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Name: Mort Cherim
Current Location: Dover, NH
Email Address:
Comments: Nice to revisit site from time to time.
Base(s) Stationed & Date(s):  I union 1968-1969
Job/Position/Duties: Station Mgr


Name: Steve Robinson (Canyon)
Current Location: Henderson, NV
Email Address:
Comments: Those were the days! I still have my red,white & blue AFTN baseball cap. The only part of my uniform that still fits..😊
Base(s) Stationed & Date(s): Ubon 1972
Job/Position/Duties: TV News/ DJ


Name: Mark
Current Location:
Email Address:
Comments: I am looking at my fathers pilot log book and it shows he was flying a C140A out of Korat in Thailand. The log shows he was receiving combat pay in January of 1971 flying this plane. Any idea of what missions that type of plane flew and what he might have been doing to receive combat pay as a pilot of the C140A? Thanks, Mark
Base(s) Stationed & Date(s):  


Name: Clarke Trevett
Current Location: Anaheim CA
Email Address:
Base(s) Stationed & Date(s):: NKP 71-72 Ubon 73-74
Job/Position/Duties: Security Police


Name: Mort Cherim
Current Location: Dover, NH
Email Address:
Comments: Just checking in to let old AFTN friends know I'm still kicking around and enjoying my military retirement since end of May 1975 !!!!! Wow..38 years ago !!!
Base(s) Stationed & Date(s):  Ubon. 1968 - 1969
Job/Position/Duties: PD - Station Mgr.


Name: Joe Moore
Current Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Email Address:
Comments: Loved Thailand, have been back six times since, including Dec. 2012. Currently doing voice-over work for Fabulous 103 in Pattaya Beach, Thailand. Also now co-anchor for Motor Racing Network and host/owner of Raceline TV
Base(s) Stationed & Date(s):  
Utapao 72 - 74
Job/Position/Duties: Morning show, tv news


Name: Davis F. "Doc" Ball
Current Location: San Antonio, TX 78232
Email Address:
Comments: Hello, All!! I'll do my best to keep this short, as I'm noted for STIL being long-winded! I just re-read (or read for the 1st time!) the guest book, and was surprised that it is all new. My three years in Thailand were among the greatest tours of my 22+ yr career. I finally retired after serving as RADIO/TV Station Manager at AFRTS Thule, Greenland (ANOTHER intersting tour!) in 1977, and have been here in San Antonio ever since. After Military retirement, I looked around for what I wanted to be "when I grew up," and after 5 years went back into Civil Service and Audiovisual production, first at OTS, Lackland, then at the TV Production Branch, Randolph AFB, TX (naturally!). Since then, I've REALLY been looking for what I want to do when I grow up. I'm 75, now, so I guess THAT search should stop. I don't have the memory I used to have, but there are still lots of them banging around the old noggin, if anyone still wants to trade some! . I'm on my computer every afternoon, and try to answer all emails the same day I get them. NOW, I'm going to go back to the Home Page, and wander through what is still there! Hoping to hear from old friends from those days!! Cheers!!
Base(s) Stationed & Date(s):  NKP, 66-68; Ubon 68; Korat 69-70
Job/Position/Duties: Anncr; Prg Dir, Sta Mngr



Name: Mike Bolton
Current Location: Ft. Wayne, IN
Email Address:
Comments: Haven't been back to this site for some time...Good to review and refresh. Met up with Ralph Baldwin sometime back and had an excellent visit. He and I were close friends at Utapao back in 75-76. We've remained in touch with one another but not like we should. to all....
Base(s) Stationed & Date(s):  Ubon 71-72..Utapao 75-76
Job/Position/Duties: Ammo troop and part timer at AFTN Utapao..TV van..Sat/Sun oldies show.


Name: Joe Colon
Current Location: Mastic, Long Island, New York
Email Address:
Base(s) Stationed & Date(s):  UTapao Airfield Aug 67/Aug 68
Job/Position/Duties: Supply, Clothing & Tool Issue Center


Name: Susie
Current Location: Greer SC
Email Address:
Comments: Thank you for your wonderful site! I have been studying quite a bit about Takhli over the past two years. Initially, it was to find information to help my family with a claim. However, Now I just love to learn everything I can about SEA...and the wonderful Veterans who served there... It is so amazing to see that you all had a broadcast there... very interesting and I have enjoyed seeing all of the pictures and reading about...
Base(s) Stationed & Date(s):  Takhli Thailand, John E Odom 1967-68 Feb... FMS & A&E
Job/Position/Duties: FMS & A&E


Name: Tommy Spahr
Current Location: Atwaye
Email Address:
Base(s) Stationed & Date(s):  


Name: Rodney Bell
Current Location: Cebu City, Philippines
Email Address:
Comments:: Hi Bob, Dropping in to say hello. Someone posted to the Udorn Research Group site and I saw your name. Been discussing the AFTN Crash again, of late. I've relocated to Cebu City, PH About 14 months ago, hope you are well my friend. God Bless... R B
Base(s) Stationed & Date(s):  Udorn 73-73
Job/Position/Duties: 432 OMS Crew Chief F4D,E


Current Location: UDON THAILAND
Email Address:
Comments: Was looking for photo's of the nine airman that lost there life in the F-4 crash on the AFTN station, for the vow post 10249 web site. Thanks
Base(s) Stationed & Date(s):  UDON 72-73
Job/Position/Duties: SVC VFW POST 10249


Name: Jerome (Jerry) C. Cocco
Current Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Email Address:
Comments: Wish I had some photos to contribute. Was a Great time, lots of great people. Was promoted to SSGT while shortly after my arrival. Surprised at the people i encountered upon arrival and departure at AFTN. Many known prior and during military service. Thanks for putting the site together. Jerry C. Cocco
Base(s) Stationed & Date(s):  U-tapao
Job/Position/Duties:: Radio and Television/Information Specialist-Radio and TV/News Broadcast and Specials


Name: James Brockway
Current Location: Albuquerque, NM p.o. box 9883, 87119
Email Address:
Comments: I worked television with Ray Harpster he was my mentor / instructor master control and i helped some with the radio production side also changes the tapes on the automated station at NKP.  I was their about mid 1974 to january 75 i was blamed for doing the slides for the station ID that later was used nation wide in Thailand . I had a blast volunteer at the station . I later did public access tv in Modesto CA .  I was working at the tracy defense depot CA was at the station from 1981 till i moved in 98 to albq NM I did get hired on with Trinity Broadcasting network did that for 5 yrs master control KNAT 23 Albq NM,  was out sourced by the new HD broadcast format . Did do some mastercontrol for KRQE 13 Albq NM and now Vol. doing a church service on KAZQ Ch 32 Albq. At Present ! also their is a new public access Tv in Albq and working to get back on the Air Ch 27 in ABQ sure like to know about the reunions and the crew that was at NKP in 1974 . JB let me know 505-688-2092.
Base(s) Stationed & Date(s):  NKP thailand mid 1974 to Jan 75 worked with Ray Harpster and Crew
Job/Position/Duties: Master control , weekends eve shift, cataloging records and floor director eve news week day


Name: Jerry Davis
Current Location: crossville alabama
Email Address:
Comments: I am trying to get in touch with Ben Clark. He was at Utapao around 1968-69. All I remember about him is he worked in CID and was from Louisiana. (New Orleans I think) Please email me if you have anyone in your group that remembers him, or that knows how I might be able to reach him. Thanks, Jerry
Base(s) Stationed & Date(s):  


Name: Steve Slezak
Current Location: Solon, Iowa
Email Address:
Comments: I thought I'd check in, say hi, and wish my fellow AFTN cohorts a good New Year. I retired in 2008, after 43 years in broadcasting...some of the most memorable were my days in Turkey & Thailand. I still am "on-air", though, with a classical series called THE COLLECTOR'S VAULT, aired on the Golden Music Memories of Yesteryear website( I was married in Thailand(how about that for exotic?); my wife, Playung, is still hanging together with me after 40-plus years, so we must be doing something right. Stay well...stay cool, and let me hear from any of you who were in Trabzon, Diyarbakir, or Ubon.
Base(s) Stationed & Date(s):  Ubon//1971/'72
Job/Position/Duties: Announcer & T.V. switcher



Name: Don Casey
Current Location: New Castle, DE
Email Address:
Comments: I was honored to be a replacement for one of the heroes that give their lives for their country on April 10, 1970.
Base(s) Stationed & Date(s):  AFTN Udorn/June 1970 - July 1971
Job/Position/Duties: Local Radio/TV news director & anchor - 'Noon Plus Thirty' DJ - TV control room operator (6:30pm to sign-off)


Name: Richard Beckwell
Current Location: Bowie, Maryland
Email Address:
Comments: Still breathing. This message two, my cat helped sending the first attempt. She is a slim 16 Lbs and love the keyboard, especially when I want to use it. Best wishes to all and God bless.
Base(s) Stationed & Date(s):  Korat January 74 to July 74/ U-tapao July 74 to February 75
Job/Position/Duties: Network/Ststion Engineer


Name: Mort Cherim
Current Location: Dover, NH
Email Address:
Comments: Just checking out new (?) AFTN site.
Base(s) Stationed & Date(s):  Ubon..68-69
Job/Position/Duties: Station Manager



Name: John W. Noble (Jay Noble)
Current Location: Flower Mound, TX
Email Address:
Comments: Glad to see this up and running again. AFTN U-Tapao, 67-68/71-72.
Base(s) Stationed & Date(s):  AFTN 1220/1450 Radio & first TV station in Thailand. U-Tapao, 67-68/71-72.
Job/Position/Duties: AM Drive, TV board, TV News/Sports.


Name: Henry C. Pitts
Current Location: Oxford Georgia
Email Address:
Comments: Apparently photobucket is screwing with the links. Hopefully this will reconnect my photo's of my time as a TV tech with AFTN Korat 1972-1973
Base(s) Stationed & Date(s):  Korat AFTN April 1972-April 1973
Job/Position/Duties: Telivision Equipment Repairman


Name: Ken Gilder
Current Location: St. Petersburg, FL
Email Address:
Comments: I'm back!
Base(s) Stationed & Date(s):  Korat, 74-75
Job/Position/Duties: DJ Korat local; Network News

Date of Last Visit on old Guest Page:      3/29/2012     14:48

 Guest:  Steve Slezak                                       Email address:

 Current Location:  Solon, Iowa

 I just thought I'd check in with a bit of information nobody will find of terrific interest: I retired after 43 years in broadcasting(Oct. of 2008), and help produce historic CD issues for several CD companies. I still have a classical radio series called THE COLLECTOR'S VAULT, which airs on the Golden Music Memories of Yesteryear website. This has gotten some internet awards, and has a nice following, so that's a plus. Anyone with a station want to buy a unique series(cheap)to help fill your air? Let me know. A tip of the hat to all my fellow AFRTS members. Stay cool.

 Base stationed & date:  Ubon, Thailand 1971/72 


Date of Visit:      2/22/2012   23:07

 Guest:   Dennis Foth                                       Email address:

 Current Location:  Panama City, Florida

 Still have some reel-to-reel recordings of AFTN Korat (our "station" in Chiang Mai) that I had piped into my hootch via telephone line.  Hooked the phone line into the amplifier.  Amazing what Comm Folks can do.  Worked a lot of 12 hour shifts... AFTN kept me going!  While at Ubon, we could also pick up AFVN sometimes out of Saigon.

 Base stationed & date:  Ubon 69-70 , Udorn 71-73, Chiang Mai 73-

 Position in Thailand:   Comm Center Specialist (291X0)


Date of Visit:      12/28/2011 17:55

Guest:   Patrick Minoughan                                         Email address:

 Current Location:  Port Charlotte, FL/Liberec, Czech Republic

 I can't believe I helped preserve a little bit of AFRTS history four years before I even joined AFRTS. This is an interesting article.  You might have to cut and paste this address.

 Base Stationed and date:  Takhli/ 1969/1970 

AFTN Position:   TV Program Director

Date of Visit:      12/21/2011 22:34

 Guest:   Fred Steinberg                                  Email address:

 Current Location:             Smithtown

 Base Stationed:                 Korat 68-69

 Position:              Airborne Photo Tech 601st


Date of Visit:      12/7/2011 8:24

 Guest:   Dave Ramsey                     Email address:

 Current Location:             Ban Samphrao,Thailand

 Just checking in. Kai and I are going into our 2nd year here outside of Udon Thani. Still keep in touch with Eddie Phromanchai of the MEDCAP Program at Udorn that day of the RF-4C crash into  AFTN. He is the fella whom called me away from the station that day to accompany him and the doctors to a village out near Phen. When we returned, we were beyond being shocked to see the obliteration of AFTN.

Base Stationed:                 Udorn, Feb 68 thru May 70

Position:              Photographer

Date of Visit:      11/9/2011 20:49

 Guest:                  Steve Lombard                  Email address:

 Current Location:             Laie, Hawaii

 I was a part-timer at AFTN U-Tapao in 1971.  I cross trained into AFRTS from there and remained in AFRTS until my retirement from the Air Force at Hickam AFB in 1983.  Been in Hawaii ever since.

 Base Stationed:  U-Tapao 1971

 Position:              Part-time television

 Comments:  Helped with Bob Hope Show


 Date of Visit:      11/8/2011   14:33

 Guest:                  Tom Brophy                       Email address:

 Current Location:             Dunedin, Fl. USA. 34698

 During my stay at Ubon, your station in cooperation with the Chaplain Service broadcast a show country wide called 'The House of Free Expression' I was wondering if there was a tape. I was a featured performer,did the lead in of'Where have all the flowers gone'.

 Base stationed:  Ubon, May 68 -Apr 69

 Position:              Automatic Flight Controls Tech 


Date of visit: 11/8/2011 9:45

 Guest:   Gary James                        Email Address:

 Web Address:

 Current Location:             Cleveland, OH

 Worked on B-52, KC-135, and anything else that landed and needed radio maintenance.

 Base Stationed: U-Tapao 1970-71

Position:  Avionics Maintenance Aircraft Radio repair

 Date of Visit:      10/2/2011      13:53

 Guest:   Lon Roland                         Email Address:

 Current Location:             Moore, Ok 73160

 They didn't know I was coming! Nearly spent the night at the air terminal...Rob Marshall and Ray Green finally found me...

 Base Stationed:  '74-'75 NKP, Udorn, Korat, U-Tapao

 Position:   AFTN Announcer

 Date of Visit:      9/28/2011 10:18

 Guest:   Frank Tous

 Current Location:   Kissimmee, FL

 Base Stationed:  U-Tapao 1975-76

Position:              Communications Squadron

 Date of Visit:      9/26/2011 4:36

 Guest:                  Bill Dawson                        Email address:

 Current Location:             Pennsylvania

 Bases Stationed:               1971-72 Ubon 1973-74 NKP; 1974-76 RAF Welford,England


Date of Visit:      9/16/2011 3:44

 Guest:                  Lawrence Freeman          Email  Address:

 Current Location:             Verbena, Alabama

 Bases stationed:  U-Tapao, Jun 72-Aug 73, Korat, Jan 75

Position:              Administrative Specialist

 Date of Visit:      8/16/2011 12:12

 Guest:   Sam Pilato                          Email Address:

 Current Location:             Birmingham, Alabama

 Thanks for the site.  So glad that you guys are on top of things.  We need men like you to spread the word. Thanks

 Base Stationed:                 Korat  1968-1970

 Position:              Sp5  Clerk Typest

________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Date of Visit:      8/5/2011 12:36

 Guest:   Terry  LeFan                       Email Address:

 Current Location:             Tuscumbia  Alabama

 Hello, Just logged on  Gonna surf around. Thanks   T L

 Base Stationed:                 U-tapao  75-Jun76

 Position:              81150  635th SPS


 Date of Visit:      8/1/2011             8:20

 Guest:   SP4 Edward J. O'Neal                      Email address:

 Current Location:             Arlington, Texas

 Base Stationed:                 Korat, Thailand 1967-68 

Position:              697-th. Pipeline Engineers

 Date of Visit:      7/13/2011                          4:52

 Guest:   Bruce  Leonardo                              Email address:

 Current Location:             Las Vegas, NV

 Sorry, spent my time at Udorn, Ubon & Korat.  Was married at Korat 1974 to a local.  Lost her to kidney disease in 2003 after 28 years of marriage.

 Bases  stationed:   Udorn 69-70, Ubon 71-72 & 74, Korat 74-75

 Position:   432nd, 8th & 388 FMS Hydro Commando


Date of Visit:      6/24/2011    15:01

 Guest:   John Pecarina                    Email address:

 Current Location:             Midlothian, TX

 My wife, Peggy, helped out at AFTN, Udorn, in the first half of 1974.  She was a volunteer, put to work sorting records - then asked if she'd like to be the local weather girl.  We'd all take a break and head for the coke shack to watch.  At the time, she was told she was the only American female appearing on AFTN.  She's interested if that remains the case. 

Base stationed:                 Udorn 1973-74 

Position:              Listener


 Date of visit:       6/18/2011   17:51

 Guest:   Lee Harris                           Email address:

 Current Location:             Indianapolis, IN

 Wild year.  Assigned to Ubon only to be replaced by a higher ranking MSgt three weeks later.  TDY to Hdq, then PCS to Korat.  Replaced Jim Estep as News Director.  The list of names for the '69-70 news department looks pretty complete.  Only connection I've had with the staff has been Bob Lacell.  While there we lost our station in Udorn to an F-4 thru the front door.  Had the challenge of writing a 'history' for that time. Details and pictures of the crash were part of the history which was sent to the Clark AFB in the Philippines.  Where it might be now is anyone's guess.  Ralph Baldwin who served with me on Guam referred me to the list.  Hopefully I can dig through the old files and find a few pix to share.

 Bases stationed:               Ubon & Korat, 1969-1970

 Position:              Producer: Tips on Thailand


Date of visit:       6/8/2011             8:42

 Guest:   Ralph Baldwin                   Email address:

 Several old AFTRS broadcaster are trying to locate anyone who served at the Guam station at any time. If you were stationed there please go to FAR East Network-Guam on Facebook or contact me at

 Base stationed:                 1976 

Position:              Announcer

 Date of visit:       6/4/2011             16:52

 Guest:   Curt Masemore                 Email address:

 Current Location:             Dallas, TX           

 TV director, On-Air radio, originated and partially directed (Louis Hakim being the other, and better on air director), the Apollo 12 landing using live Thai TV footage, no less! (scripted and produced (but not narrated, that job went to Bob Nash, Camp Frendship security) the first overseas version of"Jesus Christ Superstar, clocking in at Two hours, and overrunning the news block on Easter 1971, (which almost became the first AFTN stereo audio program, left channel AM, right channel FM), and Writer, director, and voice talent, for the first local 16mm commercial on FOD ( which was never aired because our new video engineer dropped the video head stack for our new 2" VCR.  So it goes).  made a lot of friends, made a few enemies, got fired, got rehired ( God Bless you, Lady Jane Donovan, you pissed off the AFTN power structure and made my whole life at Korat worth being there.  I salute you, Colonel.)  All in all, it was worth it.

 Base stationed:                 Korat RTAFB, 1970-1971

 Position:              TV director, Audio On-air (horrible),


 Date of Visit:      3/17/2011           14:32

 Guest:   Joe  Stolmeier                   Email address:

 Current Location:             Prescott, Az

 Thanks for the roster.  It brings back memories.  However, you neglected to post my name, and have Jim Riggs incorrectly posted as John.  Again, thanks.

 Base stationed:                 Udorn RTAFB 67-68

 Position:              Announcer


 Date of Visit:      3/13/2011           3:39

 Guest:  Grover F. Keith                   Email address:

 Current Location:             Rome,GA

 I was station at UTapao from Christmas 1968- Dec 1969.I was assigned to the 635 Services Squadron. Was promoted from Sgt to SSgt. My Commander was LT Col Wayne Boyne a now famous Author. A part time DJ Sgt Daniels was also in unit. Lots of good times! Retired 1994 CMSgt.

 Base stationed:    UTapao Dec 1968-Dec1969 

Position:  Supporter

 Date of Visit:      3/9/2011             21:19

 Guest:   Gene Pickett                      Email address:

 Current Location:             Choctaw, OK

 If I comment to Jim's question about the numbers seems mean spirited. Not intended, so a short true story by way of a mea cupa : Korat morning radio show guy is reading the "numbers" and then you hear an audible gasp followed by a long pause and instantly knew he had just read the number of his recent massage partner.  True story.  We shared a  hootch area (club 69) with the medics, so he found a quick fix :)

 Base stationed:   Korat   1973/74 

Position:              Radio

 Date of Visit:      3/4/2011             17:38

 Guest:   Gene Pickett                      Email address:

 Current Location:   Choctaw, OK

 Jim Cook… The numbers you asked about were the numbers of the massage girls in town who had checked positive for STDs.    Stay up there in Alaska Jim

 Base stationed:     Korat   1973/74

 Position:              Radio,  Hootch (sp) Bar manager _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Date of visit:       3/4/2011             13:06

Guest:   Jim Cook                             Email address: 

 Current Location:   Homer, Alaska

 Was great fun to listen to the Air Checks! Lots of memories!!  I was the NCOIC of the Korat Air Base IWCS communications fac.  We handled your

 Base stationed:  Camp Friendship/Korat RTAB/ 1968-1970 

Position:      442nd Sig Bn (Long Lines)

 Date of visit:       2/18/2011           11:24

 Guest:   Gary Franklin                     Email address:

 Current Location:             Seattle, WA USA

 How ya doing?

 Base stationed:  UBON 1969-70; NKP 1971-72 


 Date of visit:   2/8/2011 12:06

 Guest:   Bob Freitag                        Email address:

 Current Location: Thanks for the hours of companionship I enjoyed during my 2 years at Korat.  Two audio clips [mp3] (Rik DeLisle) working the Music Machine in 1975, and (Suzanne Ritter) working the Night Shift 1975)are available on the Korat site in the Audio section. Welcome Home All!  Bob Freitag388th MMS Weapons Release Korat 70-72

Webmaster: Bob Freitag's "The Vietnam War Years of Korat Royal Thai Air Base"



 Date of visit:       2/6/2011             22:38

 Guest:  Henry Pitts            Email address:

 Current Location:             Duluth, Georgia

 More pictures posted.  Need help with identification.

Base stationed:  1972-1973

 Postion:               Engineer


 Date of Visit:      2/6/2011             12:42

  Guest:   Marv Schiffler                    Email address:

 Current Location:             Mesa, AZ

 I was at Korat from Apr 65 to Apr 66.  There was no radio station there at that time. I t would have been nice to have had it in the early days. There was a lot of other things we were doing w/o at that time.

 Base stationed:  Korat 65-66


 Date of Visit:      1/31/2011           13:26 

Guest:   Robert Comey                        

Current Location:  Manchester, NH

 hi,i did not have a radio when i was at korat...

 Base stationed:  Korat  Oct65-Oct66

 Position:              29150  Comm Center Specialst


 Date of Visit:      1/29/2011           23:44 

 Guest:   J.R. Carroll                                        Web address:

 Current Location:             Huntsville, Alabama USA

 I worked at the 621st TCS (Brigham) when this crash took place. My crew was on duty. The F4 was coming in with battle damage,loss of hydraulics, the F4

 Base stationed:  Udorn 1970 - 71

 Position:              621st TAC Control Squadron, Brigham


 Date of Visit:      1/16/2011           11:57

  Guest:   Henry Pitts                         Email address:

 Current Location:  Duluth,  Georgia

 I have a lot of slides, photos and audio of my time with AFTN at Korat.  I've started scanning and posting at:  .This covers the 1972-1973 era.  This is a work in progress and will grow. Feel free to link to the page and also copy what ever you need.

 Base stationed:  Udorn 1970 - 71

 Position:     Television Equipment Repairman


 Date of Visit:      1/12/2011 12:00

 Guest:   Bob Morton        Email address:         

 Current Location:             Greensboro, North Carolina USA

 I was stationed at Ubon 1965 -66 and helped set up and operate "The Music Hobby Shop" along with SMSGT Chuck Anger.  I've put together a webpage with photo's and our story.

