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The American Forces Thailand Network (AFTN),  military radio and television, provided music, news and entertainment to the American Fighting Man and Woman in Thailand for more than ten years during the Vietnam War.

This web site is dedicated to the nine broadcasters and engineers who gave their lives when a battle damaged RF-4 Phantom Recon Jet crashed into the Udorn AFTN station on April 10, l970. 

This is an unofficial web site.

AFTN Webmaster is Bob Wertz , then A1C USAF,  AFTN Radio/TV Udorn, 71-72.    Email comments, etc. to  BobWertz  in Baton Rouge, LA.  Bob is back on the air part time at WHYR(LP) -FM, Baton Rouge.  

AFTN Web Templates design & photo albums compiled/edited by Norm Corley, then Sgt. USAF,  AFTN Radio/TV NKP 72-73.  Norm is retired and living in Athens, Greece.

AFTN Air Chex edited & remastered by Dick Storck, then Sgt. USAF, AFTN Radio/TV  Udorn/Korat 68-69.  Dick is still broadcasting at WCPE, Raleigh, NC.

 Since January 19, 2003, there have been

Home page audio montage [mp3;wav;ogg]Sgt. Phil Favreau, AFTN News, Fall, l972, original Charlie Tuna AFRTS program and AFTN jingle . Last updated on   3 / 14 / 2020

AFTN Network Newscast - Bob Theriault - March 29, 1969  [Click here to soundpage]


Korat Alumni Reunion October 2019

Korat 1971 Alumni Reunion, October, 2019

AFTN Broadcaster PIX

Dave Hart  1973-74 NKP  [located here] (added 12/7/19 )

Chuck Stewart  1969  Ubon [coming]

Dave Sacher  1975  Korat  [located here] (added 2/16/19 )

Duane Mercier  1975 Udorn   [located here][added 2/919]

Henry Pitts - 1972-73  Korat   [located here][added 2/9/19]

Dick Storck - R n R - Phi Mai pix 1969 [located here][added 1/28/19]

Dick Storck - R n R - Khao Yai National Park 1969 [located here][added 1/13/19]

Joe Hutchens  1971 NKP Pix [located here] [added 1/13/19]

Ed Waldrup 1969 Udorn pix (Part 1)  [located here] [added 1/1/19]

Ed Waldrup  Udorn 1969(Part 2) [located here] [added 1/4/19]

AFTN 1971 Korat Alumni Reunion

[click here)  added [10/7/18]

Ron Smith Pix  - U-Tapao 1970-71
(click here)  [11/22/18]

Jerry Reed Photo Album #2 Takhli 1969
(click here)  [10/20/18]

Links to Rememberences of 9 men killed at AFTN Udorn [10/30/18]

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AFTN Satellites

Camp Kanchanaburi  (click here)  [10/3/18]
  Phitsanulok   (click here)  [10/7/18]
   Camp Cloudy (Phu Khieo) (click here)  [10/8/18]
Ko Kha (click here)  [10/15/18]
  Sakon Nakon (click here)  [10/15/18]
 Mukdahan (click here) [10/22/18]
Ramasun (click here) [ 11/3/18]
Chiang Mai
(click here) [11/6/18]
Site Warin (click here) [11/18/18]
Phu Mu
  (click here) [11/19/18]
Nam Phong (click here) [12/12/18]
Green Hill
(Click here) [10/21/19]

Communication & Signal Links in Thailand (1964 - 1976)
[ added 10/22/18]

AFTN New Years Eve Countdown - Dec 31, 1973

Jon Morgan - AFTN Korat 1973

Produced & Narrated by then PFC Jon Morgan (then & now) [added 9/23/18]

[click here to AFTN sound page]

Pat Minoughan AFTN Takhli remembers

Pat Minoughan articles in Mekong Mail Express  [added 9/10/18] 

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AFTN Udorn Crash Pix from Jim Davey [added 8/24/18] 

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Korat RTAFB Aerial Pix from Steve Hock  [added 8/1/18] 

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Jessie Brooks (aka Jay Lewis)  AFTN Korat  1972   ON THE AIR  

(click here)  [added 5/20/18] 

Ralph Gebes - AFTN U-Tapao     April 1973  ON THE AIR  
  (click here)  [added 4/28/18]

Rick Kot, Von Blunt, Robert Baughn   ON THE AIR  

AFTN U-Tapao Jan1970  (click here)  [added 3/27/18]

Doc Ball - In Memoriam - 2016 - TLB

[added 3/17/2018]

Steve Sills - 'The Disk Jockey & the Girls'

published in Mekong Express Mail, September, 2016 (click here)

Steve Sills - AFTN alumni

[added 3/10/18]

Tom McDonald sports career ends [added 3/8/18]

(Click here) 

Tom McDonald NY 1 sports

Rick Delaney  AFTN NKP 1972   ON THE AIR  

(click here)  [added 2/21/18]

Joe Moore   AFTN U-Tapao   1972  Photo Album (click here)  [added 2/13/18]

Darrell McCabe   AFTN Crash Photos 1970 (click here) [ added 1/18/2018]

NKP Radio - Dutch Treat & the AFTN Good Guys (1969)

(Click here) [air checks] (added 1/18/2018)

SETV-AFTN Reunion Video 2009  (added 1/15/2018)

This was a reunion of radio and TV broadcasters from the Armed Forces Thailand Network and Sheppard Educational TV organized by Dick Storck and held in Wichita Falls, TX in October 2009. Many of them hadn't seen each other for 40 years. Video shot and edited by Jim Cissell--7 years in the making!

click below to watch the video put together by Jim Cissell

   jim cissell video


AFTN -AFN Memorial

All air Checks now converted to mp3 files with html-5 player


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