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Michael Weldon  1967 

Kurt Pickering 1976

Jay Noble 68 & 72

Lon Roland 1976

Kevin Kanter l972

Ralph Baldwin l975

Mike Bolton l975-76

The Early Days of Utapao Radio- Pre AFTN                                     

Michael Weldon (below) in l966

"The original AFTN, one room studio" at U-Tapao.  The MARS station, Michael says, "allowed their small area to be split so that we could have some room.  Michael adds that "the photo was taken from the 'record library', which was separated from the Gates board by a panel/bulletin board.  The turntable is to my left and the transmitter is to my right as I sat in the 'other' chair."

Michael identifed the guys in the photos on the wall behind him:

Alva W. (Peter Rabbit) Farley, and Dan (the Man) Voightlander.  Pete was the station manager. Also working were Bob Jarvis (BJ the DJ) and Gary Tuovinen (Gary T)

Michael currently lives in Udon Thani, Thailand. (July, 2012)





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