 Base stationed:                 Ubon 65 -66

 Position:   Music Hobby Shop


 Date of Visit:      1/6/2011    13:50

 Guest:   George Wilson                  Email address:

 Current Location:  New York

 Found this about Randy Lloyd (Ubon 68-69):"1979-1999: Richard "Randy" Lloyd, longtime afternoon DJ and "The Voice of Bloomington," who died in a tragic apartment fire on April 22, 1999 -- his 54th birthday. His trademark sign-off was "blue skies and green lights."AND"Condolences to the family and friends of Richard "Randy" Lloyd. Lloyd, 54, died in an apartment fire on April 22. He was a DJ at Hot AC/WBWB (96.7fm, Bloomington), where he did 12pm-6pm. Lloyd, known to many as "The Voice of Bloomington" had been at the station for over 20 of the 21 years WBWB has been on the air."

Base stationed: Ubon 68-69

 Position:              Newscaster TV & Radio 


 Date of Visit:   12/28/2010   14:00

 Guest:   Henry Pitts                          Email address:

Current Location:             Oxford, Georgia

Engineer at WETV / WPBA Atlanta 1977 - 1980.<br>Technician for Infax Inc for 30+ years.

Base stationed:                 Korat 1972 - 1973

Position:              TV Equipment Repairman


Date of Visit:      12/16/2010 9:45

Guest:  Leon Vogt             Email address:

Current Location:             St. Paul, Minnesota

I was stationed at Takhli, 355th FMS 1968.  Before that I was stationed at Udorn working on the J79 engines.  Looking for people who I might have served with in 1967.

Base stationed:  Udorn/1967

Position:              jet mechanic


 Date of Visit:      12/1/2010 21:42

 Guest:   Raymond Hubbard                          Email address:

 Current Location:             Boston/USA

 I was surfing the web looking for some old photos from U-Tapao AB were I served in communications in the USAF in 1966-1967 about 4 months after base opened with KC 135 tankers.

 Base stationed:  Utapao Nov 66 - Nov 67

 Position:              E4


 Date of Visit:      11/26/2010 23:01

 Guest:   Randy Seely                       Email address:

 Current Location:            

Another visit to this great site, just to see who's checked in.  Anybody know what happened to Udorn managers John Gimlin...Fred Fulkerson...Dave Johnson? In addition to wonderful others from that time frame, they were there during my 12-months in-country.  Great memories; terrific folks to spend a tour with!  Best wishes and happy holidays to everyone!

 Base stationed:                 Udorn 72-73

 Position:              radio (afternoons)  tv board guy (when needed...:)


Date of Visit:      11/24/2010 5:46

 Guest:  David McAlary                   Email address:

 Current Location:             Falls Church, VA

 Retired from 32 career at Voice of America. The website brings many nostalgic memories of my 24 months in country . . . first at Takhli, then Ubon, and finally network news in Korat. The website doesn't mention my Ubon sojourn in 1971 with Cashman and McKenzie!

 Base stationed: Takhli '70, Ubon '71, Korat '71-'72

 Position:              DJ, newscaster


 Date of Visit:      11/18/2010 18:22

 Guest:   Walter Herron,, exSSGT. Email address:

 Current Location:             Doyle,Tennessee.USA

 SSgt Walter Herron.Military Pay & Travel,Sept 71---Sept72.  Enjoyed AFTN and loved my time at Udorn.

 Base stationed:  Udorn-71-72

 Position:              Military Pay & Travel.


 Date of Visit:      11/11/2010 19:25

 Guest:   George Dunn                     Email address:

 Current Location:             Houston, Tx

 Worked as announcer for about 5 months, doing a C&W show 3 times a week at NKP, Thailand.  Went on to work part time for FM 98.3 KORA in Bryan, Tx.

 Base stationed:  NKP, Thailand

 Position:              DJ


 Date of Visit:      11/6/2010 1:26

 Guest:   Ken Gilder                           Email address:

 Current Location:   St. Petersburg, FL

 For those that have quarter inch magnetic tape that sounds like hell, there is a chance for recovery.  Nothing is guaranteed, but check

 Base stationed:  Korat, 74-75

 Position:              Korat Local Radio; Network News


 Date of Visit:      11/3/2010           18:34

 Guest:   Douglas A Level                Email address:

 Current Location:             Douglasville, GA, USA

 I'm trying to find video/news article of the All Thailand Basketball Tournament 1972/1973 where Ubon's Base Basketball Team won the tournament.

 Base stationed:  Ubon/1972-1973



 Date of Visit:      10/24/2010         9:33

 Guest:   Louis Roberts                    Email address:

 Current Location:             Fortmill, South Carolina

 I was stationed Korat in 1966- 1967 I volnteer for MP duty, I was the MP at the gate for the base, I also worked in the office typing up report's on testing jet.

 Base stationed:  Korat, Thailand

 Position:              also MP  at gate to base Friendship


 Date of Visit:      10/10/2010         12:21

 Guest:   Barry Landau                     Email address:

 Current Location:             Tampa FL

Found pictures 1969-1970 Ubon

Base stationed:                 Ubon 1969-1970

 Position:              Part Time Radio/TV


 Date of Visit:      10/6/2010           10:48

 Guest     Dave Ramsey      Email address:

 Current Location:             Ban Saam Phrao, Thailand

 My wife, Kai, and I have come full circle now. We have retired outside of Udon Thani. We were very lucky that day of the RF-4C crash into AFTN to be in the right place at the right time. The memory of my nine brothers will be with us for the rest of our days.

 Base stationed:  Udorn, 1968-1970

 Position:              Photographer


 Date of Visit:      9/5/2010             0:41

 Guest:   Bethany Swanson             Email address:

 Current Location:             Danville Kentucky

 I am looking for information about my father  SSgt Ralph Swanson he was stationed  with the 635th CSG, I desperately am looking for someone who might have know him, he was there around 68 and 69 anyone who could tell me anything would be appreciated, as my birth certificate is permanently sealed in his military record, and with him gone now I can't get it and I would love to know why it is that way, so if anyone was stationed with him please contact me.  Thank you so much.Bethany Swanson

 Base stationed:  1968-1969



 Date of Visit:      8/21/2010           23:13

 Guest:   Col. W H Newton             Email address:

 Current Location:             Florida

 I am a military historian of AFRTS/AFN/FEN/ARS/AFVN/AFKN insignia and recently visited your website. I am currently searching for the AFTN beercan pocket hanger that was worn by personnel on the right shirt pocket. The were a few different styles but it looked like the AFVN insignia except it was red versus black. I have seen the patch but am having a hard time locating the metal insignia. Do you have any information on where to find one? Appreciate any info you may have. Thanks.<br><br>Col W.H. Newton, USA ret. 

 Base stationed: 



 Date of Visit:      7/18/2010           21:02

 Guest:   Gary Hollen         Email address:

 Current Location:             Tampa Florida

 Anyone out there know the where-abouts of Jed Downey, he was at Ubon 69-70.  Sure would like to reconnect.............

 Base stationed:  NKP 72-73 

Position:              With 6908th 


 Date of Visit:      7/13/2010 2:43

 Guest:   Phillip (Mike) Dermody  MSGT RET             Email address: 

Current Location:             Oakville, Mo

 Thanks for putting up this site.  I was the station Engineer from Oct 66-67.  Still have pictures of the second station and its crew.

 Base stationed:  Udorn Oct 66-67

 Position:              Station Engineer


 Date of Visit:      7/8/2010 8:32

 Guest:   Ken Manley                                       Email address:

 Current Location:             USA

 I was in the Army stationed at Ubon in "72 and '73.  We worked in the compound at the east end of the runway with all the antennas.  We used to get really pissed listening to "Ghost Riders in the Sky" for hours on end.  Seriously, you guys did a great job.  I owned the Sweetheart Bar if any of you guys remember that.

 Base stationed:     Ubon, Thailand 1972-1973

 Position:              Army


 Date of Visit:      6/29/2010 15:06

 Guest:   David Lovett                      Email address:

Current Location:             Dayton Ohio

 I remember when the f4 crashed, I was about 100 yds away. Heard two pops(thought it was mortars) i think it was ejection seats, saw pilot sitting on hospital steps afterward smoking cigarette. Some things you never forget

 Base stationed:  Udorn, 1969-1970

 Position:              432nd  perimeter guard


 Date of Visit:      6/25/2010 1:43

 Guest:   Dr. Vernon P. Wagner, Lt Col, USAF (Ret. Email address:

 Current Location:             Bakersfield, CA

 One night, the AFTN announcer warned that the medics would put him in a 'Straight Jacket' for his silly jokes.  We came to the station, and DID just that!

 Base stationed:                 Ubon 1968-69

 Position:              8th TAC Hospital flight surgeon


 Date of Visit:      6/21/2010 21:30

 Guest:   Tom Palmer                       Email address:

 Current Location:             Birmingham

 worked age flight line delivering service units crew

 Base stationed:  Ubon  67/68



 Date of Visit:      6/4/2010 18:30

 Guest:   Ralph Baldwin    Email address:

 Current Location: Alton, Illinois 

worked age flight line delivering service units crew

 Base stationed:                 Utapao


Date of Visit: 6/3/2010

Guest:   Ken Gilder                                          Email:

Current Location: St. Petersburg, FL

Comment: Just checking back.  And "Hi" to Suzanne Ritter, whose name I saw between this post and my last post.

Base Stationed: Korat, 1974-75

Position:  Korat local DJ/Network news

Date of Visit: 5/19/2010  11:45:00 PM

Guest:   Michael Dehann               Email:

Current Location:  San Antonio, TX

Comment: I have a bunch of slides my Grandfather Benjamin DeHaan took in color of NKP and Thailand while he was base commander 1967-1968(?).  There are many with people I do not know and some that I have heard of like General Aderholt.  He took some great ones of the 1967 Bob Hope show with Raquel Welch.  I have many uploaded to and many more to scan.  I see Doc Ball took a photo of my Grandad with the Queen of Thailand.  Funny thing is he didn't discuss his time at NKP with the family.  I had no idea he was base commander or the importance of the base.  I do remember him stopping in Guam where my Dad was stationed at the time for Christmas in 1967 or 1968.  I was 4 or 5 yrs old at the time. If anyone wants the link to the photos and would be willing to add comments to the photos if they recognize anyone or anything, I would be grateful. Thanks, email: 

Base Stationed:


Date of Visit:  5/6/2010 1:35

Guest:   Sean Waterman                Email:

Current Location: Saginaw, Mi

Comment:  Was at NKP in 75, then to UT in late 75 till may 76...56th SPS and 635 SPS. Remember listening to the AFTN radio in our Sq. lounge . You guys did a good job.Thanks

Base Stationed: NKP and UT   75-76

Position: Security Police

Date of Visit: 4/7/2010  9:06:00 AM

Guest:   Robert Neyhard                               Email:

Current Location: Forty Fort, PA

Comment:  Retired full time from radio 6 years ago....still doing part time work on WILK. Also full-time teacher in Audio/Visual in high school.

Base Stationed: 70-71

Position: News

Date of Visit: 3/31/2010      11:54

Guest:   Billy Helms                         Email:

Current Location:  Matthews, NC

Comment: Glad I found this site. Lots of names I do remember and am thankful to have met and known each, even for just a short time.

Base Stationed: Korat 1968-1969

Position: staff anncr; program director; historian

Date of Visit:  3/24/2010  7:42:00 PM

Guest:   Suzanne Ritter                                  Email:

Current Location: Berlin, Germany

Comment:  Thanks for the pics, guys. Nice to remember what it all looked like. Cheers!

Base Stationed: Korat - Nov 74- Feb 76

Position:  Network News, DJ

Date of Visit: 3/23/2010  2:11:00 PM

Guest:   Jim Clark                             Email:

Current Location: Winston-Salem, NC

Comment:  I lost my best friend Tommy Waterman at Udorn.  Last week while visiting the Memorial in DC I finally found his name on the wall.  I lost a good friend and finding his name was an experience I will never forget.  I miss you Bud!

Base Stationed:


Date of Visit: 3/22/2010  8:32:00 PM

Guest:   Doug Freeman                  Email:

Current Location: Lakeland/USA

Comment: Loved to listen to you guys in Udorn.Brought back a lot of memories. I was on the load crew that loaded Ritchie's F-4 # 67-463 for Mig # 5

Base Stationed:  Udorn RTAFB/1972

Position: 307TFS Weapons loader

Date of Visit: 3/16/2010  4:07:00 PM

Guest:   George Smith                                   Email:

Current Location: Mannheim, Germany

Comment: I was at Utapao from 74-76.  Did the overnight show, "Music For Your Head," and ran the TV film chain.  Was an Army SPC 4.

Base Stationed: Utapao

Position: Hi Norm Corley served w you in Korea

Date of Visit: 3/15/2010  10:21:00 PM

Guest:   Lonnie Williams                               Email: Revlonnie33@live

Current Location: Big Piney , WY 83113


Base Stationed: 71/72

Position: MMS SQDN

Date of Visit:  3/5/2010  6:00:00 PM

Guest:   Dave Swope                                      Email:

Current Location:  Akron, OH

Comment: I was stationed at Camp Cloudy and was just looking for info on same. Sorry we were just a line of site repeater station.

Base Stationed:


Date of Visit: 2/20/2010     17:07

Guest:   Shelli Asher Cozzi                                            Email:

 Current Location: Gilbert, AZ<>

Comment: My father was S. Sgt. William F. Asher, who worked NCOIC news at Korat in 1967-68.  It was nice seeing his name on your site.  He passed away in November of 1990 at the age of 50, in Fresno, CA

Base Stationed: Korat 1967-68 (William F. Asher)

Position: NCOIC

Date of Visit: 2/4/2010    20:28

Guest:   Howard Christenson                       Email:

Current Location: St. Peter, MN

Comment: Any body out there that was at Ubon with the 45 TFS from Mcdill AFB. Dates would be April to August of 1965

Base Stationed: Ubon --1965

Position:  Weapons loader F4C

Date of visit:  1/29/2010     14:38

Guest:   Larry York                                          Email:

Current Location: Prattville, Alabama

Comment: Just wanted to say hi and let you know I enjoyed looking at your photos...brought back alot of memories. I was on the flight line on 4-10-1970... very bad day that day. Take care.

Base Stationed: 70-71 Udorn

Position: Avionics Specialist (Navigation Equip)

Date of Visit: 1/26/2010    8:42:00 PM

Guest:   Dennis Shank                                    Email:

Current Location: Dayton, Ohio

Comment: I was TDY to Takhli from Nellis AFB (428th Buccaneers)from 72-73. Left after the Treaty was signed. I worked in the engine shop along with Scott Lambert, Mitch Waters, Joe Scelfo, and many others. I was on crutches for 3 of the 6 months I

Base Stationed: 1972-1973


Date of Visit: 1/5/2010    11:53

Guest:     Mort Cherim                                            Email:

 Current Location:  Dover, New Hampshire

Comment: It has been a while since I checked in with the AFTN site.  Seems the 'boy' can get out of the military but the 'military' won't let go of the 'boy'.  I retired May '75 as a MSGT USAF and still think of myself more as a GI than a mister.  I wish I had kept more 'stuff' from my time at Ubon ... but still do hang on to my memories of the time there and the other GIs I served with and for.

Base Stationed: Ubon,  1968-1969

Position: Station Manager

Date of Visit: 12/28/2009  6:52:00 AM

Guest:   Patrick J. Cannon                                            Email:

Current Location: Butler, PA

Comment: 13 Mos--1967--Jan 1968--6922nd Security Wing--Det 4--way out of town

Base Stationed: 1967/68 6922nd Scty Wg    Det 4


Date of Visit: 12/20/2009    2:44:00 PM

Guest:   Randy Seely                       Email:

Current Location:

Comment: Just wanted to drop in and say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone I was stationed with at Udorn...and to those of you who were listeners!  What great times!

Base Stationed: Udorn - 72-73

Position:  Radio   Sawadee, my friends!!

Date of Visit: 12/6/2009   10:10

 Guest:   Bill Hart                               Email:

Current Location:  Springfield, Ohio


Base Stationed: Udorn, 1972-73

Position: 71R MOS Army Radio Broadcaster

Date of Visit: 11/12/2009    3:20:00 PM

Guest:   Rex Fruits                           Email:

Current Location:  

Comment: A lot of memories. 

Base Stationed: Ubon /73-74, Udorn 74/75

Position: Broadcaster 

Date of Visit: 11/12/2009    12:23:00 AM

Guest:   Dave Ramsey              Email:

Current Location: Lakewood, Calif. (has since moved to Thailand)

Comment: On this Veterans Day my thoughts are with all our veterans and GIs on active duty. But the primary memory to me this day is of the friends I lost while serving in Udorn, Thailand with the United States Air Force. My nine brothers at AFTN and Andy Anderson with the 601st Photo Flight.

Base Stationed: Udorn RTAFB, Feb 68 thru May 70

Position: Photographer

Date of Visit: 10/27/2009    17:33

Guest:       Wes Michael                      Email:

Current Location: De Pere, WI

 Comment:  Great site. Brought back a lot of memories. I remember Milt Hendricks. Was even mistaken for him on occasion. Wished I would have kept some of the tapes I made.

Base Stationed: Udorn RTAFB, Feb 68 thru May 70

Position: 8 Civil Engineering Sq.

Date of Visit: 10/2/2009   23:08

 Guest:   Keith Peschel                                    Email:

Current Location: Wahpeton North Dakota USA

Comment: Good too see sites like this one brought back a lot of memories 

Base Stationed: Udorn  72-73

Position:  USAF  432nd SPS

Date of Visit: 9/25/2009     0:03

 Guest:   Jesse Varela                                      Email:

Current Location: Houston, Texas

Comment: I was stationed in Udorn Thani from Jan 1967 to June 1969. Worked in the ECM Shop. Looking for buddies that were there during that time and anyone who has photos. Mine were stolen in Bangkok on my way home.

Base Stationed: Udorn Thani Jan 67-Jun68

Position: A1C ECM Repairman

Date of Visit: 9/20/2009     22:36

 Guest:   Joe Hutchens                                    Email:

Current Location: Marquette, MI

Comment: "The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music" and other things.  I did Sunday mornings at NKP.  Been a long time.  Just had to say hello.  Was Radar tech on the base.  Also worked at the MARS station to stay busy.  Now retired Ops manager from Cingular/AT&T.  Working part-time at local station for gas money!

Base Stationed: NKP/70-71

Position: Part-time radio announcer!

Date of Visit: 9/20/2009    11:17

Guest:   Richard “Dick” Tomberlin              Email:

Current Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Comment: Saw my picture on the web site, but did not see my name listed as stationed at NKP from 1968 - May 1969 as sound engineer.

Base Stationed: Sound engineer

Position: Cissel's Dumb Dick the Engineer

Date of Visit:  7/25/2009   4:50:00 PM

Guest:   Ken Gilder                                          Email:

Current Location: St. Petersburg, FL

Comment: Just checking in.  It's been a while.

Base Stationed: Korat, 74-75

Position: Afternoon Drive; Network News

Date of Visit: 7/15/2009     10:16:00 AM

Guest:   Doug Boyd                        Email:

Current Location: Glendora, CA

Comment: Hi Guys! Just ran across this website and would love to hear from someone. I was at U-Tapao. Did the TV News for over a year. Was an Airman then A1C.

Base Stationed: U-Tapao    Mar 73 to June 74

Position: News Director, Country Radio Show "Country Corner'

Date of Visit: 7/3/2009     9:34:00 PM

Guest:   Doug Freeman                  Email:

Current Location: Lakeland,Florida

Comment: I am doing a remembrance profile on Air Force Togetherweserved web site on those killed at Udorn 1970.I could use all the help I can get. I hope you don't mind me using some photos. If anyone can help please email me. 

Base Stationed: Udorn RTAFB 1972

Position: I was a weapons loader on F-4s

Date of Visit: 6/21/2009    1:35:00 AM

Guest:   Joe Moore          Email:

Current Location: Chesapeake, VA

Comment: Just found some old photos from Utapao, how do I send them to you?

Base Stationed: Morning radio, afternoon radio, TV News

Position:  Morning radio, afternoon radio, TV News

Date of Visit:  6/7/2009       21:03

 Guest:   Randy Seely                       Email:

Current Location: Meridian, Idaho

Comment: Just stopped in to say 'hi' to fellow AFTN'ers and all the listeners who've enjoyed programming from 'back in the day.'  I sincerely appreciate the friendships I made while assigned to AFTN-Udorn...and think about those days all the time!  Best wishes, everyone!

Base Stationed: Udorn 72-73

Position:  afternoon radio; tv

Date of Visit: 6/4/2009      15:54

 Guest:   Ralph Gebes                                                     Email:

 Current Location: Batavia, IL USA

Comment: Had a fun time working as a volunteer at AFTN. I usually was on the early Saturday morning radio. The one no  else wanted. I wasn't the best but had a great time on the air. Have moved on the Video Production and documentaries. I have hours of air checks for AFTN. The best to all out there.

Base Stationed: U-Tapao 72-73

Position:  Volunteer on radio; 307AMS

Date of Visit: 3/23/2009       15:15

 Guest:   Gene Ropssi                                      Email:

Current Location:  Lake Hiawahta, NJ

Comment: Looking for any pictures taken of Sgt. John Rose he was killed in the AFTN crash on April 10, 1970. need them for a Vietnam Memorial page

Base Stationed: 69-70

Position: 432 FMS Jet Shop

Date of Visit: 3/19/2009          22:34

 Guest:   Larry Gwinn                                      Email:

Current Location: San Antonio, Texas

Comment: I was in the 809th engr. Co. B at NKP in 1970. I have lost all touch with the people I went over there with and hung around with at NKP. I am really looking for one guy who was in the Army and loaned to the radio station at NKP. He was from Pitts.

Base Stationed: NKP 1/70-5/70; Co D (Jungle) till 12/70;

Position: Army telecommunication


 Date of Visit: 3/19/2009      4:33

 Guest:   Harry Seibert                     Email:

Current Location: USA

Comment: You may wish to correct your information regards Bang Pla Thailand.<br>That location had NO AFRS nor AFTN of any kind from 1966 through Aug of 1970.I was there,  in April of 68, the date you stipulate an unmanned station went on the air, we discussed such a station and I offered to construct the transmitter but NOTHING ever happened.  That location had no radio nor television station.  Bangkok on the other hand had two covering several hotels and a US forces compound.  If you show only one station in Bangkok then that is where the Bang Pla station actually ended up serving the second location in Bangkok.At that time (and this) I was and am a FCC licensed engineer for radio and television.  The IWCS carried the AFRS signal through Bang Pla but it was not broken out at that location, nor at Bang Ping. )[webmaster note: fixed BangPla status]

Base Stationed: 1966-1970 Bang Pla/ Bang Ping/ Bangkok/

Position: systems network engineer

Date of Visit: 3/11/2009         0:12

Guest:   Walter Butch Rorie          Email:

Current Location: Pineville, NC usa

Comment: bronze star for action occuring on June 4th at Ubon for helping to stop sapper team

Base Stationed: Ubon 71-72    U tapao 73-74

Position:  8th sps & 635th sps

Date of Visit: 2/21/2009      23:25

 Guest:   Robert O. Williams           Email:

Current Location: West  Chazy, NY (near Plattsburgh, NY)

Comment: guys;  I have a CD that I found in a junk box titled"Rock Radio Vietnam" and the DJ is Jim Amross that was recorded sometime in 1969 in Saigon and would like to know if collectors are looking for this CD. All the air checks on it including the commercials. Please contact me at the above e-mail if interested maybe in a copy. Was stationed at U-Tapao with the 307th MMS Loading from Dec 72-Nov 73 during Linebacker II.  Other assignments in LOS were TDY to Udorn from Nha Trang with the 602nd FS(C) from 66-67

Base Stationed: U-Tapao 72-73  Udorn(TDY)RVN 66-67

Position: Bomb Loading Supervisor

Date of Visit: 2/15/2009      23:32

 Guest:   Charles Peter Helfrich                                    Email:

Current Location: Springville, UT USA

Comment: I just saw several more accounts of the AFN RF4C crash; That day I was up on another RF4C (14th TRS) saw 863 running fast over the base pitched up and to the left because we think Hydraulics  RF4cs from Berstrum AFB then in PI at RECCETEC Tipies mainten tech for the flight line crew.<br>Pete Helfrich (GS12 Avionics Sysems Rep CECOM 1984-2003)    Then 863 cartwheeled into AFTN and all those VIP barracks we did drive over there w/ our Camera flt line truck to see what we could do. I have been haunted by this accident all my life they were running missions I recall between bunkers, caves and had a great amount of unusual tactics regarding mission coverage so we understood this wasn't routine. . . we lost many pilots air crew over there each vets day and memorial day I remember I care, I pray for their Families all these years. Camera section Udorn Thi 1970- - - Laser reconn crew

Base Stationed: Udorn 1970

Position: listoned Hello VN; Please contact if you were there

Date of Visit: 2/13/2009      15:59

Guest:   Raul Butland                                     Email:

Current Location: Dale/Texas

Comment: It is with great sadness that I have to report of the death of my father, TSgt. Kenneth M. Butland Jr. on February 11th, 2009 from complications of pulmonary fibrosis which he contracted during his long battle with agent orange induced cancer. My father was stationed at Ubon and Korat during the late 60s and early 70s. He always found joy in reflecting on his time in Thailand. I was lucky (along with my mom, brother and sister) to accompany him for his last tour in 71-72. May God bless all of you here! I assure you I will always be grateful for your service.

