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AFTN  Settin g Up the TV Operation at NKP   



AFTN NKP TV Van     AFTN NKP TV installation
AFTN NKP TV Installation #2     AFTN NKP TV Van unloaded  

The van is removed from the C-124 Globemaster on its arrival at Nakhon Phanon on December 18, l968.
All Photos: AFHRA 




 (above right) AFTN Chief, Lieutenant Colonel Shale L. Tulin, NKP Base Commander, Col. E.J. White, and TV Project Officer, Lt. Col. Harry E. Ford survey the off-loading.

AFTN Engineer Drawing/Location of TV Van/Bldg. at NKP

AFTN NKP TV On the Air 1968

Within the van, the TV director readies the cue for the initial broadcast on Christmas Day, l968.


 AFTN NKP TV On the Air

Col.s Ford, White and Tulin explain services to be offered the NKP viewer in the first broadcast.

Photo:  AFHRA


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