Pat Minoughan's Takhli Pics

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I found this photo and it is a picture of AlC Steve Lindsey. Steve was a Security Policeman stationed at Phitsanolouk and an avid listener to AFTN. He happened to be on base and wanted to come by and meet everyone. He was so excited about being there we had him do the news at 6:00 and he was damned good. He was traveling without orders and he couldn't get a billet for the night so we put him up at the AFTN hooch.

The purpose of the photo is two fold. To show Steve and to show you the new set design. With the new design we were able to give the viewers a picture within a picture, thanks to Al Tumey. What the viewer saw on the screen was the news man and the word news over his left shoulder (right shoulder for sportscast)

When a graphic or slide was required in the story Big Al would superimpose it over the word news or sports, like they were doing back home. This required fast fingered Al to quickly adjust all the video levels going into a slide and coming out of a slide and he did a great job. Anyhow this is the only photo I can find right now with the new set design.