Base Stationed: Ubon/71-72

Position:  News Anchor

Date of Visit: 2/8/2009      5:01

Guest: Patrick Minoughan                                           Email:

Current Location: Port Charlotte, Florida

Comment: I have looked everywhere (I think) and I can't find Don Mooring or Dick Schmidt. Don was my Stn Mgr at Takhli (when he was there) and Dick Schmidt, who was at U-Tapao in 69-70-71? was my room mate @ DINFOS. Does anyone know where either of these guys ran off too? Thanks to all and especially Bob W for keeping the site up and running so well.

Base Stationed: Takhli RTAFB  1969/70

Position: Program Director Radio & TV

Date of Visit: 1/28/2009       19:20

 Guest:   Robert “Speedy” Spivacke                                           Email:

Current Location: Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Comment: Stationed at NKP 1968-69...Final AFRTS Assignment was Station Manager, Sondy, Greenland in 1978-79.

Base Stationed: 1968-1969

Position:  TV Program Director

Date of Visit: 1/25/2009       14:16

Guest:   SMSgt Bob Rainey            Email:

Current Location: Georgetown, Texas USA

Comment: Haven't seen anything out of "Naked Fanny" since I left there in "66."  Good to see a pic of the old runway. Was there (NKP) early in the year helping to put in the GCA (Ground Control Approach) Radar for Air Traffic Control.  I lost a A-26 Lamp Lighter Aircraft one very foggy, rainy night.  Weather down to nothing; aircraft could hear me but couldn't talk to me.  It crashed on final approach. Found out after the Aircraft investigation that the plane had battle damage and ran out of fuel; we never knew since the pilot couldn't talk to us.  Props were bent back at 90 degrees.  In 20 years of Air Traffic Control this is the only time someone lost their lives while I was controlling an aircraft.  It hurt, although there was nothing I could do to save the two men on board.  Maybe someone remembers the incident. 

Base Stationed: 1966

Position: Control Tower/ Radar Air Traffic Control

Date of Visit: 1/21/2009       15:23

Guest:   Suzanne Ritter                                  Email:

Current Location: Berlin, Germany

Comment: Great stuff.  Brings back lots of memories. Just to update your info:  I was actually at Korat from Nov 1974 - Feb 1976.

Base Stationed: Korat RTAFB

Position: Broadcaster

Date of Visit: 1/17/2009     13:03

 Guest:   Charles Mitchell             Email:

Current Location: Lewisville, Texas, USA

Comment: My first PCS was Ellington AFB, Texas.  My foggy old memory recalls an airman that was either a dental assistant or a medical technician there at Ellington.  I was sent to NKP with the 556th CES RED HORSE.  One day while near the "HJ" by the barber shop I bumped into this same airman (memory too shot to recall the name) and he had cross-trained and was now in the AFTN there at NKP. You guys in AFTN (AFRN?) were always a welcome relief to us, a break from the ennui that filled our days!!!

Base Stationed: NKP RTAFB from May '68 to May '69

Position: Fuel Truck, 556th CES, RED HORSE

Date of Visit: 1/10/2009     10:24

 Guest:   Randy Seely                                      Email:

Current Location: Meridian, Idaho

Comment: Haven't visited this site in awhile; just wanted to stop by and wish everyone the best for 2009!  I still reminisce about my fun-filled (with occasional work :) at AFTN Udorn.  Best wishes, everyone!

Base Stationed: Udorn, 72-73

Position:  Radio announcer/tv van op

Date of Visit: 12/6/2008     8:21:00 PM

Guest:   Lee A. Calvin                                     Email:

Current Location:  Horn Lake, Mississippi

Comment: Thanks for your web page, brings back a lot of memories...

Base Stationed: U-Tapao AB (75-76)

Position:  635th SPS/L.E. - "C" Flt./Night Stalker

Date of Visit: 12/6/2008     8:21:00 PM

Guest:   Walt Gleick                        Email:

Current Location: Japan

Comment: Just want to let you know that the site brings back alot of memories, mostly good.  All the great music, what would it have been like w/o the wolfman, gene price, charlie tuna, etal and the other on air personalities.  A great time was had my all.  Thanks much for your service.  You guys (and gals) truly made great tours even better. One of the highlights of my life. All the best.

Base Stationed: Udorn, 1972, NKP, 1974-75, Utapao, 1975

Position: Admin (702X0)

Date of Visit: 11/11/2008     15:39

Guest:   Davis “Doc” Ball               Email:

Comment: It's been almost six years since I've signed in, so I thought it time to "return to the scene," as it were. I've just been back through the whole guest book, and have been gratified to see so many names I still remember. Seems to be a lot of us in Texas nowdays!!! Hm-m-m-m!!!! Must be a good place to retire!!

Bases Stationed: NKP:66-68, Ubon 68; Korat 1969-1970

Position: One-a-the-guys, to Station Manager

Date of Visit: 10/31/2008     1:33

 Guest: Kyle Hammitt        Email:

 Current Location: Tokyo, Japan

Comment: My first duty station was Clark AB, PI.  Got there in Oct of '79.  Interesting seeing the legacy of AFRTS in SE Asia.

Base Stationed:


Date of Visit: 10/23/2008    6:18:00 PM

Guest:   Jay Noble            Email: 10/23/2008  6:18:00 PM

Current Location:  Dallas, Texas

Comment:  If you're on the Linkedin business networking site there's a great group you may want to join.  DINFOS Trained Killers with over 300 members.

Base Stationed:  U-Tapao Airfield 67-67/71-72

Position: MS Announcer & TV

Date of Visit: 10/16/2008    7:14

Guest:   Peter Skouenborg             Email:

Current Location:  Denmark

 Comment: Looking for a guy called Jimmy/Jim who was in U-tapao and met a girl called Sriwan Sua-pa in Ban Chang. He was on "guard duty"

Base Stationed:

Position:  Son seeking his father

Date of Visit: 10/1/2008    14:11

Guest:   Raul L. Butland                  Email:

Current Location: Dale, Texas

Comment: Hi there. I was googling and found your website. My father, TSGT Kenneth M. Butland was stationed at Ubon from 1971-1972. He also smuggled me, my mother and my brother and sister into the country. During our stay, I was a regular at the station. The guys would let me toy around with the gizmos and listen to all the music I wanted. The pictures on your website brought back memories. Thanks.

Base Stationed: Ubon/1971-1972

Position:  Dependent son [of AFTN broadcaster]

Date of Visit: 9/20/2008    11:21

 Guest:   Ralph Baldwin                                  Email:

Current Location: Alton, IL

Comment: Hey guys (and Gals),<br>Just found the web page (link that has military patches, rank, and other items in decal form. The AFTN patch is there. You may want to proudly display your time with AFTN on your windshield. I'm ordering one and home many more do.   Wouldn't it be nice to see a fellow AFTNer on the highway? And by the way, I am not associated with this web site other than as a customer. Did some more checking and by surfing the website more found decals for "AFTN", "AFRS", "AFVN" as well.You can also find patches/decals for nearly every unit I ever heard of in my 20 years. There are also rank decals and you can even have them put in order (if I understand the instructions right).

Base Stationed: UTapao

Position: DJ – Whatever had to be done

Date of Visit: 8/16/2008    20:33

 Guest:   Jarrett H. Washburn (aka J.)                         Email:

 Current Location: Asheville, NC/Buncombe

Comment: Very good web site...very good memories.

Base Stationed: Ubon RTAFB/1975

Position: Staff announcer

Date of Visit: 8/16/2008    11:20

 Guest:   Fred A. Frederick               Email:

 Current Location:  Kyle, Texas

 Comment: I was a Security Policeman stationed at U-Tapao from 1972-'73 the first time.  I was a friend of a staff announcer, TSgt "Mac" MacCartney.  He helped to train me for "Project Transition", while we were both at Elmondorf AFB, Alaska.  It was he, who reccomended me to the AFTN U-Tapao Station Mgr.  I even got to have my own time-frame.  I have more information and photos (if I can find them), if someone is interested.

Base Stationed: 1972-1973 & 1975-1976

Position: Staff Announcer

Date of Visit: 8/10/2008    15:00

 Guest:   Will Booty                                         Email:

Current Location: Tucson AZ

 Comment: I was U Tapao(74-75)...A friend, Mike Dozier did a morning show as a part-time DJ.  Mike and I were stationed at Travis AFB Ca together and wound up at UT.  Anybody know of his whereabouts?

Base Stationed: U Tapao

Position:  KC-135 Crew Chief

Date of Visit: 7/21/2008    13:43

 Guest:   Kenny Mills                         Email:

 Current Location: Arlington Texas USA

 Comment: I was there (only 2 months) when it happened. As a F-4 Crew chief with the 14 TRS I was in my bunk (I worked night shift 7-7) in the barracks closest to the impact area, and I thought we were under attack. Then we were told it was a F-4D with bombs still on board. Later found out it was a RF-4C. We actually recovered and used the LOX Bottle from the crashed bird. Man seems like a 100 years ago. God bless everyone that endured that day. Kenny SGT 14TRS 1970-1971

Base Stationed: Udorn


Date of Visit: 7/12/2008     11:15

 Guest:   Rich Long                           Email:

Current Location: Belvedere, South Carolina

Comment: Was in the Entomology shop of CE the day of the crash, helped with the fire hoses. Will never forget that day when the war became real for many of us. Glad to see that the men have been remembered and recognize with a memorial. would love to hear from any of the guys that were in CE at the time especially Jim and Shelby in POL and Tom or George that were in the shop with me.

Base Stationed: Udorn, 69-70

Position: just one of your listeners

Date of Visit: 7/4/2008    20:22

 Guest:   Al Cunningham                                 Email:

 Current Location: East Falmouth MA

 Comment: Just came across the site and was stunned to say the least. I do remember Udorn RTAFB and all the great guys there. George Cashman especially and who can forget the King of the Street Mr Davis.

Base Stationed: Udorn, 74-75

Position: Asst Station Manager; Program Director

Date of Visit: 7/1/2008 15:13

Guest:   Jay Noble                           Email:

Current Location: Dallas

Comment: After moving around for 40-years in this crazy business, stuff has been lost, misplaced, etc.  Anyone know where I might obtain a 'Red Badge of Courgage' for a shadow box?

Base Stationed: U-Tapao Airfield 67-68/71-72

Position: Morning Drive & TV

Date of Visit: 5/31/2008 1:28

Guest:   Darrell Neilsen                  Email:

Current Location: Salem OR

 Comment: I was a loyal listener form June 1973 through August 1974.  For some reason I taped some shows from Utapao. The on air DJ related over a prerecorded caution, how he got his watch ripped off

Base Stationed: Camp Samesan

Position: A SP4- 64C in the 260 Trans Co

Date of Visit: 5/29/2008     9:55

 Guest:   Charles E. Wallace           Email:

 Current Location: Lafayette, Indiana

 Comment: Looking to contact Terri V who was at AFTN Korat in '73-'74. I can be reached at  Thanks for the memories!

Base Stationed: 1973-1974

Position: 388th Security Police--K-9 handler

Date of Visit: 5/28/2008   11:30

 Guest:   Martin D. Carmichael      Email:

 Current Location:

Comment:  Bob: This is a great site. Brings back some fun memories. I worked with some great guys, Harry "Moose" Kaesen, William "Bill" Cruice, Mike " sports caster" Soper, Lance Tlustus, Don Casey and many more. When we received the TV shipment, I would pull all the fight shows, set up our projector in the day room and we would drink Olie or Hamms beer and watch all the fights in one night. We always had visitors from next door(DET 1 SOW) who enjoyed the party.  Retired in 1980 (MSGT) and just retired again for the 4th time. Was always in the Com. field.

Base Stationed: Udorn 12-70/ 12-71

Position: Station Engineer

Date of Visit: 5/24/2008 18:36

Guest:   Steve Mandala                  Email:

Current Location: Cranbury, NJ USA

 Comment: I remember well and it is a sight that the people that were at the scene will never forget. The Pilot landed in our shop area and then I was assigned to make a fire break with a dozer. After the fire was out we helped clear the rubble and recover the bodies it will live with me forever. A sad day for everyone there.

Base Stationed: Udorn  69-70 NKP 68-69

Position: Heavy Equipment Operator ____________________________________________________________________________

Date of Visit: 4/28/2008 23:10

Guest:   Cynthia Gatlin                   Email:

Current Location: Sacramento, CA

Comment: I was an Air Force WAF who was stationed in Thailand from January 70-71. Sgt Elouise McMillian worked there and she and I were good friends.  I worked as a medic at the clinic/hospital and then was transferred to Camp Friendship to work at the Optometry Clinic. I was allowed to have a weekly radio show on Wednesday from 8-9pm.  My call was 'Sweet Cindy, your bold soul sister in Korat'.  Well, it sounded pretty good for the times !!!! 

Base Stationed: Korat AFB 1970-71

Position:  none - volunteer


Date of Visit: 4/20/2008 21:42

 Guest:   Monty Reed                       Email:

Current Location: Lafayette, LA

Comment: I was at UT 1970-1971.  Jet engine Mech shop.  I listen to AFTN on and off work.  Great job AFTN.  Also was Arc Light 1968 Okinawa and Guam.  I witnessed the B-52 crash on take off in Guam.  Spent 4 more years in the USAF at Columbus AFB Ms then got out.  Thanks for the memories. SSGT Monty L Reed 43270

Base Stationed: UT 1970-1971


Date of Visit: 4/22/2008 14:36

Guest:   Vicky                     Email:

Current Location: Rose Hill, USA

Comment: I need to talk to someone about my Uncle Joseph J. Mrugalski. I have his Silver Record from his service at Korat. He does not talk about his time over there. I would like some info about preserving this record. His children would like info as well.

Base Stationed: Korat 1972-Nov. 1973

Position:  Unsure


Date of Visit: 4/19/2008 22:13

 Guest:   Steve Silimando                Email:

Current Location: Emerson,NJ

 Comment: I spent most of my tour at the PAPA Alert facility as Maintenance Shift Sup. I have lost contact with just about everyone I was there with. It would be good to get in touch with someone who was there at that time. Any info on Agent Orange there would also help a great deal

Base Stationed: Udorn RTAFB, Dec 73-Dec 74



Date of Visit: 4/2/2008 13:08

Guest:   Jim Renken                         Email:

Current Location: Akron, Iowa

Comment: thought never would see the sights again

Base Stationed: 1971 - 1972 udorn

Position: crash recovery / transient alert


Date of Visit: 4/2/2008 5:39

Guest:   Barry Conrad Leach                        Email:

Current Location: Ehrenberg, Arizona  (on Colorado river)

Comment: I  have to thank Norm Corley, Bob Wertz, and Craig Campen for directing me to the Udorn Memorial site.  For 38 years I've wished I knew who the men were who died April 10, 1970.  With another April 10th coming soon my prayers are answered.  So many of you out there, that were there at Udorn that day, your photos, and memories of that day have helped me more than all the damned anti depressants and shrinks can ever do.  I don't know if I can ever forget and put it behind me as the Docs tell me to.  I feel I would be betraying the memory of our nine brothers who gave their all for our country.  God Bless them all, and God Bless each and every one of you. SEMPER FI       B.C. Leach SSGT

Base Stationed: Udorn 1969-70

Position: I only shared beers with you guys. Supply Computer Systems Analyst-Program


Date of Visit: 4/2/2008 1:25

 Guest:   John Gorsvenor                 Email:

Current Location: berkeley CA


Comment:  SSgt Donald P. CORMIAE - deceased, was hit by a car while jogging in Plaino TX in 1983.

Base Stationed: Takhli

Position: Program director, UCOM reports ,  instructor Ft Belvoir In


Date of Visit: 3/27/2008 19:13

Guest:   Eddie Prommahachai                      Email:

Current Location: Panorama City/CA

Comment: The day of the F4 crashed at the Station, One of AFTN staff went along with our MEDCAP team in the outskirt village of the base. I was Civic Action Translator at that time, and my sister was Station Secretary (Belle), she was out to lunch when it occured. When we returned to the base late afternoon, it was shocked to learned that the station was burned down and killed staff members of AFTN whom I met thru my sister, I will never forget that incident

Base Stationed: Udorn   1968-1975

Position: Civic Action Translater/MEDCAP


Date of Visit: 3/26/2008 15:55

Guest:   Jay Noble                           Email:

Current Location: Dallas, USA

 Comment:  On March 4th one of our alumni, Jaye Albright, was inducted into the Country Radio Hall of Fame at the Country Radio Seminar, CRS 39 in Nashville. Thought all of you that know Jaye would want to know of this stellar achievement.

Base Stationed: U-Tapao 67-68 & 71-72

Position: Morning Drive; TV News & Sports


Date of Visit: 3/26/2008 15:55

 Guest:   Ken Gilder                           Email:

Current Location: St. Petersburg, FL

Comment:    OK, folks, this is it.  Last call for those in or near the Tampa Bay area, for a little get-together for lunch, at the South Tampa Hooters, 4420 Gandy Boulevard, at 11:30 AM, this coming Friday, March 28.    I'm looking forward to seeing some old friends, and making some new ones.  Ken

Base Stationed: Korat, 74-75

Position: Korat Local DJ; Network News


Date of Visit: 3/3/2008 10:35

 Guest:   Steve Slezak                       Email:

Current Location: Solon, Iowa

Comment: A question I should have asked a long time ago: Who was it I talked to prior to leaving for Ubon for my 1971/72 stint? I arranged my own assignment out of Carswell AFB through Col. Risor's office at the Pentagon (it's a long story). I was replacing a fellow, whom I talked to on the phone...he even gave me pointers on meeting his former teelok(which never came about). Does anyone from the '70/'71 Ubon crew remember this? If so, let me know...I need to give you a "thanks" for the info., a long time delayed.

Base Stationed: Ubon, 1971/72

Position:  announcer


Date of Visit: 2/1/2008  11:43:00 PM

Guest:   Ken Gilder            Email:

Current Location: St. Petersburg, FL

Comment: Dave:     My SWAG (Scientific Wild Ass Guess), is that programming material was returned to the AFRTS Broadcast Center, now located at March AFB, California.  Whether they would still have it at this point in time, is anyone's guess. [WEBMASTER NOTE: National Archives has audio/video section at facility outside of Washington, D.C. in Maryland. It may be there.]

Base Stationed: Korat 74-75

Position: Korat Local DJ; Network News


Date of Visit: 1/17/2008 2:57

 Guest:   David Preston                    Email:

Current Location: Independence, MO

Comment: In the Spring or early Summer of 1972, I participated in a documentary produced from the Korat AFTN unit detailing the mission of the "King" aircraft of the USAF Aerospace Rescue & Recovery Service.  I was an aircraft commander/airborne mission commander for the unit stationed at Korat and flew HC-130 aircraft.  The documentary included aerial footage and an "in studio" narrative that I participated in.  Does anyone have knowledge of where the archives are located that might have a copy of that documentary?

Base Stationed: Korat RTAFB/1972

Position: former Capt./HC-130 aircraft commander


Date of Visit: 1/10/2008 18:01

Guest:   James A. Roemele                           Email:

Current Location: mt washington, Ky

Comment: I was a Weapon Troop (432MMS) Doing dearming duties ( pulling out safety pins from weapons) when the RF-4C crash on base. I watch the whole things. Please pray for individual who lost their lives that day, the Airmen and don't forget the Thais in the mail room.

Base Stationed: Udorn. Jan 1970 - Apr 1973

Position: 46250 - weapon loader


Date of Visit: 1/6/2008 9:31

Guest:   Roger Tremaine                Email:

Current Location: Nicholasville, KY.

Comment: I'd like to point you to a fun activity in which I'm participating and it involves voting. Be objective, but if you happen to vote for me, thanks. This should of interest to all former or current announcers and voice-over folks. Koon Mak, Khup and sawadee,-roger

Base Stationed: U-Tapao and Udorn ('70-71 and 72-73)

Position: Radio  & TV announcer


Date of Visit:  1/6/2008 3:45

Guest:                  Ken Gilder            Email:

Current Location: St. Petersburg, FL

Comment: About a year and a half ago, about a dozen former AFRTS broadcasters from the various networks, gathered at the south Tampa Hooters on Gandy Boulevard, for lunch, and to re-live old memories. One of the attendees, Bob Rupp, from SCN, and a genuine "Zonie," now retired, and living in Tampa, suggested that the word go out, and that we do it again. I'm up for it, and I'm sure the south Tampa Hooters will be more than happy to again host us. To that end, I would like to suggest Friday, 28 March, at 11:30 AM, at Hooters, 4420 Gandy Boulevard, Tampa, FL.Again, I will serve as the point of contact, and can be reached at    Ken

Base Stationed: Korat, 1974-75

Position: Korat local DJ; Network News


Date of Visit: 12/28/2007      17:04

Guest:   Harry Smid                         Email:

Current Location:  Key West. FL

Comment: Thanks for bringing back some fond memories of AFTN-NKP!  I was one of the three Army guys stationed at AFTN-NKP in 72-73. I remember you AF guys didn't know quite what to with us Army guys. Retired from broadcasting in 1992. Worked in local radio and for AP & UPI. Second career working for the Florida Park Service as the curator of a Civil War-era fortress and its artifacts.

Base Stationed: NKP/1972-73

Position: On-air talent for radio and TV


Date of Visit:  12/17/2007 9:04

Guest:   Les Gilhaus                         Email:

Current Location: Richmond, Tx

Comment: Just happened on the site and it brought back a lot of fond memories.  I have some pictures of the equipment and personnel installing the first TV for AFTN at U-Tapao in 1968.  I always considered this one of my best assignments of my career.  Was sorry to see that Larry Loback and Tom Locicero are deceased.

Base Stationed: U-Tapao 1968

Position:  Station Engineer


Date of Visit: 12/11/2007 12:11

 Guest: Martin "Sugar Chris" Fussell            Email: FussellM@HPCCR.Org

Current Location: Charlotte, NC USA

Comment: I got my first opportunity to surf this site. I saw a lot of people I served with at NKP and Korat, Rob Worster, Randy Bunger, Willie Johns, Kurt  Pickering. I hope and pray that when the next reunion occurs that I will be invited. I would love to get together with the people I served with.

Base Stationed: NKP / Korat - 1972 - 1974

Position: Staff Announcer


Date of Visit: 11/25/2007 17:40

Guest:   Jerry Mann                         Email:

Current Location:  Winnsboro, Texas

Comment:  WOW!!  What memories!  I best remember Bill Barrett and his "YEE-HAW", then his theme, "Howdy Neightbor, Howdy".  I was in the Comm. Sq., also played music in a C/W band called "The Westerners".  I remember seeing Bob Hope and Jayne Mansfield.  As Bob always said, "Thanks for the memories".

Base Stationed: Korat 66/67



Date of Visit: 11/6/2007 11:09

 Guest:   Steve Slezak                                      Email:

 Current Location: Solon, Iowa    U.S.A.

Comment: Thanks to Wally Snell (Tommy Spahr for the pictures) for the remembrance of the Udorn crash. I knew Tom Waterman, who was one of the guys killed in the crash.

Base Stationed: Ubon, '71/'72

Position: Announcer

Date of Visit: 11/5/2007 14:04

 Guest:   Steve Slezak                                      Email:

Current Location: : Solon, Iowa    U.S.A.

