This Is
The American Forces Thailand Network

AFTN Satellite :  Site Warin  

Base Coordinates Studio Location Frequency Antenna Transmission AFTN Status
N-15° -13' E-104°-58'   Ubon RTAFB ADS* ADS ADS Satellite

AFTN Network Map - 1968
Location of Warin Site (25 miles from Ubon RTAFB
AFTN Satellite
Units serviced:  442 Signal Bn
Site Warin - AFTN Satellite
Fully operational antennas pointing to Vietnam

AFTN Warin Satellite Site Warin - Antenna 1973

Site Warin Antennas 1973  

All Above Photos with kind permission of  Terry Colvin.   More of Terry's Thailand pix can be found here:  (click)
**  Audio Distribution System (closed circuit)


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