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The American Forces Thailand Network

The Mission of the Network

The mission of  the American (Armed) Forces Thailand Network was to support the major, in-country commanders and all organization commanders with the management tool of professional radio and television broadcasting to help implement their missions where other means of immediate mass communications are not available.

 A combined services operation, AFTN was the sole agency in Thailand providing U.S. forces personnel programs of information and entertainment no otherwise available to them by other means.

Headquarters AFTN, was located at Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base, exercised area responsibility, provided coordinated guidance and maintained operational control of all AFTN radio station outlets, administrative control of assigned personnel, and budgets for and utilized all AFRTS (American/Armed Forces Radio-Television Service) equipment involved.

The development of the network began as Project Lamplighter in the mid l960s with the securing of the Thai government for operation of radio and television stations within Thailand.  Although there were a number of stations that began operation in l966, the headquarters assumed control of the network on February 5, l967.

Communication links were established throughout Thailand, connecting all major bases, radar and signal sites, as well as special forces bases.  A map of all communication links is found (here)

The network finally received squadron status as the 6001 Support Squadron for PACAF on September1, l970. Later, it would be redesignated as the 6001st Aerospace Support Squadron.  On November 15, l974, the 6001 squadron was combined with the 6204th Broadcasting Squadron (AFPN), as the 6204th Aerospace Support Squadron.  It was organized as a tri-service activity with operational responsibility assigned to the commander, 13 AF.

Some of the network policies were as follows:

      Restricted Program Materials/Music List (August, l968)

      Sensitivity Guidelines ( February 11, l969)

      Policy on TV Coverage of DV Visits (February, 2, l970)

      No Publicity Policy (June 25, l970)


                                                                Network Organization