 Comment: A few days back, I was informed that, due to the reshuffle in creating a new <br>state-wide radio network, my job has been eliminated...ergo, I am eliminated. So, my 41-plus years in broadcasting will come to an end. Many of my best memories come from my days with AFRTS. The crazy, inventive people will never be forgotten. Unfortunately, the new people coming along don't seem to have the same soul we did. The love of the creative process, and developing something unique, has been replaced with big bucks hunting, ratings slavery, and listening to outside  "experts" to a disproportionate degree. The "improvements" that have come about thus far have resulted in the dumping of almost all locally-produced programming, the dumbing-down of one of the great pioneer stations in this country, and the rise of a managing group that really doesn't seem to know a lot about the basics of radio etiquette. My best to you all. Steve Slezak(WSUI/KSUI-FM, Iowa City)

Base Stationed: Ubon, '71/'72

Position: Announcer

Date of Visit: 11/3/2007 14:49

Guest:   Randy Seely                                      Email:

Current Location:  Boise,Idaho

Comment:  Hello to everyone who spent any time at all in Thailand!  Nice to see the entries from folks I knew...and those I didn't.  But it's consistently bringing back some great memories!  I count my 12 months at AFTN Udorn among the best of my 20-yr career! Anyone know whatever happened to John Gimlin and Fred Fulkerson??

Base Stationed:  Udorn, 72-73

Position:  radio/tv

Date of Visit: 9/22/2007 21:48

Guest:   Ken Gilder                                          Email:

Current Location: St. Petersburg, FL

Comment:      I just discovered another souvineer from Thailand:  The "19 Years of Hit Music" series.  These seem to have been dubbed, as I remember them being on 10" reels, but the ones I have are on 7" reels.    I remember these being played on New Years Day, 1975, and covering the years 1955 through 1973.  I think we had one of our local DJ's do 1974, to complete the 20 years.    Anyway, I can make them available for transfer to CD if anyone is interested.

Base Stationed: Korat, 1974-75

Position: Korat local DJ; Network News

Date of Visit: 9/13/2007 16:24

 Guest:   Robert Smith                                    Email:

Current Location:  Las Vegas, NV

Comment: I've just found this site. A special hello to Ralph Balwin.Served at Utapao 74-75.  Worked  radio, TV news, and a stint in tv master control. Retired from Af In 90.  Currently living in Las Vegas and working for roberts communications.  This sight has brought back a lot of memories.

Base Stationed: Utapao/74-75

Position: Announcer, radio, TV News and Sports; TV Master Control

Date of Visit: 9/2/2007 20:00

Guest:   Mike Curry                                        Email:

Current Location: Statham/USA

Comment:  I was looking at the Google Earth shot of U-tapao, and was wondering which building was the AFTN building, if it is still standing.  I see the barracks where I called home, but I can't remember the AFTN building.

Base Stationed: U-tapao/Takhli 72-73

Position:  NCOIC TV/Station Manager

Date of Visit: 8/6/2007 3:02

Guest:   Landis McGauhey                                           Email:

Current Location:  San Joaquin County, California

Comment: My AFTN photo album is back on the net:, and, Bob, you are welcome to link to it. Would like to hear from Mitch Mitchell. Best regards,  Landis

Base Stationed: Korat 1974, Udorn 1974-1975

Position: film-reproduction technician, announcer

 Date of Visit:  7/20/2007 18:21

Guest:  Robert D. Shaffer                                           Email:

Current Location: 

Comment:  I was at Udorn that fateful day and witnessed the approach, crash, and aftermath. It was horrific and a sad thing.

Base Stationed:  Udorn 68-70, Korat 71-73 Udorn 74-75                   Position: 

Date of Visit:  6/13/2007 1:46

Guest:  Delphine Cormiae Boyle                Email:

Current Location:  San Ramon, CA

Comment:  I was wondering if anyone worked with Donald Cormiae "Butch" in Takhli. My father passed away in '85. Would love to hear about him-He lived and breathed for the USAF!

Base Stationed:  67-68 Takhli                                      Position:  DJ


Date of Visit:  6/5/2007      21:18

Guest:  Ray Warren                        Email:

Current Location:  Washington, NC

Comment:  I worked with so many great guys at AFTN, Pete Franquet being one of them.  Does anyone know the whereabouts of Smgt. Neal Snyder,  Station Manager Korat 1967-68?

Base Stationed:  Korat/1967-68                                 Position:  Staff Announcer

Date of Visit:  6/4/2007            22:27

Guest:  Pete Franquet                                   Email:

Current Location:  Charlotte, NC, USA

Comment:  My God, what a find!  I was just goofing off on the net and look what I found!  Does anybody remember the ThaiAms?  It was a rock/country band we put together in '67-'68 in Korat and played at all the clubs.  I was the drummer, Ray Warren (I recently spoke with him) was rhythm guitar and lead singer.  Ray & I both worked on AFTN and have great memories...too many to write here.  Would love to hear from any of you guys...Pete

Base Stationed:  1967-1968                          Position:  Morning drive/DJ / whatever other flunky job  there was

Date of Visit:  6/1/2007 10:58

Guest:  Orthor (Al) Aldridge                         Email:

Current Location:  Indianapolis, IN 46218

Comment:  Still working in Indianapolis Cable Television.  21 years as Director of Public Affairs.  Wrote a novel in 2006 bassed on my time in Viet Nam.  Might do a book on AF Bcsting next. My web page is

Base Stationed:  Korat - 1974 -1975           Position:  Tahkli -SM/Korat - Local Announcer/ Closed Tahkli in May 1974

Date of Visit:  5/19/2007 11:18

Guest:  Will Morgan                       Email:

Current Location:  Arizona

Comment:  Met Bill Martin, great guy and we had wished we would have had more time on our cross country journey to spend time with him and hear some more of his stories. Thanks for talking with us Bill, take care.

Base Stationed:                                                              Position: 

Date of Visit:  4/17/2007            12:37

Guest:  Ray Santangelo                 Email:

Current Location:  Sacramento, Ca.

Comment:  Just a hello to all the "old" gang that served with me at Obon/Udorn RTAB in 1971-1972. Retired(TSgt.)in July 1972 at Mather AFB,Sacramento, CA 

Base Stationed:  Ubon & Udorn 1971=1972                           Position:  Program Director

Date of Visit:  4/12/2007             16:43

Guest:  Don Erstad, USAF, TSgt.                 Email:

Current Location:  Scranton, North Dakota

Comment:  I was stationed with the 621st TCS at Udorn from Oct 67- Oct 68.  It was quite an interesting tour of duty made much easier by the great broadcasting crew at AFTN Udorn.  You gave us a little touch of home with all the broadcasting and I always enjoyed and appreciated it.  You were a great bunch of people, and very professional. One of the real highlights of my tour was when the station sponsored a CFC fund raiser.  I was sitting in our day room sipping a few suds with a few other guys, can't remember the names, when the fund raiser started.  The idea was for a group of people to donate a sum of money and have their choice of songs played until someone could top the donation.  We started off with Bad News by Johnny Cash which only lasted a couple of times.  We then started collecting more money and switched to the Beer Barrell Polka and after that it just snowballed into a base wide party.  If I remember right we ended up collecting around $1800 during the next 24 hours.  I remember a baby elephant being kidnapped from the supply squadron and held for ransom.  The crew at AFTN painted the album with the polka on it gold and presented it to the squadron as a trophy.  It was still hanging on the day room wall when I left for the states in early Oct 68.  It was great to be involved in such a great project.  Thanks again to all of you for some happy memories of Udorn.

Base Stationed:  Udorn     Oct 67-Oct68                   Position:  Assigned to 621st Tac Control Squadron

Date of Visit: 4/10/2007             10:35

 Guest:  Tsgt Jim Brisbois, USAF Ret.          Email:  KB1CWQ@YAHOO.COM

Current Location:  Chesterfield, Ma.

Comment:  I would like to find out how to get listed on the Alumni roster and I also have the full picture of the crew from NKP on the Commando Car.  Seems I was cut off on the left side.  I can also ID most of the men in the photo. Thanks Jim

Base Stationed:  NKP 69-70                          Position:  Staff Announcer /TV control

Date of Visit:  4/5/2007 17:39

Guest:  Ken Gilder                            Email:

Current Location:  St. Petersburg, Florida

Comment:  OK, found the take up reel.  If anyone would like a copy, give me a holler. Ken

Base Stationed:                                                              Position: 

Date of Visit:  3/29/2007      16:14

Guest:  Fes Canady                                        Email:

Current Location:  Denver, Colorado

Comment:  This was fun.  I sell a DVD and CD package of photos and MOVIES I took in Korat in 1966-77 for $5.00.   Email me for details.

Base Stationed:  1966-67                              Position:  Weapons

Date of Visit:  3/11/2007    4:54

Guest:  Daniel Kinder                     Email:

Current Location: napa CA

Comment:  it was fun looking at old photos of udorn thailand back in  the day.  It brought back many memories. I remember being in Udorn and running the streets with the boys.  Playing minature golf in the sand.  Party all night long and come back to base.  Eat food at the royal thai restauraunt on base.

Base Stationed:                                                              Position: 

Date of Visit:  2/15/2007          17:00

Guest: Virgil Hopper, Sr.                 Email:

Current Location:  Las Vegas, NV.

Comment:  Great to see a lot  of the faces and names we all remember.  Hope to keep in touch!!!

Base Stationed:  Udorn, Thani/ July 1971 - '72                       Position:  Radio announcer/ TV Director & on-air

Date of Visit:  2/15/2007            9:07

Guest: Ralph Baldwin                                                    Email:

Current Location:  Alton, IL

Comment:  Does anyone remember a guy named Steve Reed, assigned to the Medical Unit at U-T and worked part time at AFTN (1976 I think). He was from Paduaka, Ky. When updates are made to the page please change my staus to retired and living in Alton, IL   [Ed Note--Done!!]

Base Stationed:  U-Tapao  1975-76                                          Position: 

Date of Visit:  2/15/2007    8:13

Guest:  Barbara Calendine Thompson      Email:

Current Location:  Thomasville NC

Comment: Just learned that SKIP MAHNKE died 17 Sep 2005 (cancer) at his residence in Brookhaven MS.  He had been station manager at Udorn '69-'70.   

Base Stationed:                                                              Position: 

Date of Visit:  1/30/2007     2:07

Guest:  Tom Mcdonald                  Email:

Current Location:  New York, NY

Comment:  Learned the trade at Fort Benjamin Harrison in Indianapolis, was sent to Korat, fell in love with the business, went to work in Litchfield, Illinois, then on to Peoria, Illinois and on to NYC where I've worked for the past 35 years as a sports broadcaster.  I owe it all to the training I got at AFRTS.

Base Stationed:  Korat 1968-69                   Position:  Sports Reporter

Date of Visit: 1/22/2007      18:30

Guest:  David McMillan                                Email:

Current Location:  Florissant MO

Comment: Looking for Air America Picture 1970-1971.  Was in the airman's club when the F-4 when directly overhead and crashed.  I was on fire crew that day.  I also ejected fron a T-28 north of the base.    

Base Stationed:  Udorn Thani                       Position:  Air America Det 1 56 SOW

 Date of Visit:  1/1/2007           0:05

Guest:  Joe Moore          Email:

Current Location:  Chesapeake, Va.

Comment:  I am in Thailand for a three-week vacation, remembering my stay here some 30-years ago. We are going to Utapao to see what the base looks like in a few days. I'll send photos if they will let me on the base. Boy...has Thailand changed!

Base Stationed:  72 and 74                           Position:  TV News, Morning & Afternoon radio

Date of Visit:  12/30/2006         19:23

Guest:  Jay D. Jones                                                      Email:

Current Location:  Wichita, KS

Comment:  I walked a dog around the AFTN crash site when the F-4 took out your trailer.  It was a sad time for all, you guys did a great job. Welcome Home. JD

Base Stationed:  Udorn 12-69 to 12-70                     Position:  Sgt. 432 sps K-9 (dog Thor)

Date of Visit:  12/10/2006         13:30

Guest:  Ken Thelen                         Email:

Current Location:  Westminster, Maryland

Comment: Sign me in NKP August 1968 to August 1969 and I'd do it again

Base Stationed:  NKP Aug 68 to Aug 69                     Position:  A&P with the SANDYS

 Date of Visit:  12/6/2006     3:12

 Guest:  Donald Richt                                     Email:

Current Location:  granbury, tx  USA

Comment:  In 1970 or 71 AFTN did a special for the recreation facilities on UT. I would like to know where I can go to see if I can find a copy of that special. Anyone that can help I would be glad to hear from you. Thank you.

Base Stationed:  Utapao                               Position:  B52 defensive fire control technician

Date of Visit:  11/28/2006           8:57:00 AM

Guest:  Frank Kivler                                       Email:

Current Location: 


Base Stationed:  Udorn / 1965                                                  Position: 

Date of Visit:  11/13/2006             11:11

Guest:  Milton Hendrix                  Email:

Current Location:  Marietta, GA  USA

Comment:  I wonder if anybody in Ubon (71-72) kept in touch with Tim Laughter.  He was our all night rocker, keeping the guys on the flight line awake so they could attach all the red wires to the right spots.  He could have been the subject of "Good Morning Thailand" if they had made the movie...clever guy.

Base Stationed:  Ubon - 1971-1972            Position:  Television Sports and Disc Jockey/ Celebrity Impressionist Voiceover Talent

Date of Visit:  10/30/2006            12:05

Guest:  Bruce Leonardo                               Email:  BRUZEVIRGIL@AOL.COM

Current Location:  HENDERSON NEVADA


Base Stationed:  UDORN RTAFB OCT. 69- OCT. 1970           Position:  RF-4C(D) REPAIRMAN 432 FMS

Date of Visit:  10/18/2006 16:08

Guest:  Mark Laurence                                 Email:

Current Location:  Midwest City, OK

Comment:  Medic stationed at Korat in 73-74, lived in the Medic-AFTN hootch. The site evokes a lot of fond memories.   Would love to have/find a copy of "What the captain really meant". Miss Brian Bungalow's PSAs (with dignity).

Base Stationed:  Korat, Oct 73-Oct 74                                     Position: 

Date of Visit: 10/17/2006 23:07

Guest:  Joe Chiglinsky                                   Email:

Current Location:  Seattle, washington, USA

Comment:  I lost contact with TLCB. I really missed Thailand for quite a few years and as I "mature"  I would like to go back and visit.

Base Stationed:  Naked Phanny; NKP, July 72 - July 73                        Position:  NCOIC Television

Date of Visit:  10/16/2006           13:08

Guest:  John Leger                         Email:

Current Location:  Scott, LA


Base Stationed:  UTAPAO 1969-1970                        Position:  INVENTRY MGT SSGT

Date of Visit:  10/16/2006           10:04

Guest:  Bob Lacell                          Email:

Current Location:  Whitesboro, NY

Comment:  I retired in June 2006 as director of public information at Mohawk Valley Community College, Utica, NY, after 33 years. My time is now spent building up a scholarship fund there in memory of my grandson, Daron Malik Jae Simpson, who was murdered in 2004 at the age of two. The scholarship is designated for young single mothers. If any AFTN alums are interested in contributing, please contact the College's Office of Institutional Advancement, 315-792-5526, or e-mail Sarah Beth Lardie at

Base Stationed:  Korat, 1969-70                                 Position:  Network News

Date of Visit:  10/16/2006      4:37

Guest:  Don Richt                                          Email:

Current Location:  Granbury, Texas

Comment:  I am intrested in a special that was made at utapao in 71 or 72 about the recreational activities on base for the tv station. I was on the beach the day they recorded this and I would like to find a copy of it. Where can I go to find out about this?

Base Stationed:  1971,72,73                         Position:  307th AMS

Date of Visit:  10/14/2006 20:51

Guest:  Ken Gilder                                          Email:

Current Location:  St. Petersburg, FL

Comment:  Just a reminder for those that live in or around the Tampa-St. Petersburg area of Florida, that several of us will be getting together for lunch at noon, November 8, at theouth Tampa Hooters, in the 4200 block of Gandy Boulevard, in Tampa. POC is Ken Gilder,   Ken

Base Stationed:  Korat, 74-75                      Position:  Korat local DJ; Network News

Date of Visit:  9/26/2006      2:15

Guest:  Milton Hendrix                                 Email:

Current Location:  Marietta, GA  USA

Comment:  My most memorable moment in Thailand was at the Bob Hope Christmas show in December 1971.  Bob was talking to Jim Nabors about his singing voice and his "Gomer Pyle" voice.  Jim started singing "Yellow Bird, high in the banana tree" and he reached down to touch his sleeve where the yellow bird had evidently just made a deposit.  From the second row in front of the stage, I shouted up to Jim in my best Gomer voice "Shameful, shameful"...he looked downed into the second row and replied, "How ya doing cousin?"

Base Stationed:  Ubon - 1971-1972                           Position:  Television Sports and Disc Jockey

Date of Visit:  9/20/2006     3:21

Guest:  John Fitzer                                         Email:

Current Location:  Bartlett, Tennessee

Comment:  I am the night operations manager for a mail contractor located in Memphis, Tennessee. I was surfing around and found this great site.  I am also president of the Memphis Area Bluegrass Association this year as well as part owner of the Lucy Opry (We feature a nationally known bluegrass act once a month at the Bartlett Performing Arts Center)  I would really love to hear from anyone stationed with me at Korat.

Base Stationed:  1971-1972                                          Position:  Office and country radio Dj___________________________________________________________________________________

Date of Visit:  9/6/2006 16:30

Guest:  Bill Neidigh                                        Email:

Current Location:  Sacramento CA

Comment:  Great site, very surprised when I came across it while searching my name on google last year.  much more surprised to see you had a picture of me in the station looking very bored.  must have been the night shift. Great reading the guest book, hello to all who are/have been part of AFTN.

Base Stationed:  Korat 74/75                       Position:  Central Maintenance TV Mechanic

Date of Visit:  8/26/2006        22:58

Guest:  Robert Elyard                                   Email:

Current Location:  Palmer, Alaska, 990645

Comment:  Hi Bob: Just wanted to say hello again and someday I might even send some of the stuff I promised,  Till then I have my own web site at  It stands for the American Forces Veterans Net.  Just wanted to tell you that I've linked your site to mine. 

Base Stationed:  AFTN Korat 66 - 67 / AFTN Ubon 69 - 71                  Position:  News, DJ, Librarian, gofer, lifer,

Date of Visit:  8/18/2006           19:18

Guest:  Michael J. Dunn                               Email:

Current Location:  Downingtown, PA  19335

Comment:  Just surfed in…..  great site

Base Stationed: 355th TFW Takhli 11/66-11/67                    Position: 

Date of Visit:  8/17/2006 18:54

Guest:  Alan S. Williams                               Email:

Current Location: Columbia, TN  USA

Comment:  Served at Takhli Jan-Dec 1973

Base Stationed:  Takhli   1973                                     Position:  Security


Date of Visit:  8/10/2006 21:12

Guest:  Ken Gilder                                          Email:

Current Location:  St. Petersburg, Florida

Comment:  I'm putting together a lunch for former AFRTS folks at the South Tampa Hooters, on Gandy Boulevard, between West Shore and Dale Mabry, on November 8, at noon.  Everybody's welcome!  Please e-mail me at if interested.  Ken

Base Stationed:  Korat 74-75                                       Position:  Korat local DJ; Network News

Date of Visit:  8/2/2006 20:13

Guest:  Ron Lathrop                                                      Email:

Current Location:  Burton, MI


Base Stationed:  NKP 73-74           Position:  Just filled in as TV Sports Director at Frank's request (JCRC PA)

Date of Visit:  7/31/2006               0:25

Guest:  Gabby Gabaldon                              Email:

Current Location:  Riverside,California

Comment:  I was there the day the F-4 crashed, I was in the X-Ray dept. and remember hearing the crash and the smoke billowing into the hospital.  A day I will never forget.......LOVED AFTN THAILAND...I see Thailand every time I hear ''SUGAR-SUGAR'' by the Archies on the Radio.

Base Stationed:  432nd USAF HOSPITAL..UDORN                  Position:   

Date of Visit:  7/25/2006          15:36

Guest:  Mike Lieb                                                           Email: 

Current Location:  Longmeadow, western Mass

Comment:  Dear AFTN family,awhile back I noticed a name of a person on your site that i knew many years ago.  Don Cormiae, C/Msgt. USAF Retired. Sadly i recently learned that Don died back in the 80's while crossing a road near Lackland afb. walking home from work. I consider it an honor to have made Don's friendship, he inspired me to go to DINFOS and into AFRTS. He was truly a kind and generous man.  So long "Uncle Don", not "gone", just "gone ahead". Most Sincerely, Mike Lieb  

Base Stationed:  saglek bay, Labrador, Mcconnell AFB, KS,    Position:  staff anncr., production etc, etc.

Date of Visit:  7/16/2006            21:17

Guest:  Jerry Burke                                        Email:

Current Location:  Scappoose, Oregon

Comment:  Was medic @ the time, was in large barracks just across the street. Watched aftermath of crash from an ambulance. Helped dig bodies out after the crash site was cool enough

Base Stationed: Udorn    May 69 to May 70                           Position: 

Date of Visit:  7/14/2006 15:15

Guest:  Clarke Trevett                                  Email:

Current Location:  Anaheim, CA

Comment:  For Steve Slezak...Well, I don't know about 'good' pictures of the Ubon clubs, but you can check out some pictures taken in 2004 of what's 'left' of the clubs at this web site I turned these up with a Google search of; For Steve Slezak...Well, I don't know about 'good' pictures of the Ubon clubs, but you can check out some pictures taken in 2004 of what's 'left' of the clubs at this web site  turned these up with a Google search of 'fairlane club ubon'.  These may not be what you’re looking for but it was the best I could come up with

Base Stationed:                                                              Position: 

Date of Visit:  7/11/2006     14:36

Guest:  Steve Slezak                                      Email:

Current Location: Solon, Iowa    U.S.A.

 Comment:    Hi. Does anyone know where I might find some good photos of the nightclubs in Ubon, in 1971? These would be the Fairlane, Corsair, New Playboy, Jaguar, and a few more.

Base Stationed:  Ubon, '71/'72                                                  Position:  Announcer


Date of Visit:  6/21/2006 11:13

Guest:  Dan Ellis                                             Email:

Current Location:  Winchester, va

Comment:  Please contact me about joining the alumni.:1.703.725.6595

Base Stationed:  Udorn Dec 68-March 69                               Position:  Announcer

Date of Visit:  6/14/2006 15:30

Guest:  Tom Bivins                                        Email:

Current Location:  Eugene, Oregon

Comment:  I was looking for Tom Waterman's name and found this site. His memory has haunted me for over 30 years. I served with him at Sheppard AFB in Texas and knew his wife. He was shipped to SE Asia by seniority. He preceded me at Sheppard by one week. I went to Greenland. He died at Udorn. To see his name remembered this way is an honor to us all.

Base Stationed:  AFRTS Greenland, Los Angeles, Elmendorf              Position:  E-5 radio & TV

Date of Visit:  6/14/2006        15:30

Guest:  Steve Slezak                                      Email:

Current Location:  Solon, Iowa

Comment:  Cheers to His Royal Highness, King Bhumipol Aduljadet, on his 60th year as monarch of Thailand. May he have many more good years to come. Humanitarian, world-class jazz artist and composer, and savvy politician....a man you could tell your kids to emulate. Isn't it interesting that this great leader of Thailand was born in Massachusetts?

Base Stationed:  Ubon, '71/'72                                   Position:  Announcer

Date of Visit:  6/8/2006            18:16

Guest:  Vytautas Vitkauskas                         Email: 

Current Location: 

Comment:  Incredibly well-focused and inclusive website.  I would be extremely grateful to have a site like this to go back to, if I had served with any of you. Congratulations.

Base Stationed:  USS Conyngham DDG-17 Journalist 1985-87                          Position:

Date of Visit:  5/26/2006          15:26

Guest:  Jay Noble                                          Email:

Current Location:  Flower Mound, TX

Comment:  As we begin another Memorial Day weekend I was sitting here thinking of our lost comrades from Udorn.  May they rest in peace.

Base Stationed:  U-Tapao Airfield 67-68/71-72                     Position:  AFRTS 67-72

Date of Visit:  5/22/2006 9:01

Guest:  Clark R. Trevett                                               Email:

Current Location:  Anaheim, Ca

 Comment:  One of my first places to visit when I arrived on base at NKP were the AFTN radio studios.  Always had aspirations of working in radio ever since I was kid and use to visit the KEZY broadcast booth/studio that use to be located at the Disneyland hotel in Anaheim where I grew up.  Back to NKP.  Well I just walked in to the station and started walking around, checking things out.  I met Michael J. Tackitt who was spinning albums and doing, I believe, the sports report on the (TV) news broadcasts.  We became fast friends and had many great times.  Another great guy was, and I can only remember his on-air name/persona, 'The Black Fox' who got stationed at NKP from the Phillipines.  Did a great 'soul music' show and usually threw in a couple of good rock tunes on request.  I just talked to Mike over the weekend.  Wow!  I think we talked a couple of times after we both furloughed out, but lost touch after that.  We had a good long talk and reminisced about NKP.  It was good to talk to you Mike.  I sure enjoyed our experiences at NKP.  What a time!  Hope to talk again soon.          

