Jay's Son Jonathan Playing With "Pete the Python", One Of The Squadron's Mascots.

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The baby with the Burmese python is my oldest son Jonathan (he's now 33). These were taken in 1972 during a marathon we were airing to raise money for a Thai orphanage. We were doing a 'pay for play' type of thing with lots of challenges. "Pete The Python" was the mascot of one of the squadrons... I can't remember if it was Field Maintenance or Munitions Maintenance. Any way, one squadron kidnapped (snake knapped) Pete and brought him over to the station. The idea was the squadron that had Pete as their mascot had to pay his ransom to get him back with the money going to the orphanage. My first wife, Donna, and 18 month old son Jonathan were visiting from the states. Since Pete had just had his two chickens for the week Jonathan was pretty safe sitting on him.