2009  Sheppard ETV & AFTN Reunion

This was a reunion of radio and TV broadcasters from the Armed Forces
 Thailand Network and Sheppard Educational TV organized by Dick Storck
 and held in Wichita Falls, TX in October, 2009. Many of the broadcasters
 hadn't seen each other for 40 years.

 Video shot and edited by Jim Cissell--7 years in the making!


click here to watch the video put together by Jim Cissell 


jim_cissell-video link

                                                 Thursday Arrival
  - Photo album # 1     (click here)

                                                                                  Photo  album # 2     (click here)

 Thursday Night at Mazzeo's Pizza -  Photo album  (click here)

 Heritage Museum Tour -    Photo album # 1  (click here)

                                                    Photo album # 2  (click here)

                                                                           Photo album # 3  (click here)

Sheppard ETV Studio Tour  Photo album # 1 (click here)

                                                                                          Photo album #2 (click here)

                                                                                          Photo album # 3 (click here)

                                                                                         Photo album # 4 (click here)

Local Wichita Falls         Photo album # 1 (click here)

Sheppard Air Show-  Photo album # 1  (click here)

                                                                                   Photo album #2  (click here)

                                                                                   Photo album # 3  (click here)

Reunion Banquet -     Photo album # 1 (click here)

At the Feed Lot -         Photo album # 1( click here)

Miscellaneous  -          Photo album # 1 (click here)




Jaye Albright (AFTN); now with Albright & O'Malley & Brenner - Country Radio Specialists

               John Alexander (SETV)

             Joel Block (SETV)

             Jim Burwell (AFTN) 

Lee Cook (SETV)

      Leo Ergish (SETV)

      Rich Firestone (AFTN)

      Robin Hood (SETV)

      Jeff McClain (AFTN/SETV)

      Hugh Morgan (SETV)

      Gene Picket  (SETV) 

      Al Redlow (SETV)

      Stephen Sills (AFTN)
      Dick Storck  (AFTN/SETV)

      Max Thomsen (SETV/AFTN)

      Frank Walker (AFTN/SETV)

      Bob Wertz (AFTN/Lackland OTS & Goodfellow ETV)

      Dave Wilson  (SETV)

updated  5/30/21