Base Stationed:  NKP '72-'73                        Position:  56th SPS (Security Police Squadron)

Date of Visit:  5/16/2006    20:05

Guest:  Dave Ramsey                     Email:

Current Location:  Pinellas Park, FL {now in Thailand)

Comment:  I was shocked and saddened to get the news today about Brad Edwards. We both worked togeather at AFTN, Udorn. Brad was broadcasting the news and I was shooting photos for some of his stories during our time togeather. His great sence of humor had me laughing all the time and really added to the pleasure of my time spent in AFTN. The photo of Brad Edwards in the Udorn section of this web site was taken in the back of the pickup truck taking him to catch his flight for his new assignment down to the AFTN station in Korat. The very next day, the F4 crashed into AFTN, Udorn. Oklahoma nearly lost a hell of man.

Base Stationed:  Udorn 69-70                                                    Position:  Photographer

Date of Visit:  5/15/2006     19:20

Guest:  Rob Neyhard                                    Email:

Current Location:  Forty Fort, PA

Comment:  to all aftn brothers.  We have lost another one of our brothers. Brad Edwards, AFTN Korat Network News, passed away this morning in Oklahoma City after a a very short illness. Brad served us after coming to network a day before the plane crash in Udorn where he was stationed. Please say a prayer for Brad's family. He has been a fixture in Oklahoma City television for more than 30 years. We lost a good one. Rob Neyhard AFTN Korat 1970-71

Base Stationed:  AFTN Korat 1970-71        Position: Network News/Sports director


Date of Visit:  5/10/2006             19:45

Guest:  Erik S. Tingberg                                Email:

Current Location:  Grand Forks, ND

Comment:  Just happened to find this while surfing...thought I'd add my two cents

Base Stationed:  U-Tapao  1974-1975                                      Position:  Pgm Director, announcer, TV news

Date of Visit:  4/25/2006     22:05

Guest:  Mark Gerschefske                           Email:

Current Location:  Colorado Springs / CO

Comment:  I had two tours to Thailand: Ubon 72-73 LLLTV on AC-130s and Udorn 75-76 at the AFTN Station as the Chief Engineer.  I helped close the station down and packed up the equipment in early 1976.  Towards the end we had to sleep in the station to keep the locals from looting the building. When I left the base I think I was the last of the AFTN staff to leave and it resembled a ghost town. We have been back to Thailand a couple of times on vacation, but never have made it back to Udorn.  I will have to see if I can find any old pictures of the station or hooch.

Base Stationed:  Udorn 75-76                                                    Position:  Chief Engineer


Date of Visit:  3/8/2006            15:22

Guest:  Richard Pirrello                                Email:

Current Location:  Piscataway, New Jersey 08854

Comment:  Great website, brought back alot of memories, I have some pictures also, will have them duplicated and forward them on/

Base Stationed:                                                              Position: 

Date of Visit:  3/7/2006             21:57

Guest:  Paul Murray                                      Email:

Current Location:  Edgewater,fl

Comment:  I am searching for info on my father Sgt. Richard Edward Jason.[NKP 71-72}

Base Stationed:  nkp 71-72/Berlin 73-76                                                Position:  Broadcaster

Date of Visit:  3/5/2006        12:20

Guest:  Steve Slezak                                      Email:

Current Location:  Solon, IA

Comment:  While at Ubon, I never was on the base, except to go to work and check mail. My, then, wife-to-be, and I lived at Luom Chung Nung, and ate at The China Gate, Tippy's Pizza, and many of the numerous street corner shops around the city. My wife, Playung, would often go to the morning market and get a big bag of enormous shrimp...about $20.00-worth...for 20 baht. That was a dollar at the time. Since Playung is a fantastic cook, she was able to make something wonderful quite often. I used to eat like a king over there. What prompted this line of babble is that I can't remember the name of this fantastic little restaurant, which was just outside the base. Maybe I never really knew what it was called, but that place would have been a five-star restaurant about anywhere. I had my first Thai food there, and some other very memorable meals. Does anyone remember the name of this place?

Base Stationed:  Ubon                                   Position:  Radio/T.V. announcer/switcher operations

Date of Visit:  3/3/2006 21:53

Guest:  John S. Dietrich                                Email:

Current Location:  Delphi, IN

Comment:  I was in Korat from Dec 10, 1973 to Dec 10, 1974.  I was one of the Engineers working the late shift.  Spent off-time pounding on my guitar in the production booths.  Ralph Boden, Mitch Mitchell, and I were roomies in the same hootch.  The others....I can't remember their names.  Still have the red badge, the mug, the gold album, several hundred pictures, and even some 8mm movies of flying around the Country during TDYs. I remember one time when Ralph and I were in the Net Newsroom around midnite when the word came over the teletype that the first of the POW remains were on their way home.  Ralph relayed the message on to the Pentagon by teletype.  That was a moment to remember. Very odd to flash back to it all by landing on this Website by accident on my 55th birthday. I did some TDYs to NKP, Udorn.  I had become sort of the expert on those damn Ampex 1" VTRs (everybody else hated working on them).  Worked up a large manual to help with maintenance and troubleshooting.  I specifically remember one night when I'd become so enraged by the intermittent Tension Servo PCBoard # 22A (can't forget that number), that I threw it across the shop and it broke the light switch cover.  I can't remember if I burned that manual before I left....I remember one guy named Dave Aspell (sp?)?  Fantastic Engineer!  I remember Linda Braun, Jon Morgan, Al, Patrick, but vaguely remember Carl.  I remember standing in formation cuz some General stopped by to award us a Unit Award (still have the picture in a box somewhere), Can't forget the VR1100.  Can't forget running into the TV trailer to un-screw-up the projectors, or watching in awe as Dave Aspell worked on the transmitter while lightning was striking all around.  I remember Dave Sacher, Terri, and spending dead time nosing through titles in the record library.  I remember the films copied and sent out to stations, and the sound of Ralph ripping copy off the teletypes before the midnight newscasts, and the gallons of coffee we'd drink all shift long.  I remember not long after I arrived in Country I spent hours trying to solve a "no-audio" problem in the main Radio on-air booth, only to find out it was nothing more that the Monitor switch in the wrong position!  I was pretty embarrassed.....I learned a valuble term that night: "operator-error".  Man....this is serious memory-lane stuff. Went on to Biloxi - Keesler - and worked with civilian Ronald Bullock and the rest of the USAF group at the TV studio (both old one and new one).  Honorably Discharged in 12/1976 (4-years).  Began working for Purdue in 4/1977, now Chief Video Engineer/Interim Manager in main TV division on campus. Korat.....that place, the smells, the people, their faces, the voices, the bombing at the Korat Hotel on New Years Eve, the bus trips to Mitch's off-base place, the heat, the Thai bands in the bars that mimiced the Beatles almost perfectly, the downpours, the  beer machines, the snakes, the 105-afterburners, the USO milkshakes, the powdered milk in the mess, the expensive phone calls home, my mailbox # 705, the Hootch-girls, the NET Headquarter's Supply room and what's-his-name always smiling from behind his sunglasses as he passed out funny brownies, F-111's flying low over the hootch and waking me up, driving that damn truck on the wrong side of the road...all this, and more, is still very close in my memories, and always will be.  Thank God I have been fortunate enough to say I've had that AFTN experience, too.Thanks to all for this little oasis of precious memories. jsd

Base Stationed:  Korat/12/73 - 12/74                                      Position:  Engineer-nights

Date of Visit:  3/3/2006 13:44

Guest:  Jeff Schroeder                                  Email:

Current Location:  Indiana

Comment:  Was at Camp Sameson 71-72. Thanks guys for the tunes and tv during that year!!!!

Base Stationed:  Camp Sameson                                Position: 

Date of Visit:  2/28/2006            13:46

Guest:  Mike Leib                                           Email:

Current Location:  Longmeadow (near springfield) Mass

Comment:  great to find site, volunteered at Torrejon, Spain-Morocco Network, DINFOS 67(?), Saglek AS lab.  HELP...thought i saw names John Aubushon, and Don Cormiae on a deceased roster, if this is true they were outstanding men, will be deeply missed, anyone know if this is true,  thank you for your help Mike Lieb 

Base Stationed:                                                              Position: 

Date of Visit:  2/24/2006 16:44

Guest:  Kelly Locicero                                   Email:

Current Location:  Columbus, Ohio

Comment:  My dad was part of this.  1968-Thomas J. Locicero.  I have been looking at this wondering if anyone knew him.  Unfortunately he passed away in 1991 at age 44.

Base Stationed:                                                              Position: 

 Date of Visit:  2/17/2006     1:44

 Guest:  Ken Gilder                                          Email:

Current Location:   St. Petersburg, FL

Comment:   Hey Jay:       Rogge???  How do you get that from "Gilder?"  I haven't seen anything butchered that badly since I boldly strode into the news booth at Korat, and announced to the network that Henry Kissinger was off on another "piss trip."  :-)

Just out of curiosity, how many would be up for a reunion, and where?  Locations being bandied about in other AFRTS network sites include New Orleans, Orlando, San Diego, Denver, Pittsburgh, Atlantic City, Reno/Tahoe, and Washington DC.

Base Stationed:  Korat, 74-75                                                    Position:  Korat local DJ; Network News

Date of Visit:  2/14/2006 13:53

Guest:  Jay Noble                                          Email: 

Current Location: Flower Mound, TX

 Comment:  Thanks to Ken Rogge and Ralph Baldwin for sending me copies of "What The Captain Means..." and various and sundry other out-take goodies.

Base Stationed:  U-Tapao 67-68/71-72                    Position:  MS Announcer/ TB

Date of Visit:  2/13/2006    0:49

Guest:  George L. Conklin                                           Email:

Current Location:  Fort Benton, MT

Comment:  I'm still try'n to find "mr. midnight" Dj @ NKp 70-71? he was an Army dude. I have a CD of a "taped broadcast" which never went on "air" This will stand AFTN on it's head for years to come....get back to me ASAP.  Mmember TLCBrotherhood VDHA VSPA. Thanks again for getting us thru it all.

Base Stationed:                                                              Position: 

Date of Visit:  2/10/2006      19:06

Guest:  A1C Charles Minx                            Email:

Current Location:  Crescent City, CA, USA

Comment:  You are missing the Chief Engineer at Takhli from '67, one Sgt. Gunter H. Eisenstadt.  He also DJd an afternoon hour called "Pineapple".

Base Stationed:  Takhli, '67                                          Position:  Production Mgr.

Date of Visit:  1/6/2006      9:15

Guest:  Jay Noble                                            Email:

Current Location:  Dallas, TX

Comment:  Does anyone have a copy of "What The Captain Means."  I had it on open reel tape years ago, but would love another copy. Any of you former Tahkli guys know the whereabouts of Les Jackson?  Les was at Tahkli 66-67.  I was with Les at Spangdahlem AB, Germany Channel 22 TV 68-70.  We're trying to get all of the Germany TV guys together this year and we're missing Les.

Base Stationed:  U-Tapao 67-68/71-72                                   Position:  MS Announcer & TV

Date of Visit:  12/6/2005 17:49

Guest:  Richard w. Wallace                                        Email:

Current Location:  Dripping Springs, Texas

Comment:  I enjoyed viewing the site. It brought back a lot of memories. I was an Air Force Sgt. with the 432nd Reconnaissance Technical Squadron from July 1969 to July 1970

Base Stationed:  Udorn RTAFB                                    Position: 

Date of Visit:  12/3/2005 11:50

Guest:  Bill Bryan                                           Email:

Current Location:  Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Comment:  Was stationed at a little high tech Army Post, 7th RRFS:  AKA:  7th Rock n Roll Field Station, Ramasun Station,near Udorn, AFB, from 1969-70. Verrrry Interesting. One of the few posts I've been where the Army had quarters and amenities far superior to AF. I was just a lowly ditty-bopper; but, gained an immense education from the nerds around me---E-5 and below had  average education of 3 years college. Very smart, brilliant people working in a culture that had values almost 180 opposite from America's. Whew!  Had some very close calls with cultural and national differences that the REMFs in Bangkok did not tell us about in orientation !ie.  I knew that in Turkey (my next duty station) you could get 5 years hard labor in their prisons if you stepped on a piece of money that had the face of Attaturk on it.  What the REMFs in Bangkok did not tell us or put in the written orientation was that Thailand had similar laws regarding their money and respect due the Royal Family!  If a US soldier stepped on a likeness of any member of the Thai Royal Family---coin, paper money, newspaper, etc---5 years in a Thai monkey house.I know about this because my shift duty Sgt., who'd served two tours in 'Nam in grunt infantry units, was sentenced to 5 years monkey house for stepping on a 5 Baht coin that was rolling around on a Udorn bar's floor.  I last saw Sarge at the Udorn monkey house after delivering a 'Care Package.' As I was leaving, Sarge was wailing: "I didn't know, I didn't know!"What a way to end my last week in Thailand!  March 10, 1970.Again.  Whewww!  Cudda been me.

Base Stationed:  Ramasun AS                                                     Position: 

Date of Visit:  11/17/2005 11:45

Guest:  Martin C. (Sugar Chris) Fussell                     Email:

Current Location:  Charlotte,

Comment: It was nice to run across this site. It brought back allot of memories. I see the names of allot of people I served with and had good times with. Hope to get in touch with some of them.

Base Stationed:  NKP/Korat - 74/75                                          Position:  Broadcaster

Date of Visit:  11/14/2005 11:30

Guest:  Jack D. Morris (Col) retired                                          Email:

Current Location:  Santa Fe  NM

Comment:  I was unaware of the fate of  RF-4C 65-0863. I have some color photos of the jet taken in flight during 1968 - at that time she was named Peanut Butter Crackers - and would be glad to send them to you.

Base Stationed:                                                             

 Date of Visit:  11/10/2005 20:55

Guest:  Mike Curry                                        Email:

Current Location:  Statham, USA

Comment:  Although I'm not listed, I served as the TV Program Director (fancy name for the guy who typed up the schedule) at Utapao from 1972-73, and was later sent to Tahkli to serve as station manager of the one man operation (had part-timers).[WEB NOTE-->Mike we have you listed now]  I left Thailand for another tour of duty with AFRTS Crete (News director/anchor).    Counting my first stint with AFRTS Samsun, Turkey I served 8 years with AFRTS. I left the Air Force and helped start WSCQ in Columbia, South Carolina (a NBC News and Information Service affiliate).  Moved to the Atlanta area to work with a station there to be close to my dying mother. I went back to college and received my masters and doctorates in counseling and have been involved in the counseling of those with G.I.D (gender identity disorder) and intersexuals.  I am the founder and president of TransformingGrace Ministries and Grace Counseling Ministries (1990) which specializes in those with the needs listed above. I may no longer be in broadcasting, but it's one of those things that once it's in your blood.... it's there to stay.I would love to get back into broadcasting as a C and W jock.  LOL!

Base Stationed:  Utapao/72-73  Tahkli/73               Position:  TV program director - station manager

Date of Visit:  11/9/2005     15:04

Guest:  Ron Hurst                                          Email:

Current Location:  Walpole, MA

Comment: Compliments to Bob Wertz for putting this website together. Broadcasting from Korat was, without a doubt, my best year in the Air Force.  Was most surprised and delighted to win Billboard's Military DJ of the Year award.  Have spent most of my time anchoring on Boston radio.

Base Stationed:  Korat Dec '70-'71                             Position:  Net news anchor, local TV anchor, jock

Date of Visit:  11/9/2005 0:52

Guest:  Mike Curry                                        Email:

Current Location: Statham, USA

Comment:  I served as TV program director at Utapao from 1972 to about June of 1973 and then became station manager at Tahkli for the rest of 1973, but my name is not on any of the lists.... How can I get this corrected?

Base Stationed:  Utapao 72-73/ Tahkli 73                Position:  TV program director - station manager

Date of Visit:  11/2/2005 12:18

Guest:  Steve Slezak                                      Email:

Current Location: Iowa City, Iowa/U.S.A.

Comment:  Hi, Bob. I was in Ubon in 1971/72. I sort of recall that the name change was from Armed Forces to American Forces, around 1970/71; it was changed back again a few years later, it seems. I guess the Pentagon folks wanted to make things a bit more fluffy at the time. READERS: Feel free to correct me, if I'm mistaken here.

Base Stationed:  Ubon, '71/'72                                   Position:  Alumni

Date of Visit:  11/1/2005 15:04

Guest:  Bob Elyard                                         Email:

Current Location:  Palmer, Alaska

Comment:  Just happened to remember something.  When I was at Korat, I believe they changed the name of the network from the American Forces Thailand Network to the Armed Forces Thailand Network.  Am I correct or just having a senior moment? [Webmaster Note =You are correct. see network history for June-July l969.]

Base Stationed:  Korat, 66-68 - Ubon 69-70                           Position:   DJ- NEWS AND LIBRARIAN


Date of Visit:  11/1/2005          11:36

Guest:  Bill Neidigh                                        Email:

Current Location:  Sacramento, California

Comment:  Just stumbled across the site, surprised to see my picture, my old hooch, and the hooch bar...great site.many fond memories.

Base Stationed:  Korat - 1974-75                                Position:  Central Maintenance

Date of Visit:  10/31/2005          14:51

Guest:  Bob Elyard                          Email:

Current Location:  Palmer, Alaska

Comment:  Contact me for an update.  Also still doing it on the web.  Video Streaming.  Join me and have some fun.

Base Stationed:                                                              Position: 

Date of Visit:  10/27/2005              19:56

Guest:  Michael Cravotta              Email:

Current Location:  MTN HOME  ARKANSAS


Base Stationed:                                                              Position: 

Date of Visit:  9/20/2005            13:21

Guest:  Jimmy Wells                                      Email:

Current Location:  Nacogdoches, Texas

Comment:  I was in a barracks approximatley 200' from the crash. Waiting to go around the flightline to work the 4:00pm - 8:00am shift. Heard the noise, but the thing I still remember is the AFTN going offline, and only static afterwards. I can close my eyes and see all the people running to the crash site.  Not a smart thing to do when you didn't know if the plane was F-4C carrying arms, RF-4C or something else. Still a vivid memory!

Base Stationed:  Udorn                                                 Position: 

Date of Visit:  9/18/2005          11:58

Guest:  Jay Bradbury                                     Email:

Current Location:  San Bernardino, CA

Comment: Great site...!  Was doing some research and "Googled" into these great memories.

Base Stationed:  Ubon RTAFB / 1970-1971              Position:   Production Director / Morning Show D.J.

Date of Visit:  9/17/2005            23:09

Guest:  Dave Ramsey                     Email:

Current Location:  Pinellas Park, Fl. (now in Thailand)

Comment:  My hopes are that Bob Wertz and Dean Inns made it through the continuing suffering from hurricane Katrina. It wacked our home in Fl. with 50 mph wind gusts, blinding rain,and thunder that shook the house while the center of the storm was 250 miles to the west of us out in the gulf.

Base Stationed:  Udorn, 1969-1970                           Position:  Photographer

Date of Visit:  9/7/2005              7:44

Guest:  Mike Bolton                       Email:

Current Location:  Fort Wayne, IN  USA

Comment:  Some of the best days of my life were in the station.  Sure miss those days.

Base Stationed:  Utapao 1975-76               Position:  CameraTV van.. Sat/Sun oldies show

Date of Visit:  8/12/2005               15:54

Guest:  Chris Laudani                                    Email:

Current Location:  Springfield, MA

Comment:  I was posted at UBON in 72-73,feel free to give out my email address to folks who were there..For the record, I left the USAF, Got a Journalism degree..worked in TV news for several years...became an assignment editor and later ended my career  as assistant news I work in quality managment in a forging plant...

Base Stationed:  UBON 1973-74                                                Position:  Staff Announcer

Date of Visit:  8/4/2005             17:42

Guest:  Max Thomsen                                  Email:

Current Location:  Myrtle Beach,SC

Comment:  Found this site by typing my name into a Google search. After leaving Thailand I cross-trained into the medical field as a Medical Supply Technician. Retired in 1983 from Myrtle Beach AFB as a SMsgt with 24 years service. In 1986 was hired as a Letter Carrier and still employed and plan to retire in June 08.The one person I would like to find is a fellow AFRTS broadcaster named Hal  Petrie. We were stationed together at Clark,PI 69-71. I went to Sheppard and after that Korat,73-74. Prior to that AFKN after Ft. Slocum,NY in 65. Korea 65-66...Seoul for two weeks,Munsan-ni for 9 months and Osan for the remainder of the tour. Like to hear from anyone who served with me. Lost interrest in broadcasting after leaving Korat. Glad I found this site.

Base Stationed:  Jan-Jan 73-74                                                  Position:  News

 Date of Visit:  7/9/2005 12:27

Guest: Wayne Paige                                                      Email:

Current Location:  Portland, OR

Base Stationed:  1974 NKP                                           Position:  DJ and anchor

Date of Visit:  6/29/2005 21:33

Guest:  Stan Churchill                                   Email:

Current Location:  Wheaton, MN

Comment:  Stationed at Korat, May '68 thru Sept. '69.  Det. 7, 6922 SW.  Nice site, it brings back a lot of memories.

Base Stationed:                                                              Position: 

Date of Visit:  6/27/2005         8:46

Guest:  Chuck Harrison                                 Email:

Current Location:  Downers Grove, IL

Comment:  Udorn afb 73-74. F-4 flightline mechanic. Great web site. I plan on going back to Udorn in Oct.2005 for the first time since 73. Would appreciate any info in getting there. This web site has brought back many memories. Enjoyed all the AFTN broadcasts

Base Stationed:  Udorn  1973-74                                Position: 

Date of Visit:  6/21/2005             5:14

Guest:  Steve Vosler                                      Email:

Current Location:  Mohawk, USA

Comment: Thanks to Jay Noble for the pics down memory lane

Base Stationed:  1972                                    Position:  Staff announcer and operator

Date of Visit:  6/18/2005             20:00

Guest:  Glen Cowgill, jr.                               Email:

Current Location:  Homestead, FL

Comment:  Nice site and I really appreciated the picture of the old Udorn Control Tower where I used to work. I was on duty in the Control Tower when the F-4 crashed in to AFTN.

Base Stationed:                                                              Position: 

Date of Visit:  6/13/2005              9:58

Guest:  Barry Landau                     Email:

Current Location:  Tampa Fl.

Comment:  Came across this site and was blown away . I have many photos and will scan and upload to the webmaster. I am looking for information and documentation of the two attacks on the base during my tour in Ubon, 1969-1970.Glad to see this site.

Base Stationed:  Ubon 1969-1970                              Position:  Part time announcer, TV/audio control

Date of Visit:  6/13/2005                   8:33

Guest:  Ralph Baldwin                                  Email:

Current Location:  St. Louis, Missouri

Comment:  For those of you who asked.  No, I'm not in Mississippi. I am in Missouri.<br>There is a typo on the page of pictures I sent.

Base Stationed:                                                              Position: 

Date of Visit:  6/11/2005                23:20

Guest:  Jim Watson                                       Email:

Current Location:  Covina  Ca

Comment:  One of the first dog handlers to arrive at Ubon In March Of 68.First question why was the song Sky Pilot not allowed to be aired on AFTN.I could get AFVN from Pleiku on my small transistor radio during the early morning hours while walking the perimeter with my trusty sentry dog Fritz.It came in very handy for some reason AFVN would broadcast World Series games and the Super Bowl live while AFTN wound tape them and play them later in the day.Needless to say I had the out come of the 68 World Series and 69 Super Bowl before any day workers knew the final scores.I put all my money on the Detroit Tigers and New York Jets but not to much didn't want any body to know what I was up to.Remember John Wild  well I think he was called the Wild Child. He got me through many a long shift.thanks for the walk down memory lane

Base Stationed:  8Th  SPS K-9                                                     Position: 

 Date of Visit:  6/10/2005            8:36

Guest:  Owen Toale                                      Email:

Current Location:  Medina, New York

Comment:  I was reading the alumni and saw I was not listed.  I worked, part-time at $1 an hour, at Udorn AFTN from about December, 1968 until August, 1969.  I was hired by the station and paid out of funds from somewhere to be a weekend announcer and occasionally did fill in work during the week when I was available from my other job in Communications.  I remember Walt Young's 69th Mess Kit Repair Squadron where he played country music.  I remember filling in for him one day and I knew nothing of country music!  I think I just put one of the LP's with about 10 songs on it and let it play.

