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AFTN  Settin g Up the TV Operation at NKP   


AFTN NKP TV Van     AFTN NKP TV installation
AFTN NKP TV Installation #2     AFTN NKP TV Van unloaded  

The van is removed from the C-124 Globemaster on its arrival at Nakhon Phanon on December 18, l968.
All Photos: AFHRA 



 (above right) AFTN Chief, Lieutenant Colonel Shale L. Tulin, NKP Base Commander, Col. E.J. White, and TV Project Officer, Lt. Col. Harry E. Ford survey the off-loading.

AFTN Engineer Drawing/Location of TV Van/Bldg. at NKP

AFTN NKP TV - 1969

Within the van, the TV director readies the cue for the initial
broadcast on Christmas Day, l968. (Photo: AFHRA

AFTN NKP TV  1969-on the air
Col.s Ford, White and Tulin explain services to be offered the NKP viewer in the first broadcast. (Photo: AFHRA)


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