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AFTN NKP 1969 Staff

photo courtesy Jim Brisbois

Bottow row: A1C Ted Shibata (Engineering), TSgt Bob Kozik (Engineering,), A1C Ken Johnson, A1C Doug "Scotty"Stephan,     A1C George Frazee

Center row:  TSgt Walter Smith, III, TSgt Jim Treat, TSgt Bob Tyler, A1c Gary Hankins,

Top Row: Jim Brisbois, A1C Bob Buchwald, A1C Scott Genry, SMSgt Ed "Mac" Dawkins, A1c Frank Stanton, A1C John Zauher

nkp aftn troops              nkp-Bob Hope Show 1969  

TSgt Jim Treat (center left) and A1C Frank Stanton (right) flank Miss World during the l970 Bob Hope Christmas Show.  (Photos used by permission of Jim Treat)


Sgt. Norm Corley reads the "news" on NKP-TV in l972.

Jim Swaringen 72-73

Jim Swaringen on the board   1972-73

Capt Steve Ritchie 

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