Base Stationed:  Udorn RTAFB 1968-69                                   Position:  Announcer

Date of Visit:  6/7/2005                   12:20

Guest:  Robert Neyhard                               Email:

Current Location:  Forty Fort, PA

Comment:  I came across the site by accident and it blew me away.There were some of my show promos from Korat from 35 years ago voiced by Vince Gibbens!!!! I can't get enough of this stuff!!!!

Base Stationed:  AFTN NKP/KORAT 70-71                               Position:  AFTN NEWS/SPORTS DIRECTOR

Date of Visit:  5/21/2005                    23:02

Guest:  Donn and Nancy Moyer                                Email:

Current Location:  Tacoma, Washington USA

Comment:  Your site is great and we have enjoyed it very much. We are putting together an exhibit for AFRTS at the new Veterans Memorial Museum, ( )Exit 77 off I-5 in Chehalis WA .The grand opening of the new building is scheduled for July 2, 2005. Dick Storck has generously sent us some audio CD's which we will be using and we are wondering if we can get permission to use some of the photos of the Udorn tragedy and the design by Bert Marohl for a tribute to the men lost in that incident. Please let me know and perhaps someday you can visit the museum.Thank you very much.Donn and Nancy

Base Stationed: Elmemdorf AFB, Alaska 1951-1953                            Position:  Staff announcer/DJ

Date of Visit:  5/20/2005                 17:50

Guest:  William P. Cruice                                                             Email:

Current Location:  Ocean City New Jersey 08226

Comment: Surfing around, would like to make contact and join in on the Alumni Association. Please contasct.

Base Stationed:  AFTN Udorn   Jun 1970 -July 1971                              Position:  Program Director, TV

Date of Visit:  4/22/2005                11:41

Guest:  Jim Salter                                           Email:

Current Location:  Greenwood, SC

Comment:  Think I have some black and whites from U-Tapao - interested ???? [Yes, we are. Jim: Contact the webmaster]

Base Stationed:  7 Jul 69 - 9 Jul 70, U-Tapao                                                       Position:  Staff Announcer

Date of Visit:  4/16/2005                            11:57

Guest:  George Knowles                                             Email:

Current Location:  Edison, New Jersey

Comment:  I was a missile technician (408th MMS) at Ubon RTAFB in 1967-68. I'm trying to find anyone who has an intact copy of the 1967 Bob Hope Christmas show tape. Thanks.

Base Stationed:                                                              Position: 

Date of Visit:  4/13/2005               10:48

Guest:  Bob Palmer                                       Email:

Current Location:  The Villages, Florida

Comment:  Would like to talk with Wes duBrisk, my son graduated from Tusculum, spent a lot of time there for baseball games, he graduated in 88.  Bill Smith was the coach then. Used to breeze in and take the team to games all over Tenn in a custom bus when schedules allowed. Were you there then?

Base Stationed:  Ubon, Oct 67-68               Position:  Prg Dir, staff announcer

Date of Visit:  4/8/2005           14:02

Guest:  Jerry Fincher                      Email:

Current Location:  Bremerton, Washington

Comment:  Brought back lots of memories.  Was a great assignment.  At first I didn't think I was doing much for the war effort.....then after a few visits from some of the combat crews, says how much they depended on AFTN during their down time,  I was damned proud of what we were doing.  We were treated with great respect every place we went on base.  One of my stand out assignments. I left Udorn about six months before the F4 crash and knew some of the people who died there.  Thanks for the website.

Base Stationed:  Udorn/  68-69                                                 Position:  station engineer

Date of Visit:  4/4/2005              16:17

Guest:  Thomas Bonaroti                                                            Email:

Current Location:  Oakmont, Pa.

Comment:  I was stationed at Udorn from July 1967 to Sept. 1967. I knew Roger French, Jim Davis, Bob Sisterman, Nick DeLouis. Then transferred to Ubon Sept. 67 until july 68. Worked with Dan Cullen in the 8th FMS as a flightline jet engine mechanic on F4's. Also worked with Dick Baltzell, Ron Leoni and Bob Fay.

Base Stationed:  Udorn                                                 Position: 

Date of Visit:  4/3/2005 12:37

Guest:  Dan Cullen                                         Email:

Current Location:  Florida

Comment:  Great site!I was stationed at Ubon 7/68-7/69.8th FMS,flightline F4 engine mechanic.You can view some of my pics here.

Base Stationed:                                                              Position: 

Date of Visit:  3/26/2005 11:57

Guest:  Richard Miller                                   Email:

Current Location:  Seminole, Florida

Comment:  Hello -- I was looking at the AFTN website -- very nice!  Would like to communicate with anyone who might remember my father, William Miller, when he was stationed at Korat in the late '60's.  Thanks -- Richard 

Base Stationed:  Korat -- 1966-67?                                                          Position:  Morning show, announcer

Date of Visit:  3/26/2005         3:48

Guest:  Brendan Vargas                               Email:

Current Location:  Japan

Comment:  January 6,2005 AFN Thailand re-opened as a news gathering operation to support Operation Unified Assistance at Utapao.  AFN Thailand was official until Feb 10th when the last broadcaster closed shop and left. It was a good time while it lasted. We never had a radio station but, we did have a good time after all it is Thailand.....

Base Stationed:  U-Tapao    2005                                              Position:  Broadcaster/News Section

Date of Visit:  3/21/2005       13:35

Guest:  Duane Mercier                                 Email:

Current Location:  Indianapolis, Indiana

Comment:  Retired from DINFOS in Indy in '89 and went to work for an Ad agency for 10 years. Am now working at American Legion HQ. Closed down Udorn in January '76. Will never forget George Cashman telling the engineers to pull every inch of copper they could find in the building so the Thai government wouldn't be able to "profit" from the turnover. The engineers cut and pulled every wire they could find except for the single land line to Korat for our radio signal. About an hour later, a guy came over from the base hospital next door and said, "Hey, are your telephones working?" It turns out the phone lines to several buildings routed through the AFTN shack and they had all been cut. Oops!<br>Thanks for the site...and the memories.

Base Stationed:  Udorn 1975-76                                               Position:  Staff Announcer

Date of Visit:  3/18/2005      9:36

Guest:  Andrew Kunert                                 Email:

Current Location:  Newport, Rhode Island

Comment:  I am  a Senior in the class of 2005 at Bishop Hendricken high School and I am doing research on a deceased Vietnam Veteran, Alfred N. Potter.  I was wondering if anyone viewing this guestbook might be able to give me any helpful information pertaining to Alfred, his family, what he was like, and what exactly he did in his service to the United States Air Force.  Feel free to email me at any time if you have information. I would greatly appreciate anyone who could offer me any information.  Thank you to all our Veterans for your service and dedication to your country.  You are truly appreciated.

Base Stationed:                                                              Position: 

Date of Visit:  3/18/2005       1:32

Guest:  John Stewart                                    Email:

Current Location:  Austin, Tx

Comment:  Spent my year at Udorn Dec 70-71. What a time. I want to thank all you guys of AFTN for helping the time to pass a little easier while we were there. I wished I had recorded more radio off the air than I did. The hanger we worked in (1712 I believe) was next to 555th and we could just barely get the Tv sig. all the way over there. Had to be outside the building. It was wonderful. Thanks again,John

Base Stationed:                                                              Position: 

Date of Visit:  3/5/2005 7:35

Guest:  Gene Warman                                  Email:

Current Location:  Columbus, Ohio

Comment:  You can add me to the network news personnel list in 68-69.  Then a sgt.

Base Stationed:  Headquarters Korat - 11/68 - 11/69                          Position:  Morning News Anchor

Date of Visit:  3/2/2005     20:13

Guest:  Rob Worster                                     Email:

Current Location:  Colorado Springs, Co

Comment:  My son sent me this web address. I didn't know you guys and gals were still out there! To Mike Hartmann; I still have the same 12 string guitar, but a different wife. Thanks for posting all those pictures. To Willie Johns; Sorry for all the trouble and lip I gave you, I wish I could say that I've mellowed but... Opened tv repair shop in 1975, still open. WOW !! We are still alive! God bless you all, would like to hear from alumni.

Base Stationed:  NKP/1974-1975                                              Position:  engineer

 Date of Visit:  2/28/2005 23:26

Guest:  Mike Newman                   Email:,

Current Location:  Camarillo, California

Comment:  After AFTN I went to FEN Tokyo for 2 years in the News Dept. I cannot believe that I did not hear of the crash on the Udorn station until now!I will scan and send in to Bob Wertz some photos I have to add to Doc Ball's extensive collection(Hi Doc, I remember you well; you are a good guy.!)  Memories....non stop scrabble sessions with Bill Worth, Bill Edgeworth....(John)WILD CHILD,adopted by the Aussies ...Buffalo Bob Palmer's motorcycle ride....Engineer Wally K. quiet professionalism in keeping the station humming.

Base Stationed:  Korat 1967 about a month, Ubon 67/68                  Position:  staff announcer

Date of Visit:  2/25/2005       21:57

Guest: Mike Schultz                                                       Email:

Current Location:  Fairbanks, Alaska

Comment:  You guys did a great job with the web page. I did not even know it existed until a friend told me about. I have fond memories of my time in 1970-71. My father met the pilot who ejected that day. He said it still haunts him to this day. I could have gone if I had lost the coin flip, but Hawley went instead. My best to all of the vets, thanks for your service.

Date of Visit:  2/17/2005        11:31

Guest:  Charley (Chuck) Cook                     Email:

Current Location:  Canton, MS, USA

Comment:  I have long been haunted by the memory that Andy McCartney and I traded assignments in 1969.  We were both in AFRTS training.  I went to Crete and Andy went to Udorn.  That Andy was one of the finest men I have ever known, nor will I ever meet another person with such a large beautiful heart.  I currently have a rubbing of his name from the Wall in my office.   have over the past 35 years thought of Andy many times. When I die I look forward to seeing my buddy again.

Base Stationed:                                                              Position: 

Date of Visit:  2/13/2005                22:09

Guest:  Sgt Phillip Dermody                         Email:

Current Location:  St. Louis Mo.

Comment:  I served at Udorn 1966-1967, Station Engineer.  Retired from the AF Jan 1982.  I now live in ST. Louis.  Good to hear about this site.  I have a picture of our crew.  If I can copy it would you like to publish it.Regards..Msgt Dermody, Ret.

Base Stationed:  Udorn 66-67                                                    Position:  Station Engineer

Date of Visit:  1/29/2005               17:34

Guest:  Brian Hartzell                                    Email:

Current Location:  Mobile, Alabama

Comment:  FYI: David McAlary has been with the Voice of America for the past 20 years. I knew him at AFKN (1972-73), but he was with AFTN before that posting.

Base Stationed:                                                              Position: 

Date of Visit:  1/20/2005 15:27

Guest:  John McCann                                    Email:

Current Location:  New York City and Blacksburg, VA

Comment:  I was at Korat in 69-71....first working in production with Sgt. McGivney (sp), guys names Zeigler, Woody Someone, John Smoot, Johnny Fitzer...Major Volpel, Capt./Lt Denny, then moved to "local" to do on air work..."Bluegrass Express" and some other slots..on the air with Joe Ruggerio, Bob Bredenberg, and others....on TV was Mike Pervel, Jerry Parsonnet, Jill Drexler, Linda! just feeling the names and the faces rush by--oh my!!! tears and smiles of rememberance abound...Oh, and John Powell in production, Joe Mrugalski, Driscoll, John Lynn...cannot remember what they did...Bill Malone..Air force Sgt "Bud' Abbott--major voice!!  happy to hear from anyone...mentioned or otherwise!

Bob this was truly a great site. Brings back a lot of memories of Udorn and AFTN.  I am trying to locate Walt Young, I was stationed with him at Tainan, Taiwan and caught up with him at Udorn. As I stated earlier I was the Security Flight Chief on duty when the F-4 crashed into AFTN taking the lives of 9 great broadcasters. Not a day goes buy that I do not remember them and the contributions of each and every one. 

Base Stationed:  Korat RTAF  71-73                           Position:  production/announcer, all round bad seed

Date of Visit:  1/19/2005       21:36

Guest:  Charles P. Mayes                                                            Email:

Current Location:  Mexico, Missouri

Comment:  I was stationed at Udorn from May 69 to May 70 as a Flight Commander, SPS, I was working the day shift and was on duty when the F-4 crashed into AFTN. Not a day that goes by that I do not think of those 9 airman that gave there lives while entertaining  the airman on Udorn..

Base Stationed:  Udorn RTAFB                                                   Position: 

Date of Visit:  1/19/2005             15:51

Guest:  Ken Doss              Email:

Current Location:  Newport Beach, CA

Comment:  My Father was on the list - now deceased

Base Stationed:  1967                                                   Position:  DJ I think

Date of Visit:  1/7/2005 13:16

Guest:  George Rockhill                                                Email:

Current Location:  MANCHESTER,NH03104


Base Stationed:  NKP                                                     Position: 

Date of Visit:  1/5/2005 16:42

Guest:  Bob Hughes                                      Email:

Current Location:  Vienna, Virginia

Comment:  Hi,Great web site! I have pictures and airchecks from Korat local & network from November 67 through December 68. Would love to share if you're interested.

Base Stationed:  Korat, 1967-1968                                                          Position:  Newsman, News Director, DJ

Date of Visit: 1/3/2005 16:33

Guest:  Jay Noble                                                        Email:

Current Location:  Dallas, Tx

Comment:  After all these years it's rather interesting to, once again, see U-Tapao Air Base, Thailand listed as the dateline in a newspaper article.  U-Tapao has been opened once again as the main staging area for the disaster relief efforts in the Indian Ocean.

Base Stationed:  67-68/71-72                                                    Position:  Morning Show & TV

Date of Visit:  1/2/2005      10:10

Guest:  Steve Lowery                                    Email:

Current Location: Napa Valley, CA

Comment:  Great Site! I was at UT three times from 72-75. AFTN was a lifeline for everyone there. I remember Jerry Moose. In fact he and I were stationed together after UT at 60th OMS at Travis in 75-77. I lost track of him somehow when I left in 78 and would like to get in touch with him. Also, I remember Mike Dossier, "Mr. Goodfoot" who used to work mornings and make those "risky" early morning phone calls to commanders to wake them up. He, too, transferred to Travis in 75 and worked part-time at a local FM station in Vacaville (KUIC). We spoke on occasion and I haven't heard from him in over 20yrs. Take care all.

Base Stationed:                                                              Position: 

Date of Visit:  12/30/2004       10:33

Guest:  George A. Hoffman                                        Email:

Current Location:  Middleport, OH

Comment:  I was stationed at Ubon RTAFB 1968-69 and worked in the 8th TFW Chief of Maintenance Building. 

Base Stationed: Ubon RTAFB                                                                    Position: 

 Date of Visit:  12/24/2004     18:14

Guest:  Ken Gilder                                          Email:

Current Location:  St. Petersburg, FL

Comment:  "The nice thing about being retired, is that you don't have to give a damn who you piss off."After I save enough money, I am taking an around the world trip, just to revisit the places where I was stationed.

Base Stationed:  DJ at Korat local; network news                                Position: 

Date of Visit:  12/23/2004        15:27

Guest:  Bob Palmer                                       Email:

Current Location:  The Villages FL.USA

Comment:   Just lucked in, loved old pictures, regreted learning of Bob Eddy's death. Where is Doc, Mort and BJ Worth? Where did Walt go?

Base Stationed:  UBON    Oct 67-Oct 68                                  Position:   Staff announcer, program director

Date of Visit:  12/22/2004       15:09

Guest:  Kevin Kanter                                     Email:

Current Location:  San Antonio, texas

Comment:  Wow!  I can't believe that I found this page.  I was a Part-timer @ U-Tapao from approx 11/71 - 11/72.  Many, many fond memories of a lot of names that I've seen on this site.  One of my most treasured "decorations" is the "In Appreciation" certificate from AFTN that I received.  I have a few pictures that I will forward.  As I recall, there are pics of Joey Moore, Bob Bonnell, Mitch Mitchell, Rob Singleton, Carl Sargeant (who left UT for Korat) and a few others.  I babysat the radio board and worked in the TV van and pulled a few late night shifts (I still have my aircheck on reel to reel!) I doubt that I am remembered, but I enjoyed my time with all of you! 

Base Stationed:  U-Tapao 11/71 - 11/72                                                Position:  part-timer

Date of Visit:  12/21/2004 14:01

Guest:  Jack Cassidy                                                      Email:   fatjack1@hotmail

Current Location:  newark ohio

Comment:  air traffic controller ubon tower 66-67  udorn tower 70-71

Base Stationed:                                                              Position: 

 Date of Visit:  12/11/2004      22:51

 Guest:  Bob Greenwood                              Email:

Current Location:  Souderton, Pa

Comment:  Hi All, I was stationed at Ubon 69-70.  I flew over with a Sgt Jerry Korb who was an anouncer and had a show on the local AFTN ststion at Ubon.  Does anyone know where he is?  He may not even remember me... it was over 30 years ago.  Can anyone help?<br>Thanks:)<br>Bob Greenwood

Base Stationed:  Ubon 69-70                                                      Position: 

 Date of Visit:  11/17/2004      17:49

Guest:  Keith Garrison                     Email:

Current Location:  Little Rock, Arkansas

Comment:  Great job in putting all of this together. I'm in photos with Lou Hakim, Dick Dinsdale, Ron Hurst, et al, but not listed on the roster. 

Base Stationed:  '71  Korat                                                          Position:  Network News

 Date of Visit: 11/15/2004 17:49

Guest:   Ralph Baldwin                                  Email:

Current Location: St. Louis, MO

Comment: Just had some fun days at aftn on my mind and started surfing, trying to find out who is still in the radio-tv business.

Base Stationed:  U-Tapio 1975                    Position: d.j.

 Date of Visit: 11/5/2004          22:26

Guest:   Edward                               Email:

Current Location: Las Vegas

Comment:  I am looking for my father.  He was stationed in NKP (AFTN). If any one have information on him, I would really appreciate it. I have been looking for him for many years and I am having a difficult time. Please HELP!

Base Stationed:  NKP 71-72                          Position:

 Date of Visit:  11/4/2004      22:14

Guest:   Al Sterling                                          Email:

Current Location: Aliso Viejo, CA

Comment:  Back in 1968 thru 1969 I was a member of the 601st Photo Flight, Det.3 at Ubon. It's great to look at all the photos! I saw some photo credits for some of our guys (TSgt. Bennet, Ubon). What's really great is to see what some other guys were doing while we were over there. Please feel free to check out my website; dedicated to the members of the photo group at Ubon back then. Best to you and yours! (Al)

Base Stationed:  NKP 71-72                          Position:  Great listener! Also Ham Ops. KG6ML

Date of Visit: 10/27/2004 18:54

Mike Pataky                                      Email:

Current Location: Anchorage, Alaska

Comment: You forgot me!!!  I was there when we closed the station in 1975....SSgt. at the time.

Base Stationed:  Korat  74-75                       Position: Announcer, News, TV

Date of Visit:  10/8/2004     2:41

Guest:   Bunjong "Joy" Rimthong                Email:

Current Location: Bangkok, Thailand


Base Stationed:  NKP 1967 - 1975              

Date of Visit: 10/8/2004 2:38

Guest:   Steve Sills                                          Email:

Current Location: Tarzana, Ca


Base Stationed:  NKP 1968-1969                 Position: Disc Jockey/TV Announcer

Date of Visit: 9/26/2004      22:44

Guest:   Larry Clum                                         Email:

Current Location: Maize, KS USA

Comment: I have three B&W pics I took from the 7/13th compound gate of the fire. I was walking out of the building when I heard the ejection seats blow, looked up and saw an F4 upside down coming over my head and hitting the street towards the barracks.  Saw one crew member land. I would like to e-mail the pictures to someone with this site to be posted on the site if that would be alright. Larry Clum, 7/13th DI

Base Stationed:  Udorn RTAFB,     March 1969-August 1970              Position:


Date of Visit: 9/22/2004 13:39

Guest:   John Schenberg                                Email:

Current Location: Okla City OK73139

Comment: I was in 606ACS in 1967-68 a NCOIC of loadmasters and flare kickers. For the 123 section.

Base Stationed:                                Position:

Date of Visit: 9/13/2004 18:08

Guest:   William "Bill" F. L. Ostrander                                       Email:

Current Location:  Sacramento, CA

Comment: Working with the men and women of AFTN was the best part of my military life. Was a SSgt when I was with AFTN

Base Stationed:  Korat, 1969-1970                           Position: Hq depot level maint. eng. (repair)

 Date of Visit: 9/2/2004     16:47

Guest:   Mindy Mortensen                                           Email:

Current Location: Provo, Utah

Comment: My dad was evidently stationed with some of you fellas.  His name is Frank Mortensen.  He died when I was 22 in Frankfurt Germany where he was working as AFN Special Events Director.  I was born on his birthday in 1961 (Nov 1).  The only memories I have are up until I was 4 and we were stationed in Okinawa.  If anyone has any memories or information about him, I'd love to learn more.  His AF buddies know much more about him than I do.  :)  I know one of his buddies was named "Ernie" but I don't know what years that was.  Any Info would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks for posting pictures.  I've never seen these pictures of my dad.  If anyone has more, please let me know.  My brother, John, looks very much like him... even writes like him.  My brother Rick sounds exactly like him! 

Base Stationed:                                Position: Frank’s daughter

Date of Visit: 8/25/2004     17:45

Guest:  Elizabeth Hoppe                                               Email:

Current Location: Gresham, OR USA

Comment: Re: Donald (Butch) P. Cormiae served 1967-1968. I was doing our families research and this site came up. Donald Cormiae was my uncle. I thought that this group would like to know that he had passed away in 1985 from a hit and run accident in Texas. To verify that this is the same person, his parents were: Margaret Elizabeth Cleveland and Lawrence Edward Cormiae, both also deceased. Donald was born in Washington state (Seattle I think). Sorry to have to leave this message, but I felt all would like to know.

Base Stationed:                                Position: Don’s niece

Date of Visit: 8/25/2004      11:35

Guest:Carl Sampieri “Fat Same, the Engineer”       Email:

Current Location: Madison, Al

Comment: I first arrived at Ubon and after a couple of months transferred to Udorn. The common element in both locations is I sought out refuge at the radio/TV complex. Being a Broadcast Engineer complete with the First Phone, I needed a source of broadcasting and in both places, the General Managers and other guys in the unit let me hang around. I don't remember many folks from Ubon but I do remember Bob Wertz, Dave Johnson, Ken Hamilton, George Gendron, Loren English, and others when I see their faces. They let me get back into the world of Radio and saved my sanity. I was assigned as Airborne Radio Repair and worked the Flightline but when I wasn't there, I was usually at the station. I couldn't believe how lucky these folks were to be assigned to do the very thing I loved so much. I thank Ken and George for letting me work with them on engineering also.  My most vivid memories include the first time Steve Ritchie made Ace and did a very low level flyover right over the station in his F-4. Another point I remember is the first time I saw the F4 Memorial in the Lobby.  I was working on the air in Huntsville, Al. , and remember reading the story thinking how could that have happened.  Now here I was, standing on the very spot it all took place. Very chilling. Guess you just never know.  Thanks for getting this up. Ya'll gave me an AFTN badge for all my work and I have it hanging on the wall with my First Phone.

Base Stationed:  Udorn 72-73                      Position: engineering groupie

Date of Visit: 8/20/2004    1:36

Guest:   Richard Reep                                    Email:

Current Location:  Santa Clara, Utah  U.S.A.

Comment: What great memories!

Base Stationed:  Korat, 1966-7; Ubon 1967-8                        Position: DJ; Newsman

Date of Visit: 8/12/2004     23:36

Guest:   George Conklin                                Email:

Current Location: FT. Benton, Mt

Comment:  Security police K-9 guys got us through it....lookin 4  mr.midnight 70-71. can any one help me locate him. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.  GOD BLESS YOU ALL! welcome home!!!!

