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Early Forerunners to the Network

From Pete Snyder -Ubon 66-67

     "Sorry to say I've no pix of the old Ubon radio station, which was a joint effort between USAF and RAAF personnel in the early to mid 60's, before AFRTS got involved in Thailand.
The "station" consisted of two small rooms in the base library.  The equipment was borrowed from all over, and the effective range (with a horizontal ant.) was about a mile.  Programming consisted of records and tapes...the tapes being demos or air checks of radio stations in Australia and the US, requested by us or base members, complete with commercials for a real homey touch.

     I can remember seeing a newby in the chow hall playing with a small transister radio, and being shocked to hear WARM in Scranton coming over the airwaves.  Nobody at our table had the heart to tell him otherwise.

     It was fun..took the pressure off being there, but required a great deal of skill and diplomacy.  I mean, we were not really "there", so we couldn't identify ourselves.  The base became the "campus", and instead of call letters we just used our first name, followed by "Your Music Hobby Shop".

     It also got me hooked on radio, and I spent 6 yrs in commercial booths in PA and NY before returning to the AF.  Much later, I and some other wacko's from the PA field (I held both a supply and a PA AFSC) started an radio improv group up at McChord, taping dummy programmes for the unit members heading out to the Gulf.  We'd make about 40 cys a month and ship them all over.....totally incorrect and full of satire and music....and calls from the IG to make sure no gov't funds were involved "

Pete Snyder
(SMSgt USAF Ret)
Ubon 66-67
TLC Brotherhood

From Mike Dermody  - Udorn 66-67



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