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Airborne Battlefield Commnd & Cntrl Ctr (ABCCC) 

Air America

Air America location at Udorn Thailand  Air America Operating Location at Udorn RTAFB in l972

The CIA and Air Operations in Laos (& Udorn RTAFB)

American Legion ChinaPost # 1 (in Excile)

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Rodney Bell's   UdornVet

Steven Freeman's    Udorn "Last Tour"

Frank Vanderwiede    Udorn l973 Communications Squadron

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Al Sterling's USAF Combat Camera  

Bob Wheatley's  Viet-REMF  

Gene Ponce's AF & Army Comm Sites

Mike Ellis's 561st Engineer Co./809 Engineering Bn.

John Ellis-- Thailand-Ubon, Utapao, Chiang Mai, etc.


Vietnam Years of the Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base

Bob Penoyer's Korat    On Base   Off Base  

Larry Westin's  553rd Recon Wing- Korat l967-1971 


John Sweet's  NKP During the Secret War 1962 - 1975

Jim Henthorn's Vietnam Vet Page


     Bill Fields's  U-Tapao Royal Thai Naval Air Base

     Red Horse Country- U-Tapao

   RAMASUN Air Station  web site

7th RRField Station  

NAM PHONG RTAFB (a/ka the "Rose Garden")

Marine Base (1972-1973)

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Bert Marshall's Takhli 

Bob Vaugh's  Takhli 355th TFW Days

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    Lima Site 85 (120 west of Hanoi)

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