Base Stationed:                                Position:

Date of Visit: 8/8/2004         23:02

Guest:   Keith Garrison                                  Email:

Current Location: Little Rock, AR

Comment:  Arrived at Korat HQ from Ubon to fill slot at network about January of '71.  Left approx Nov. '71.  Mostly night shift news anchor.  Caught pneumonia and did some hospital time with Dave McAlary (hope I spelled it right, Dave) who had blood poisoning from cutting his hands up on a runaway AMPEX tape reel, while playing back a tape delayed ball game.    Good duty at Korat!

Base Stationed:  Ubon, Tahkli, Korat, 10/70 to 10/71                         Position:  Network HQ news anchor

Date of Visit: 8/7/2004        22:06

Guest:   Ray Santangelo                                Email:

Current Location: Sacramento, Ca.

Comment: Hi Gang...sorry I missed the big reunion in New Orleans, but I just can't miss the great California weather this time of year…only four 100 degree days in the last two months. Like to hear from anyone that was at NKP (1971) and Udorn in 1972. Glad this great website is really "cookin.

Base Stationed:  NKP  '71/Udorn '72                         Position:  TV program director/ass't station mgr.

Date of Visit: 8/2/2004        20:33

Guest:   Dave Ramsey                                    Email:

Current Location: Pinellas park, Fl.

Comment: We just wanted to express our gratitude to Bob Wertz, Dean Ihns and all the rest of men whom made this first AFTN reunion such a success. Kai and I were so glad to be able to meet our brothers who were spread out all over Thailand. We consider it a privilege to be associated with you all. Dave & Kai Ramsey

Base Stationed:  Udorn; 69-70                     Position:  Photographer

Date of Visit: 7/29/2004           22:08

Guest:   Tim Stevanus                                    Email:

Current Location: Strasburg, Ohio

Comment: Well, I am on one of these lists, so thought I should sharpen my typing skills and check in.  1969-1970 was the time...and was thrilled to see that<br>this site has been constructed!  More later, I hope, and for sure I can add some stories on beer gardens, the sawadee club, and others as they come filtering back.  The best to all who came through I guess those primitive days of radio....but THAT WAS RADIO!

Base Stationed:  Korat, 1969-1970                           Position:  AFTN news..sports

Date of Visit: 7/7/2004            21:24

Guest:   Eugene Rossi                                    Email:

Current Location: Lake Hiawatha, NJ

Comment: great site, good memories, thanks.

Base Stationed:  udorn 69-70                                      Position:


Date of Visit: 7/7/2004 11:11

Guest:   Bill Hart                               Email:

Current Location:  Springfield, Ohio 45504

Comment: Spec 4 Retired

Base Stationed: Udorn 1973

Position:  Ozone Theatre

Date of Visit: 7/1/2004        6:15

Guest:   Willie Johns                                                      Email:

Current Location:  Winter Haven, FL

Comment: Rob Marshall told me about the site was nice to go back to NKP thanks.

Base Stationed: 74-75

Position: chief engineer

Date of Visit: 6/17/2004      14:25

Guest:   Annie Button                                    Email:

Current Location: Norway, Maine

Comment: I lived in Udorn,(early 70's) raised in the USAF, my dad retired a Major, serving as a pilot for the planes that refuels others in midair. I was in 4th and 5th grade when we were stationed over there. Air America school is where I attended. It was very interesting being over there. We worked with  an Orphanage in Kon Kaen (spelling?) and the Leprosy pts. Was great to see the pictures! I work taking care of Maine's retired Veterans. See the homepage website.  God Bless our troops and God Bless America!


Date of Visit: 6/16/2004 23:09

Guest:   Bill Martin                                         Email:

Current Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Comment: Totally surprised to receive a letter from Bob sent to my parents address from over thirty years ago.  By the way, we celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary Sat. June 12, 2004.  There is no question a lot of work has gone into the creation of this site.  Thanks to Bob and all who have assisted.  I look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.  Until then if you would like to give me a ring feel free to call me at my office #1-888-300-4098.  Even though I continue to pay my dues to the Screen Actors Guild, I am now a stock broker, where rejection is not a personal insult. 

Base Stationed: Udorn/Aug 72-Sept-73

Position: Sports, news, director & life guard

Date of Visit: 6/7/2004         19:56

Guest:   Chuck Stewart                                  Email:

Current Location: Hobe Sound, Florida

Comment: Gary Twitchell (class of '70) told me of the web site.  I am still in mainstream TV after working with NBC over 20 years.  I have some pictures, air checks and some 16mm film (somewhere)I'd like to load up to the site.

Base Stationed: UBON June 1969-June 1970

Position: Producer/Director, TV Pgm Director, DJ

Date of Visit: 6/7/2004 8:58

Guest:   Howard J. Galvas                                            Email:

Current Location: Flint, Michigan

Comment: Enjoy this web site lot's of information and memories!

Base Stationed: 809th Engr Batallion,B. Co. 1966-67


Date of Visit: 6/5/2004       15:03

Guest:   Barbara Thompson                                        Email:

Current Location:  Thomasville NC

Comment: Searching for Bill Calendine (Brother-deceased)who served at Takhli, and Skip Mahnke (Friend)who was at Korat, then Udorn in 1969-70. At one point I had a picture of Bill interviewing Bob Hope, but picture


Date of Visit: 5/31/2004          2:29

Guest:   Joe Rramsey                                     Email:

Current Location: Hebbronville, TEXAS/USofA

Comment: On this Memorial Day, a great thanks to all that can't be with us because of their sacrifice for the freedom we continue to enjoy, and, especially, for our brothers lost at Udorn. Looking forward to the New Orleans reunion (that is, if I can sell my ford pickup with the wading pool in the back). Best to all - Joe  

Base Stationed: Korat/68-69

Position:  (always tenuous) Staff Announcer

Date of Visit:  5/21/2004        11:45

Guest:   Bill Stinski                                          Email:

Current Location:  Appleton, WI 54911 USA

Comment: My brother discovered the AFTN web site by accident. He called me to let me know about it. I'm ever so grateful. I enjoyed reviewing the web site. Thanks to all of you who contributed to it. After leaving Korat I was stationed in Biloxi, MS. I worked at the base TV studio. After my tour of duty I went to college. I also worked at WLOX TV in Biloxi for 9.5 years. I returned to Wisconsin in 1977 and worked in corporate communications. I recently retired after 26 years with Thrivent Financial. My home address is 2909 N. Union St., #10, Appleton, WI 54911.

Base Stationed: Korat, 1966-67.

Position: News Reporter

Date of Visit: 5/17/2004          12:34

Guest:   Richard Beckwell                                            Email:

Current Location:  Bowie, Maryland


Base Stationed: Korat 2-74 to 7-74 then U-Tapao from 7-74 to 2-75

Position: Station Engineer

Date of Visit: 5/11/2004        9:41

Guest:  Robert B. Bilz                                     Email:

Current Location:  Radcliff, KY, USA

Comment: I have already written a short narrative of the plane crash. However, after reading the after-action report, I have found some discrepancies in what was reported.1. As I said earlier, I was assigned to the Civil Engineers High Voltage Electric crew. Not only did we respond to the scene to turn off the electricity, but we were working on the operations side of the base, and witnessed the entire event.2. My supervisor and I were working on a hoist in the bomb load area. We were responsible for the Airfield Lighting system, and had our two-way radio turned on. We heard that an F-4 was coming in from a mission, with battle damage. I got on top of our pick up to get a better view of the runway.  3. The plane's main landing gear hit the runway surface, then the plane shot up into the air. At first, it started a roll to the LEFT, and was coming toward us. THEN it made a sharp roll to the RIGHT.  3. The plane continued to roll, and that is when the crew "punched out." 4. One crewman landed on top of the Fire Department Building, and the other landed on top of the Civil Engineers Operations Center. This I know, because one of our operations personnel told me later, that they heard a loud boom on the roof, and then saw the crew member  5. At the time, we DID NOT have an indoor theater. We had an outdoor. I remember this exactly, because we saw the original version of "Night of the Living Dead," and on the way back to the hooches, everybody was looking over their shoulder.  6. As soon as my supervisor saw what happened, he jumped into to driver's seat of our truck. With me hanging on in the bed of the truck, my supervisor broke every speed record getting to cantonment side of the base. The Air Police would not let us into the area. As I said in my original message, that is why I had to go in with the TransAsia Power Company.  If anyone has any questions for me about the incident, feel free to e-mail me. In my original message, I mentioned that I do not remember anything else for about three or four weeks. However, the crash itself is embedded in my memory, because I now suffer from PTSD. My psychiatrists and other mental health were able to bring back the horrific memory of that day.    

Base Stationed: Udorn


Date of Visit: 5/7/2004          19:28

Guest:   Robert B. Bilz                                    Email:

Current Location:  Radcliff, KY, USA

Comment: I was assigned to the Civil Engineers at Udorn when the plane crashed. As a Power Lineman, it was my job to turn off the electricity to the area, to prevent any more damage, and allow the fire crews to work safely. I went to the site with the Trans-Asia Powerline crew, and did what we had to do. The three power transformers on the platform shown in some of the pictures, was completed by me and my crew just two weeks before the accident. I am glad I have this web site to view, and remind me of what we went through. The only problem is that from the date of the crash, 10 April, until 1 May, my mind is a complete blank. I have no idea what I did for those three weeks. I only remember 1 May, because that was when I was promoted to Staff Sergeant

Base Stationed:


Date of Visit: 5/3/2004             2:26

Guest: Richard B. Risk, Jr.                                                           Email:

Current Location:  Tulsa, Oklahoma

Comment: Interim chief/commander, April-May 1971, beginning of period for which 6001st Aerosp Sup Sq received Air Force Outstanding Unit Award

Base Stationed: Hq AFTN, Korat, 1970-1971

Position: Deputy Chief AFTN; Ops Off 6001 Aero Sup

Date of Visit: 4/25/2004       7:07

Guest:   Bruce Hunter                                    Email:

Current Location:  Arlington, VA

Comment: Working at Voice of America now after 20 years in AFRTS and 12 years of retirement. I still have my red badge of courage.

Base Stationed: Ubon 73-74;

Position: Announcer

Date of Visit: 4/22/2004         23:49

Guest:   Shane Calendine                                             Email:

Current Location: Denver, CO

Comment: Found my dads name on the 67-68 staff list. I believe that I have some of his photos some where.

te of Visit: 4/10/2004  6:33:00 PM

Guest:   Gene Pickett                                     Email:

Current Location: Choctaw, Oklahoma

Comment: Great site filled with lots of memories.

Base Stationed: 1973-74 Korat


 Date of Visit:  4/10/2004      17:38

Guest:   Steve Slezak                                      Email:

Current Location: Solon, Iowa

Comment: On a sad note, today(April 10, 2004) marks 34 years since we lost the guys in the F-4 crash at Udorn. My friend, Tom Waterman, was one of those killed. Here's a remembrance to those nine....

Base Stationed:  AFTN, Ubon, 1971-'72

Position: Announcer

Date of Visit: 3/30/2004     13:54

Guest:   George Passett                                Email:

Current Location: Cranston, RI

Comment: Would like to contact Paul Passett who served at U-Tapao Thailand.  Found his name while doing a last name search.  Served with the Army at several locations in the Central Highlands of Vietnam 1966 to 1967.  e-mail =

Base Stationed:


Date of Visit: 3/18/2004       12:51

Guest:   Jay Noble                                          Email:

Current Location: Flower Mound, TX

Comment: Anyone happen to know the whereabouts of several folks that served at U-Tapao?  Interested in finding out what became of Ron Will, Gary Osborn, Art Sharpe, Art Thompson and Dave Farrington. Look forward to seeing all of you in New Orleans.

Base Stationed: AFTN/AFTV U-Tapao, 67-68/71-72

Position: MS Host, TV News

Date of Visit: 3/3/2004       16:30

Guest:   Ray Santangelo                                Email:

Current Location: Sacramento, CA

Comment: It was nice hearing from old (literally)<br>friends from my Thailand days. Hope to<br>make it to New Orleans in July '04 for<br>the reunion. Cheers from sunny California.

Base Stationed: NKP 71; Udorn 71-72

Position: Sta Mgr.Program director etc.

Date of Visit: 3/1/2004       18:32

Guest:   Othor (Al) Aldridge                                         Email:

Current Location: Indianapolis, Indiana 46218

Comment: I was assigned to Thakli in the Spring of 1974.  After I arrived, I learned that I would be closing the AFRTS station for the 2nd time.  I closed the base in June or July of 1974.  I was then assigned to Korat where I worked in Radio with Rik Delisle and other great radio personalities. I was then assigned to Television as News producer and photographer.  I worked with Jack Arnold, Linda Braun and Carl Foster.  It was the greatest year of my life. 

Base Stationed: Thakli/1974; moved to AFTN Korat

Position: Station Manager

Date of Visit: 2/24/2004             18:48

Guest: Joe Ramsey                          Email:

Current Location: Hebbronville, TX

Comment: ,Many thanks to Dick Storck in locating alot of the old bunch and pointing us to this super site. Bob Wertz has done a masterful job creating, and maintaining it (and other, good alumni). The foto album sure brought back memories. As far as the reunion is concerned, Dean Ihns was able to get a block of 20 rooms at reduced rates, so let's fill them up. Talk about a fun town..that's New Orleans. As for me, I'm bringing my wife and our pet, one-legged roadrunner. (Colleen in reservations at the LeRichelieu said no extra charge for either bird). So come on guys, and gals! It's going to be a blast. By the way, does anybody know of the whereabouts of Mike Hurst (Korat,'69) or Roger LeBrescu (Takhli,'68, I think)? Hope to see all of you in NOLA in July!

Base Stationed: Korat, '68-'69

Position: Staff DJ

Date of Visit: 2/21/2004         13:06

Guest:   Randall “Randy” Bunger                               Email:

Current Location: Plainfield, IL

Comment:  This site is fantastic!  I've lost touch with those from my NKP days, and this site brings back many fine memories.  I'll try to check back often for updates!

Base Stationed: NKP, Aug '74 - Aug '75

Position: TV News, Radio Anncr.

Date of Visit: 2/16/2004          14:28

Guest:   Ray Santangelo                 Email:

Current Location:Sacramento, CA

Comment: I just heard about this website from  Bob Wertz. Sounds like the "old gang"<br>from all over Thailand are getting together in New Orleans. It's a little early for me to make plans at my age..however, it sounds like fun.

Base Stationed: NKP 1971/Udorn 1972

Position: Program Director & all round person.


Date of Visit: 2/12/2004        14:04

Guest:   Dick Dinsdale                     Email:

Current Location: New Braunfels, TX

Comment: I can't believe this great site!  Wow...what memories....I was at Net headquarters during all of '71.  Ron Hurst just sent me the link.  How great it would be to see many of you...or at least correspond by e-mail.  I am living in New Braunfels, just south of Austin.  The audio cuts are great!  Please drop a note. Regards, Dick Dinsdale '71.

Base Stationed: KRTAFB 1971

Position: Network news


Date of Visit: 1/31/2004          7:20

Guest:   Randell Worden                Email:

Current Location: Near Baltimore, Md.

Comment: This brings back a lot of memories. did you built the TV Station in the old Fire Dept building? I worked under TJ Davis and Chuck Wagon

Base Stationed:  Takili/1967 1969

Position: Station Engineer


Date of Visit: 1/30/2004            9:50

Guest:   Rob Spencer                      Email:

Current Location: Greenville, North Carolina, USA

Comment: WOW ... after looking for a spot here it is ... was stationed at Udorn '72-'73 ... I worked in the TMO ... I had the opportunity to meet and hang out with some the "crew" at the station ... I grew up in radio/TV stations "back home" but got a real taste of the "down n dirty" way of getting it done ... thanks to Willie, John, Randy, and Bob ... kinda doubt they'd remember me but I sure do remember those guies ... hope all are doing well and maybe hope to hear from a few of "youse" that are left to keep up the tradition and the "art" of real broadcasting ...

Base Stationed:



Date of Visit: 1/29/2004      15:43

Guest:   John Watson                     Email:

Current Location: Jacksonville, FL

Comment: What a great site!  Many fond and sometimes sad memories.  Lady Jane Donovan was the best - always running interference for us.  Hakim - the balding, hairy guy in 2 of your photos is Al Schmidt.  I've lost touch with him - last I heard he was in San Antonio.  One of these days, I'll find some photos and slides of Korat & Udorn, download them and pass along.

Base Stationed: Korat/Udorn   1971-72

Position: Korat-Radio News  Udorn-TV News


Date of Visit: 1/12/2004              12:47

Guest:   John Wild                           Email: /

Current Location: Wildwood, Missouri

Comment:  Great site - at 57, looking back, realized how much fun I had and how great my bosses were to let me grow up without killing me in the meantime.  Not too many Ubon 67-68 names here, but in last year happy to re-connect with "Doc" Ball.  Jay Noble, whom I served with at U-Tapao and later Spangdahlem TV, even once offered me a job playing Country music in Fairbanks.  Might have had a different career had I said yes, but ended up Mayor of my city, recently retired, now seeking something to do for next 30 years.  I was blissfully unaware of Udorn F-4 accident, learned about it on this site.  Sad tale, and victim John Rose of New Jersey was my DINFOS room mate, along with two Army guys.  Remember that Jersey accent like it was yesterday.  The good die young, too young.  Will come back and visit often, even try to contribute at times.

Base Stationed: Ubon 67-68, U-Tapao 68

Position: Announcer - worked Night Owl 23:30-04:00


Date of Visit: 1/6/2004 22:55

Guest:   Dave Ramsey                     Email:

Current Location: Pinellas Park, Fl.

Comment: Just wanted to thank Bob Wertz for his on going effort in making AFTN a first class web site and bringing back memories for alot of us which were the best years of our lives.

Base Stationed: Udorn, Aug 69 Thru May 70

Position: Photographer


Date of Visit: 1/6/2004            11:26

Guest:   James “Brad” Edwards                   Email:

Current Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Comment: I am thrilled to see this site and to hear from all my old friends who fought the real war in Thailand. I also honor the guys we lost in Udorn in a jet crash the day after I just happened to transfer to Korat. I will never forget that day, and those guys who are on the wall, too. The whole incident still haunts me..happening just a day after I quit fighting my transfer and left Udorn by coincidence.

Base Stationed: Udorn 70; Korat 70

Position: TV News Udorn, acting news director Korat


Date of Visit: 1/1/2004          17:04

Guest:   Steven Freeman                               Email:

Current Location: Houston Texas

Comment: Have not visited in awhile. The "air checks" and other recordings are the best. Its listening to your own history. GREAT SITE  SUPER EFFORT..432 SPS

Base Stationed: Udorn '75/76'



Date of Visit: 12/29/2003            2:46

Guest:   Rik Delisle                           Email:

Current Location: Berlin ,Germany

Comment: Hey,What a trip seeing the pictures of JohnBradley! I didn't catch up with him until a few years later at Lajes Field. he introduced me to my first "gluhwien" one Christmas. I don't remember a thing :-)

Base Stationed: Udorn & Korat

Position: Radio


Date of Visit: 12/24/2003           13:54

Guest:   Randy Worden                  Email:

Current Location: Baltimore, Md.

Comment: Great information nearly accurate

Base Stationed: Tahkli 1967-68

Position: Station Engineer


 Date of Visit: 12/11/2003             9:12

Guest:   Joe Moore                         Email:

Current Location: Norfolk, Va.

 Comment: This is like a flashback. I can't believe I'm seeing it.

Base Stationed: Utapao  72 - 74

Position: Morning on air, afternoon, and news


 Date of Visit: 12/1/2003            11:58

Guest:   Steve Steinberg                 Email:

Current Location: now Seattle, WA

Comment: Well, dress me up and call me Sally... I am absolutely blown away to find the AFTN site. Such amazing memories, such great people, such a magical place. For the last 18 years, I've been at the Dallas Morning News, where I'm an editor and writer. Would love to hear from anyone who was there during my stretch, and see who can tell the biggest lies.

Base Stationed: Korat/Takhli 1971-72

Position: Radio newsman


Date of Visit: 11/5/2003           6:50

Guest:   Ron Manning                     Email:

Current Location: San Antonio, TX

Comment: Was involved in Udorn, Korat, Utapao, Ubon and not sure what else.  Fond memory was my first experience with "Red Horse" when they poured the slab for the van at Udorn.  That slab will be there forever. The F4 never touched it!  A great experience and wonderful people.  Often wondered what happened to the LTC AFTN Cdr during the van installation period.

Base Stationed: Van installation time frame. CRS?

Position: T-ASA Engineer


Date of Visit:  10/28/2003                 21:37

Guest:   Don Casey           Email:

Current Location: New Castle, Delaware

Comment: What a sensational website! I was assigned  to AFTN-Udorn 3 months after the tragic accident. During my 13 months there, we witnessed the restoration of full broadcast services to the Udorn community.  I had the privledge of working with great people like Jack Lynch, Bill Cochran, Moose Kaeser, Bill Cruise, Ray Hackett, Larry Sawell, Dave Johnson and others. It was one of the most rewarding years of my life. Thanks for bringing back the memories! I would really enjoy hearing from some of the AFTN-Udorn alumni I served with.

Base Stationed: Udorn - 7/70 to 7/71

Position: Local News Director/DJ/TV Production


 Date of Visit: 10/23/2003            13:23

 Guest:   Steve Slezak                       Email:

Current Location: Solon, Iowa  U.S.A.

Comment: Hi. I notice the message board has started slowing down for postings, so I thought I'd add a word, even though I put in a few when this site was a baby. I'm glad I was able to identify Clochan for the Ubon page, and a big thank you goes to the guys making this site possible. As you can see, there are many who remember their days in Thailand, with AFTN. Keep up the good work in helping to "preserve" us.

Base Stationed: Ubon RTAFB/1971/72

Position: Announcer/producer


Date of Visit: 9/4/2003            9:58

Guest:   Barry Oxenberg                 Email:

Current Location: Boca Raton, Florida

Comment: Hi, I was feeling somewhat nostalgic and thought I would try to look up some of the people I worked with in my early radio days.  Some of the people that stand out most in my memory are Rik DeLisle (a great source of inspiration for me...I found Rik extremely talented and believe it was primarily he that motivated me to perfect my talk-overs), Mitch Mitchell, Flipside Dave, our station manager Jack Klick, and of course my sponsor when I originally arrived although for the life of me I can't remember his name :-(  He was a big guy, very broad chested from working out at the gym, smoked thes big old hankin cigars. I noticed on the FAQ page there is talk about having some sort of reunion...what a GREAT idea!!! I would love to participate and will do what I can to help coordinate, plan, and hold the event. Please keep me posted.

Base Stationed: Korat AFB 1975

Position: Network news, TV, Radio




Date of Visit: 8/26/2003 5:06

Guest:   Bob Ackley                                        Email:

Current Location: Plattsmouth, Nebraska

 Comment: I don't see SSgt Dave Nuttall (later 2lt) or TSgt Don Wagy in the people at AFTN/NKP, 1971-1972 time frame.

Base Stationed: July '71 - July '72

Position: Hanger on, researcher, gofer


Date of Visit: 8/21/2003 2:25

Guest:  Bill Morris                                           Email:

Current Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Comment:  Dave Ramsey is a personal friend. I was the NCOIC of AAVS Photo Lab on Udorn and was present during the destruction by the RF4C.  Shot many of the photographs of the recovery by the fire department. Dave has a set - mine are somewhere in a box of stuff.  It is good that we have remembered AFTN and our USAF presence in Thailand.

Base Stationed: Udorn 1970

Position: NCOIC AAVS Photo Lab Udorn


 Date of Visit: 8/12/2003 22:51

Guest:   Richard "Rick" Davis                        Email:

Current Location: CA

Comment: Great site.  Sure brings back memories.  Enjoyed Udorn, U-Tapao time. 

Base Stationed: Utapao 71/72, Udorn 73/ Ramasun/UTapao

Position: Ass't PD, PD, among others


Date of Visit: 8/4/2003 12:16

Guest:   Don Checots                      Email:

Current Location:  Wichita KS USA

Comment:  I was stationed at Utapao from 67-68.  I did announce and helped Jordan Rizer install the TV station when it arrived on a C-141.

Base Stationed: Utapao 67-68

Position:   Announcer/Operator


Date of Visit: 7/28/2003 15:56

Guest:   Harry Gleeson                   Email:

Current Location: North Ridgeville, OH

Comment:  I am a researcher in OH gathering material to write the history of The USAF Band in DC. Shale Tulin was the Commander of The Band (I worked with him at that time) from August of 63 through around June of 64. I am looking to contact anyone with whom he might have discussed his experiences at The Band, and would be most appreciative if you would ask for any volunteers who might fit that category. In case you didn't know, Bud passed away in 1999. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer.

