of the Crash Fire

 4.  Initial 48hr. Mishap Report Sent to 13th AF    (Report declassified by  AFHRA on 2/13/03)

Report Cover,  Page 1 , Page 2 , Page 3, , Page 4 , Page 5

5.    Destruction of Udorn AFTN Radio & TV Facility

          AFTN Rpt to 13th AF by Cpt. Horace "Dick" Hiner     Page 1,     Page 2,     Page 3      

 6.    How the Incident was reported in the media

   a.  The Daily Recce (Udorn base paper)

     b.  New York Times (Apr 11th) (Apr 13th, 1970)

     c.  MACV Information Report (April, l970)