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We are grateful to all of you from around the world: our fellow broadcasters & colleagues , our viewers and  listeners, and the many friends who have assisted us in capturing & sharing their stories, pictures, and experiences of the American Forces Thailand Network.  


It started with a story about a  reunion of linguists in San Antonio, and led to the creation of this website. Rodney Bell,
 the Udornvet
(web site), suggested a new web site to find old AFTN alumni, and other guys began helping.  Rik Delisle, now in Berlin, Germany, the late Norm Corley in Athens, Greece, and Dick Storck in North Carolina provided contacts, tapes, and photos.  It hasn't stopped yet.  All these folks have made contributions to assist us and we thank them.

  “Doc” Ball

  Mel Barnhart

  Mike Bolton

  John Brewer

  Shane Calendine (on behalf
      on behalf of his dad)     

  Richard Beckwell

  Mort Cherim

  Norm Corley

  Larry Clum

  Mike Curry

  Mal Davies (from Australia)

  Dan Decker

  Larry Dyer

  Mary Whitman    Fitzpatrick

  Steven Freeman

  Jim Geddes

  Ken Gilder

  Barry Gupton

  Lou Hakim

  Jim Harrod

  Mike Hartman

  Virgil Hopper



Ron Hurst

Dean Ihns

Richard Jeleniowski

Kevin Kanter

Bob Lacel

David Mallett

Bert Marohl

Norm Medland

Jeff McClain

Landis McGauhey

Fred McNeilly,

Bob Miller

Patrick Minoughan

Mike Newman

Col. Sam Newman (ret.)

Jay Noble

Dave Nuttall

Scott O’Gara

Bill Ostrander

Barry Oxenburg

Paul Parker

Kurt Pickering

Terry Pochert

Gene Ponce

Randy Price

Dave Ramsey

Joe Ramsey

Jerry Reed

Lon Roland

Gene Rossel

Tom Sargent

Randy Seely

Ron Sterry

Jim “Dutch” Treat

 Jon Roger Tremaine

Allen Tumey

Jerry Van Dyke

Brendan Vargas

Steve Vosler

Frank Walker 

Jim Watkins

Michael Weldon

John Wild

Steve Slezak


Many others have helped along the way including the current managers at  AFRTS and those in the past from AFTN: 
                     Bob Matheson, Program Director, AFRTS, Los Angeles, CA;
                     Mike Kinchen, Director of AF Broadcasting, San Antonio, TX;
                     Jim Lapp, former Network Chief, AFTN Thailand, 
                     Dick Risk, former Interim/Deputy Chief, AFTN, Thailand,
                     Dick Hiner, former Chief/Deputy Chief, AFTN, Thailand;
                     Archie DeFante, Dennis Case,  & Major Carol Rattan of the Air Force Historical Records Agency, Maxwell AFB, AL;
                     Paul Parker,

                     Bob Morecook (
from American Forces Vietnam Network (AFVN). 

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updated   3/21/24