Base Stationed:



Date of Visit: 7/26/2003 0:41

Guest:   Robert Shaffer                  Email:

Current Location: pecos texas usa

Comment: Brings back memories from that date as I was stationed there with the 432 AMS working on the ECM Pods on the Aircraft. I can still remember my squadron commander wondering where he was staying the nite due to the fact that his hoootch was taken out. Many Brave people  died and were hurt that day, including Americans and Thais.

Base Stationed:



Date of Visit:  7/23/2003 9:01

Guest:   Mike Romine                     Email:

Current Location: Nashville, TN

Comment: Thanks for the website.  Great memories of my short time in Thailand.  Please add my name to the roster for Utapao.  I was TDY/Clark AB in 1976 along with Jim McGraw and Louie Bell.

Base Stationed:



Date of Visit: 7/22/2003 7:55

Guest:   Mike Hartman                   Email:

Current Location: San Antonio, Texas

Comment: Thanks for adding to the information on-line concerning AFTN.  Some great memories.  I'm retired from the Air Force and working for KSAT-12 TV as a Photog/Editor here in SAT. Thanks Again, Mike Hartman

Base Stationed: NKP, 74-75

Position: Late Night Radio, Television Ops


Date of Visit: 7/14/2003 18:34

Guest:   John “Jay” Noble              Email:

Current Location: Dallas, TX

Comment: Incredible site.  I'll be sending you some photos and tapes from AFTN U-Tapao.  I served two tours at AFTN 12-20 and 14-50 Radio U-Tapao, 67-68 and 71-72.  Was one of the first three broadcasters selected to open the first TV station at U-Tapao.  There are a couple of names missing from your U-Tapao section, in 71-72 Carlton Sargeant transferred from Korat to U-T.  We also had an Army SP4 on permanent/TDY to us named Rick Davies.I actually ran across an aircheck of one of my morning shows from my '72 tour a couple of weeks ago... the tape is possibly running fast or I was a first tenor with the Vienna Boys Choir and didn't know it, or the bourbon baritone I've cultivated over the last 30 some odd years has changed my voice considerably. Inherited a show that was started by Art Thompson during the 67-68 tour at U-Tapao called "Rebound" that aired quite often on the network wide "Night Sounds" series... I believe this was the first locally produced R&B show on AFTN... I used Willie Mitchell's "20-75" as the theme... "Are you ready... let's Rebound and pass around the wall resounding sounds of AFTN 12-20 and 14-50 radio... this is Air Force Sergeant John Noble and we've got the max in modulation, the peak in percussion and the ultimate in ultrasonics."  Oh well... it sounded pretty impressive back in '67. Great memory of taking Buzz Rizer, station manager Ron Will and Thai Prime Minister Thanam Kittikachorn (sp)around in a pick-up truck to make sure the new TV signal wasn't getting off base.  We had a tv monitor hooked up to a car battery and an antenna on a broomstick... about every two miles we'd pull over and I'd turn on the monitor, hold up the broomstick to show the Prime Minister that the TV signal wasn't radiating off base.  Of course half the time you could pick up the TV signal better at the Swan Lake Hotel than you could on base.  The first night that TV finally got on the air we had a rocket attack from the 'Thai Cong'... we knew some of the shows were old, but the programming wasn't that bad. Great memories and a great site.

Base Stationed: AFTN U-Tapao 67-68, 71-72

Position: Announcer, TV News, TV Director/trainer


Date of Visit: 7/12/2003 8:30

Guest:   John Wild                           Email:

Current Location:

Comment: Came in through AFN Yahoo link, had NEVER heard of 1970 Udorn tragedy - was at AFN Frankfort at time (must have been consumed by other events).  I knew a John Rose who was in my 1967 DINFOS BSC class, kid from New Jersey - he must have made E-4 by then, and had to be guy in TV trailer.  Could not find list of the dead, but not yet through all of site.  Just read declassified incident report.  Unbelievable.  I worked the first TV trailer to come to Thailand (had limited civilian TV experience prior to service), remember that only one door in, one door out issue.  Please advise if you have emails of Doc Ball, Buffalo Bob Palmer, anybody at Ubon in 67-68.  Would love to catch up.  Understand from Tom Scanlon that Bob Eddy passed on.  Thanks,John D. Wild.current picture as Mayor,,current employ, CEO,

Base Stationed: Ubon 67-68, TDY to U-Tapao 1968

Position: Midnight-6:00 AM, Ubon - TV at U-Tapao


Date of Visit: 6/29/2003 16:45

Guest:   Jim Cissell                           Email:

Current Location: Seattle, WA

Comment: Bob:Great site. Brings back lots of memories. I served 11 months as staff announcer at Nakom Phanom (NKP) from November 1967 to November 1968 and five months at AFTN Korat from November 1968 through April 1969.My favorite Thailand memory was the auction that the NKP radio station put on. Being the one who spoke the most fluent Thai, I borrowed a big old flatbed truck and went downtown and rented four samlars for the day. The enlisted guys would bid to have the officers peddle them around the base. Lots of other fund-raising stunts as well. The troops at the base kicked in over $5,000 (that was back in 1968

Base Stationed:NKP 67-68 & Korat 68-69

Position: Staff announcer.


Date of Visit: 6/23/2003 13:31

Guest:   Robert J. Batton , Jr.                       Email:

Current Location: Arlington, TX

Comment: My father, Robert Batton, Sr. was stationed at NKPh in the early 1970's.  He is alive and well in Anchorage, Alaska...after returning to the states, he was stationed at Keesler AFB, Miss and then Elemendorf AFB, Alaska.  He still lives in Anchorage and until recently worked at a television station in Anchorage.  He retired from the USAF in 1977 (MSGt) with 20 years in...his email address is he will respond to you all!!! 

Base Stationed:

Position: Station Manager??


Date of Visit:  6/18/2003 7:44

Guest:   Rick Dugas                         Email:

Current Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Comment: wonderful site, left Udorn in 69 before  the tragedy but remember the hours listening to the station while I was there. Kept us sane and looking forward to going home.

Base Stationed:


Date of Visit: 6/9/2003 9:38

 Guest:   Richard ("Air Force Sgt Rich") Firestone                    Email:

Current Location: Columbia, MD

Comment: Nice site and good to be in touch with many I spent the most unusual year of my life with.  I went back to Korat in '89.  They were putting in storm drains and sewers and I spoke with a samlar driver who really missed us.

Base Stationed: NKP 2/69, Korat 3/69-2/70

Position: TV Sports, Wx, misc.


 Date of Visit: 6/1/2003  12:37:00 PM

Guest:   Kenneth R. (Dick) Bower                Email:

Current Location: San Antonio, Texas

Comment: I served at the U.S. Army TSC-54 Satellite Communications Station at U-Tapao 1971-1972.  Visited the AFTN site there a few times.  Met several of the AFTN peeps but the names are gone (Major CRS).  Great Site.  IF any of you remember meeting me, bc me.

Base Stationed:



 Date of Visit: 5/29/2003 12:32

 Guest:   Guy Plumley                       Email:

Current Location: Fulton, IL USA

Comment: Great Job Bob & Norm, Learned of it from the Mission Server and have sent it out to others who were with us in SEA. You guys kept this Flightline Mechanic in good humor for 18 months, thanks for the memories....

Base Stationed:



 Date of Visit: 5/26/2003 18:35

 Guest:   Robert O. Williams                          Email:

Current Location: West Chazy,NY

Comment: Was stationed in Thailand twice,once at Udorn in 66-67 with the 602nd FS(C) TDY from Nha Trang,RVN and again at Utapo in 72-73 during Linebacker II. Was a AFSC 462X0 bomb loader on the A1-E at Udorn and with the B-52 at UT. My trips to SEA would have never have been complete without AFTN. It was my home away from home to listen to the great music and DJs of the Vietnam era. I will never forget all of this and I want to thank you guys for bringing the guys the best enertainment that guys could get over there. I just wish that I had recordings of some of the shows.

Base Stationed:



Date of Visit: 5/25/2003 22:27

Guest:   Stephen Paul Balcunas                   Email:

Current Location: Oxford,Mass

Comment: great site i'll pass it on

Base Stationed:  Sept 72-March73 tahkli 474 FMS F-111's

Position: jet engine mech  sgt


 Date of Visit:  5/25/2003  12:57:00 PM

Guest:   Mike Cherim                      Email:   

Current Location: Nottingham NH

Comment: My dad, ret Msgt. Mort Cherim, sent me the link to this site.

Base Stationed:



 Date of Visit: 5/25/2003 9:42

 Guest:   Edward "Pete" Snyder                    Email:

Current Location: Gold Canyon, AZ

Comment: WOW!  As a fmr D. J. on Ubon's pre-AFTN station (KMHS, your Music Hobby Shop)I never thought the place would go "up town". At the time ('66) we were broadcasting from the library, and our coverage area (on a really good day) was about a mile. We were staffed by Aussies and Yanks, and were constantly living with the possibility we could be shut down at any moment because of our un-official status.  Thanks for the memories.

Base Stationed: Ubon Dec '65 - Jan '67

Position:  DJ, Prog. Dir.


 Date of Visit:  5/25/2003 8:10

 Guest:   Rodney Bell                        Email:

Current Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Comment: The AFTN Memorial site is a fitting tribute to all those who served, and to the nine airmen who gave their lives, bringing us the news and entertainment we enjoyed...Great job Bob and Norm putting all the pieces together for this ***** star site!!Take Care, and God Bless...

Base Stationed: Udorn 1973

Position: F-4 Crew Chief & AFTN FAN...


 Date of Visit: 5/25/2003 1:37

Guest:   Les Strouse                        Email:

Current Location: Pathumthani, Thailand

Comment: Great work.  Keep it up.

Base Stationed:



  Date of Visit:  5/17/2003 19:01

 Guest:   Spec 4 jim Swaringen                      Email:

Current Location: Fernandina Beach, Florida

Comment: Norm Corley wrote me to tell me of this new site up.  When I hit it, the old AFTN jingle plays and my mouth fell open.  You guys have done a steller job on this thing.  I need to see more.  More pics, more details, more everything.  The guestbook is a good idea, but what about a forum for us to leave memories we had of being there.  I think we all have stories up the ying-yang.<br><br>I'm bookmarking this thing and coming back often.  Meanwhile, if you're from the same era I was, give me a shout.  I toured all the bases over the 13.5 months in-country. 

Base Stationed: NKP '72-'73

Position: Anncr. nights


Date of Visit: 5/13/2003 1:16

Guest:   Curt Masemore                 Email:   and/or

Current Location:  Addison (Dallas), TX

Comment: I don't know whether to laugh, cry, or whatever... I thought AFTN was just another memory in a long-ago life, part of a dream that was both happy and sad, caused by a burden that none of us seemed to want.  Yet we all survived... save those at go on to chase other dreams and fight other battles.  That I managed to last a year surrounded by those with far more knowledge and talent than my own, is still a surprise to me. That they let me rattle around in the station, is a tribute to their humanity and sense of humor. Since my return to the 'world', I've only managed to see Lou Hakim, and that was a total and very welcome accident.  I don't know whose idea this site is, or what spark of desire led to it's creation, but it is truly: ...a little heaven in a disaster area" (Wavy Gravy, Woodstock, 1969. Peace  Curt -30-

Base Stationed: 1970/1971

Position: TV Director/ Radio substitute


Date of Visit: 5/4/2003 17:04

Guest:   Frank Walker                     Email:

Current Location: Freeport, Il.

Comment: I was one of many AFTN members to went to Thailand from Sheppard AFB, TX in the late 1960 and early '70s I was a member of the "Famous" Sheppard Educational Televison team.  I was a staff announcer at NKP from Dec. 1968 to Feb. 1969.  I then went to Korat and helped put their TV station on the air, all 40 watts.....

Base Stationed: NKP 1968 and Korat 1969

Position: Staff announcer and TV Program Dir.


 Date of Visit: 5/4/2003 11:19

Guest:   Sgt. Jeff "Jay" McClain (Not McLain)          Email:

Current Location: Cleveland, Texas

Comment: hanks for your hard work on the webpage. It really looks good. I have lots of 35mm slides from those days.If you would like them i'll be glad to e-mail them to you. I would have to scan them first. Good friend "Judge" Sgt. John Montgomery - AFTN News - Korat 69-70 died from cancer, Houston, Texas 1999.

Base Stationed: v

Position: Staff Announcer / AFTN Korat


Date of Visit: 5/3/2003 2:59

Guest:   Scott Gentry                      Email:

Current Location: Las Vegas, Nevada  USA

Comment: What a great site.  Thanks for the memories.  I currently manage and own a Spanish language TV station and two radio stations in Las Vegas. Much of what I learned at NKP is still with me.  I wish we could all get together for a huge AFTN Convention.

Base Stationed: NKP  1969-1970

Position: Announcer radio & tv


Date of Visit: 5/2/2003 23:01

Guest:   Dick Storck                         Email:

Current Location:  Raleigh, North Carolina USA

Comment:  Bob Wertz located me through an online search.  Now 34 years after AFTN, I'm still very much involved in radio programming in North Carolina.  I spent 22 years in production and program  management at 50,000 watt WPTF (AM), Raleigh.  I moved to the Raleigh-Durham public radio sector in 1998 when I became Program Director of The Classical Station, WCPE.  Since my arrival, this 100,000 watt FM station has grown to serve an international audience through satellite, network rebroadcasters and internet streaming technologies.  Listen online at I'm in regular communication with several AFTN alumni and will share this link with them.  Email contact is most welcome at

Base Stationed: Korat RTAFB (TDY from Udorn) 1968-1969

Position:  Radio Program Director/AM Drive AFTN1450


 Date of Visit: 4/28/2003 16:11

Guest:   Keith M. Kintner                Email:

Current Location:   Urbana, IL

Comment: Served at AFTN U-Tapao, 1970-71, then to Iraklion, Crete, Greece, 1971-73.  Have stayed with broadcasting for over 25 years.  Currently at WILL AM-FM-TV, Urbana, IL, but looking again!  Thanks for the memories!  I'll dig out the old photos and see what I can add.  Great site!

Base Stationed: U-Tapao, 1970-71

Position: Staff, technician, announcer, TV, news


Date of Visit: 4/20/2003 2:03

Guest:   Glenn "Mitch" Mitchell                   Email:

Current Location: Rochester WA

Comment:  What a trip...found the site through an e-mail...would love to hear from any fellow AFTN'ers from Korat '73-'75. Mitch Mitchell

Base Stationed: Korat 1973-1975

Position: Announcer


Date of Visit: 4/17/2003 13:16

Guest:   Ken Gilder                           Email:

Current Location: St. Petersburg, Florida

Comment: "Take care, catch you later, and walk on, world!  This day is dismissed!"

Base Stationed: Korat, April 1974 - June 1975

Position: DJ @ Korat Local; Network News


Date of Visit: 4/16/2003 18:28

 Guest:   Bill Westlund                     Email:

Current Location: Tulsa, OK

Comment:  Thank you so much for your efforts in manufacturing this wonderful website.  It certainly brings back many memories for me.  Your roster of personnel who served in Thailand is amazing!  Obviously, you've put in an extraordinary effort in constructing this site!  Again, thank you for your efforts!!!!

Base Stationed: Korat RTAFB Aug., 1974 to Aug., 1975

Position: Network News and Korat Local TV Sports


Date of Visit: 4/13/2003 2:27

 Guest:   Michael Weldon                              Email:

Current Location: USA

Comment: Couldn't help resurfing your site.... Many old memories.  I was reminded, Bob Jarvis served at U-Tapao his intro was HipHugHer, but I didn't find him on your master list?  Also, I remember the Khorat station going on line "officially" before any other station....  Of course, most bases were already unofficially "on the air" with those old, beat-up, flea watt, Bower  transmitters and Akai (Roberts) tape recorders when we started installing the new equipment - But the Colonel was insistent!! I also seem to remember President Johnson was visiting.... And I listened to his speach on plans for sending B-52's to Thailand, while watching them take off Northward from U-Tapao. Another point, NKP was famous for nightly attacks, but U-Tapao was also mortared from the nearby Buddhist retreat on Monkey mountain.  Were any other bases targeted? or sabotaged? Were any other AFTN personnel wounded or killed during an attack?

Base Stationed: KHorat, Takhli, U-Tapao, etc. 1966-1967

Position: KHorat, Takhli, U-Tapao, etc. 1966-1967


Date of Visit: 4/13/2003 1:59

Guest:   Michael Weldon                              Email:

Current Location: various/Santa Clara, CA, Sparks, NV & HI

Comment: Was looking for historical info on me in Viet Nam in 1969 and then in Thailand 66-67.  I was one of the radio station installers for Operation Limelight at Khorat, Takhli, and U-Tapao.  Then Engineer at U-Tapao. Other notes, Jay Albright served two tours at Khorat and Bob Ayng-Mynt was assigned wholey to the Radio installation team. Peter (rabbit) Farley retired in Thailand and I saw him again in late 1968.  I arrived as an A2C, with records lost in limbo, but promoted to A1C (overdue) as the plane was leaving.  That rank was renamed SGT within a few weeks.  I left the AF in 1968, but returned with Philco-Ford.  The Army needed assistance with the Thai Army at Bear Cat camp, I was familiar and available, so was back in uniform (army) for another year.  Had wonderful time visiting all of South East Asia. I am now a retired Civil Servant, EE, QA Eng, Rel Eng, and SFC for CA Army NG, etc. Degrees in Electronics, info sys & theology.

Base Stationed: KHorat, Takhli, U-Tapao, etc. 1966-1967

Position: Engineer - Installer


Date of Visit: 4/10/2003 22:57

 Guest:   Scott O’Gara                      Email:

Current Location: West Islip, New York

Comment: Today marks 33 years since the crash at Udorn. I could not let the day pass, without memorializing it here.  I'll be in Washington, Sunday, and, as in previous years, will pay my respects to The Fallen Nine:Panel 12 West, line 120.

Base Stationed: Udorn, 1969-1970

Position: Part-time announcer


Date of Visit: 4/9/2003 19:09

Guest:   Ken Smith                           Email:

Current Location: Darwin Australia

Comment: I was with the Royal Aust Air Force 1967/68 across from RTAF we listened to AFRN always Thank you. Metro RAAF Cinema Operator

Base Stationed:



Date of Visit: 4/9/2003 8:32

Guest:   Rik De Lisle                                        Email:

Current Location: Berlin, Germany

Comment: Bob, I can't tell you how moved I am looking over these pages. You have done us all a great service.  Rik.

Base Stationed: Udorn, Ubon, Korat


Date of Visit: 4/5/2003 12:44

Guest:   Willie R. Pitts                                    Email:

Current Location: San Antonio, Texas

Comment: Great job with the site.  Brings back memories (some good some bad).  Learned about it from Randy Seeley.  Would like to hear from other former members of AFTN/AFRTS.  Along with my Pgm Dir duties I  did the 11toNoon Country Program on radio and from time to time filled in as newsman and interviewer.  Keep up the good work.

Base Stationed: UDORN - Nov '72 to Sep '73

Position: Program Director

Date of Visit: 4/2/2003 17:34

 Guest:   Terrel "Terry" Pochert                                   Email:

Current Location:  Gilbert, Arizona

 Comment: Great website!

 Base Stationed: Korat/1969-1970

 Position: Engineering


Date of Visit: 4/1/2003 10:52

Guest:   Steve Slezak                                      Email:

Current Location: Solon, Iowa

Comment: Hello. I was with AFTN in 1971/72. Tom Waterman was one of the guys killed in the crash at Udorn. I was at Shepperd AFB with him prior to his leaving for Thailand. A very nice, funny guy. I married in Thailand; in May we will have our 31st anniversary. Our  daughter lives in Seattle. Very warm feelings for Thailand, and the Thai people. My best to all who were with AFRTS.

Base Stationed: Ubon, 1971/72

Position: & T.V

Date of Visit: 3/1/2003

Guest:   S L Freeman                                      Email:

Current Location: Houston Texas

 Comment: Great site. I well remember the crowd that would gather in the Udorn USO club to watch Star Trek on AFTN. Standing Room Only!<br>BTW the 1976 photo of the station is one of mine. Its nice to be a small part of this history. It was taken from a guard tower

Base Stationed: Udorn

Position: 432 Tiger Flight

Date of Visit: 2/28/2003

Guest:   Sgt. Don Stevens                                             Email:

 Current Location: Cape Coral, Florida

Comment: Looking for comrades of the station and guys of security that barracks behind the station

Base Stationed: NKP 71-72

Position: Engineer-weekend jock

Date of Visit:      2/28/2003 11:32

Guest:   Terri Vasecka                                    Email:

Current Location:  Helena, Montana

Comment: This is a wonderful website.  Thank you for all the hard work and the memories.  I can't believe 30 years have gone by.

Base Stationed: Korat /1973

Position:  Announcer/"Big Country"

Date of Visit: 2/26/2003                3:52

Guest:   Mort Cherim                                                    Email:

Current Location: Dover, NH

Comment: Very nice job.  Wish I could have been more help with remembering some names during my time at AFTN-Ubon (68-69)

Base Stationed: Ubon 68-69

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Date of Visit: 2/25/2003 9:34

Guest:   Davis F. "Doc" Ball                                          Email:

Current Location: San Antonio, TX

Comment: Great site, and one that brings back many special memories. I was there for three years, and watched a lot of changes being made, from the hand-made control board, to state-of-the-art equipment. I have a few pictures to contribute, and am putting them

Bases  Stationed:  NKP:1966-67; Ubon, 1967-68; Korat, 1969-

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 Guest:   John Binfield                                                    Email:

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Comment:  I served in Nam Phong which was south of Udorn.  I fondly remember AFTN.  I remember doing night duty in the Bulk Fuel Farm, sitting in a Jeep and looking up at the stars.  Thailand had a beautiful sky at night.  As I sat there AFTN announced that we currently had men on the Moon. They then played a song By David Bowie.  It was called "Major Tom".  Every time that I hear that song these days, I think of that night in Thailand.

Base Stationed: Nam Phong


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Guest:   Rodney Bell                                       Email:

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Comment: Hi Bob,The AFTN Memorial site is coming along very well! Nice to see the hits, and all your comrades signing in...Don't know what I would have done without you guys...Loved the music, and listening to updates on the news back in the world...Keep up the good work on the site. It's doing great!R. Bell,F-4D Crew Chief,Udorn AB, Thailand 73-74

Base Stationed:  Udorn AB, Thailand 73-74


Date of Visit:  2/15/2003               9:40

 Guest:   Randy Seely                                      Email:

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Comment: This site brings back so many memories of one of the best tours I had!  AFTN Udorn was my first broadcast assignment in what became a 30-year radio/tv career,which ended in '02.  Was there 72-73...retired in '86. Great people, great place...wonderful

Base Stationed: Udorn 72-73 

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Date of Visit: 2/10/2003       21:30

Guest:   Scott H. O'Gara                                Email:

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Comment: Congratulations Bob,  AFTN/AFRTS meant so much to so many.  More constant than mail-call, it connected us to the world and beyond:  Armstrong on the moon, Chickenman in Saigon.  Short enough, we would all be Leavin' on a a Jet Plane.  You have

Base Stationed: Udorn/ 1969-1970

Position: p/t dj: Sunday mornings: Interlude

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 Guest:   Delbert N. Marohl                                          Email:

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< Comment: Honored by your request to use our VFW AFTN Memorial Post 10249 logo on your site.  Great job!  Quartermaster, VFW Post 10249

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 Guest:   Dave Ramsey                                    Email:

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Comment: Bob,this is fabulous! I'm glad to see this is all coming together. I knew and worked with all of the men killed when the F4 crashed into AFTN. They were true professionals in their jobs and a wonderful bunch of guys to know.

Base Stationed:  Udorn Feb68-May70

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Date of Visit: 1/30/2003 16:44

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Comment:  Hi Bob, just wanted to let you know again how great your site is. Also, on some of the other Udorn related sites, there is more info. on what happened to the F-4 to disable it. Thanks.

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Date of Visit:  1/30/2003 15:17

Guest:   Virgil Hopper                                    Email:

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Comment: Hey Bob:Virgil here.This is an excellent effort.And that AFTN badge/logo grings back memories you wouldn't believe...Way to go..Virgil Hopper

Base Stationed: Udorn RTAFB (July '71 - Aug '72)

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