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The RF-4C Crash into AFTN Udorn Station on  10 April 1970

RF 4c that crashed into AFTN Udorn

1968   Photo by Dave Ramsey at Udorn RTAFB of the exact RF-F4 that
 two years later would crash into the AFTN building at approximately
2:00pm in the afternoon on April 10, l970.

Udoern Crash Map, April 1970


1.   Crash Reconstruction/Incident


2.   Eyewitness Accounts (Page 1)   Eyewitness Accounts (Page 2)


3.   The Photographic Record of the Plane Crash


-->16mm color film of the actual plane crash  Crash Sequence and Response by Udorn Firemen and Crash Recovery  


-->Still photos


-The Official Photographic Record - 601 Photo Squadron, Udorn RTAFB, Thailand

-Aerial Photos of the Crash Site - 432 TRW, Udorn RTAFB, Thailand

 -AFTN Udorn Debris Photo Gallery

-Tom Spahr Photos of the Barracks Fire

-Darrell McCabe Photos of the Barracks Fire

-Jim Davey Photos of the Barracks Fire


- Larry Clum - Photos of the Crash Fire

4.  Initial 48hr. Mishap Report Sent to 13th AF    (Report declassified by  AFHRA on 2/13/03)

Report Cover,  Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5

5.    Destruction of Udorn AFTN Radio & TV Facility

          AFTN Rpt to 13th AF by Cpt. Horace "Dick" Hiner     Page 1,     Page 2,     Page 3      

 6.    How the Incident was reported in the media

   a.  The Daily Recce (Udorn base paper)

     b.  New York Times (Apr 11th) (Apr 13th, 1970)

     c.  MACV Information Report (April, l970)

7.   Crash Recollection by Jim Treat, NKP Station Manager (Dec 69-Nov 70)