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AFTN Network Timeline    l974-l976  


2-5 Apr 74                   Management Effectiveness Team visits Udorn RTAFB

11-12 Apr 74               Station Manager's Conference at Korat

23 Jul 74                     Change of command, Capt. Joseph C. Winsett assumed command of AFTN from Major Melvin A. Bailey.

5 Aug 74                     Closure of radio station at Takhli

12 Aug 74                    Change of command, Major John M. Lewis, Jr., assumed command of AFTN from Captain Joseph C. Winsett.

1 Sep 74                       Reduction of manning and program hours at Ubon operating location

16 Sep 74                    Received 13 AF/XP message of AFTN consolidation into 6204th Aerospace Support Squadron at Clark AF, PI.  Completion date 15 November l974.

23 Sep 74                    Recommended consideration for use of either SEAN--South East Asia Network in lieu of AFPN-American Forces Phillipine Network and AFTN-American Forces Thailand Network as the network identifier upon consolidation of the two units.

11 Oct 74                    Message from CINCPACAF OI forwarded requested status of proposed single word ID for stations to use on air in newly consolidated squadron (CINCPACAF 2421322 Oct 74)

1 Nov 74                     AFRTS-Los Angeles revamped two television circuits, placing all television stations in the newly combined squadron on the same circuit to provide continuity throughout the 13 AF area jurisdiction (Ltr. AFRTS-LA 1 Nov 74)

9 Nov 74                     Satellite feed football games on 9 Nov and 21 Nov marked the first time color VTR replays were available for Thailand.  TV engineers and IVC 870 VTR machines were deployed from Thailand and immediately recorded the games in color for playback in color the next day.

15 Nov 74                   6001st Aerospace Support Squadron (AFTN) Thailand, and 6204th Broadcasting Squadron, Republic of the Phillipines, were consolidated and became the 6204th Aerospace Support Squadron (S.O. Ga-42,  8 Oct 74)

15 Nov 74                   6001st Aerospace Support Squadron Headquarters Korat RTAFB, Thailand, becomes Detachment 1 of the 6204th Aerospace Support Squadron

                                    Nine (9) unmanned repeater stations at Lop Buri, Chiang Mai, Kokha, Sattahip, Don Muang Airport, Bangkok, Warin, Samaesan Army Station, and Ramasun were considered satellite stations. The satellite stations in Thailand were the responsibility of Korat, U-Tapao, Ubon, and Udorn affiliate stations.

Early 75                      Sgt Rik Delisle does the last newscast from Korat for the AFTN network.

23 Jan 75                    Ramasun Army Station requested to apply for AFRTS outlet

3 Feb 75                      Request for speakers sytems for AFTN signal to Tavich and USMAG/MACTHAI   compounds in Bangkok.

Mar 75                        Final equipment arrives for completion of closed circuit completion of closed circuit radio cable system for Kokha, Thailand.

16 May 75                   Ubon television ceased operation

7 July 75                      OLAF memorandum received granted approval to upgrade Ramasun station

12 July 75                    Army manning in Thailand will not be addressed y the Army.

13 July 75                    Ubon radio operation signed off the air at 1500 hours

14 July 75                    NKP Station Manager MSgt Frank Leary sent TDY to Subic Bay Station, Phillipines

20 Sept 75                   NKP television signed off the air

10 Oct 75                    NKP FM radio operations signed off at 2400.

1 Jan 76                      Korat airs 19 hour “Hitmakers” music history special

Satellite feeds of Rose and Orange bowl games disseminated from Clark television (AFPN)

2 Jan l976                   Korat and Udorn off-air target dates extended

4 Jan l976                   NKP television van departs Thailand via C-5

10 Jan l976                 Udorn television ends broadcasting

13 Jan l976                 Thailand radiated broadcasting deadline set to cease 20 March l976.

14 Jan l976                 Udorn television van departs Thailand via C-5

15 Jan l976                 Closed-circuit radio for residual Thailand forces initiated. Those sites included Ramasun, and U-Tapao, and CCR's at Bangkok, Ko Kha, and Chiang Mai.

                                    Closed-circuit television for residual U-Tapao forces initiated

18 Jan l976                 Super Bowl disseminated from Clark television production

22 Jan l976                 Udorn and NKP AFRTS assets shipped out of Thailand

30 Jan l976                 6204AEROSS wins unprecedented three out of five Air Force Information Media Awards.

1 Feb l976                   Korat television ends broadcasting       

5 Feb l976                   Udorn ends radio broadcasting

FebAFTN Udorn building near fence 76                         The remains of the Udorn Radio/TV station. The tower has been disassembled and the TV van transferred. (Photo by Steven Freeman)









 8 Feb l976                   6204 AEROSS TDY engineering team begins installation of Ramasun television facility.

                                     Korat radio ceases local studio originated broadcasting.  Network news preparation/dissemination responsibility shifts to U-Tapao.

 16 Feb l976                 Ramasun television studios begin broadcasting, with deactivated TV van from Korat

 20 Feb l976                 PCA/TASA engineers begin on-site survey for closed-circuit radio network in Thailand for residual forces.

 24 Feb l976                 Korat radio ends broadcasting

 17 Mar l976                Ramasun television ends broadcasting

 18 Mar l976                Ramasun radio satellite begins broadcasting

                                     6204AEROSS orders continued radiated broadcasting in Thailand beyond 20 March cessation deadline.

 30 March l976            Closed-circuit radio on-site survey in Thailand ends with departure of PCA engineer

31 March l976            U-Tapao, last television station of 6204AEROSS in Thailand, ends broadcasting.

23 May l976                Final closure of AFTN with U-Tapao signing off the air. 


The chapter on the American Forces Thailand Network, one of the largest US Air Force broadcasting networks ever,  signs off the air on May 23, l976.


Sources: AFTN Unit Histories, Air Force Historical Records Agency (AFHRA), Maxwell AFB, AL 

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