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U-Tapao Air Base Welcome Booklet

utapao rtafb welcome booklet

1966-1968 (Rank, Name, Dates of Service, Position)

TSgt Art Sharp 1968 Station Manager
SSgt Ronald A. Will 1967-68 Station Manager
TSgt Alva W. Farley 1966-67 Station Manager
SSgt Charles A. Hawsey 1968  
SSgt Gary Osborn 1967-68 Program Director
SSgt James Snyder 1966-67 Program Director
TSgt Thomas B. Carter 1968 Program Director
SSgt Dean Pennington 1967-May68

Sgt Arthur W. Thompson 1967-68
Sgt John W. Noble 1967-68  
A1C David A. Farrington 1967-68  
A1C Thomas J. Locicero* 1967-68  
Sgt Mel F. Thaanum 1966-67  
A1C Donald L. Aistrop 1966-67  
TSgt Harry A. Kettel 1968  
Sgt Robert McDaniels* 1968  
Sgt Don Checots l967-68  
SSgt Fred C. Berrien* 1968  
A1C John D. Wild 1968  
A1C Isaac Raboy 1968  
SSgt Leslie Gilhaus 1968 Radio Engineer
Sgt Robert M. Peana 1968 Engineer
TSgt John McPherson 1968 TV Engineer
SSgt Robert M. Aung-Myint 1966-67 Engineer
A1C Michael  R. Weldon 1966-67 Engineer
SMS Dan Voightlander l966-67 part-timer @night
  * television    


MSgt J.T. Mayfield 1970 Station Manager
TSgt R. L. Day 1969 Station Manager
Sgt Mark Abbott   Program Director
TSgt Harry Kettel   Program Director
SSgt Bill Smith  
SSgt W. J. Kowalski   Program Director
TSgt Gary Williams    
Sgt Mitchell Black Nov 70  
TSSgt Jim Estep    
SSgt Chalres Balmos    
A1C Russ Perry    
A1C Dennis Smith    
  Jim Salter July 70  
SSgt A. J. Valahovic  
Sgt Tom Range    
Sgt Paul Dolan    
TSgt T. C. Carter    
TSgt Paul Passett   Station Engineer
SSgt Les Gilhaus   Engineer
  Robert Baughan    
Rick Kot
TSgt Von Blunt      transferred to Ubon

incomplete unit history info/ roster based on AFTN newsletters


TSgt James Burwell May71 Station Manager
SSgt Leonard A. Seitz Jul 71 Program Director
SSgt William E. Smith Feb71  
SSgt Orye F. Neuschwander Jul 71  
SSgt William J. Kowalski Feb71  
Sgt Robert J. Davis Mar71 nbsp;
Sgt Richard R. Schmidt Feb71  
Sgt Dan C. Smith Dec71  
A1C Ronald L. Smith Jul 71  
A1C Stephen L Lorenz Sep71  
A1C Jon Roger Tremaine Sept71  
A1C Keith M. Kintner Nov71  
  Gene Stanglin l970 Part timer
MSgt Paul Bassett, III Feb71 Station Engineer
SSgt G. S. Simmons
Frank Robinette
Nov 71-1970

Part Timer  


MSgt James L. Allen Apr72 Station Manager
MSgt John J. Houlihan Sep72 Program Director
TSgt Gerhart Hirst Jul 72  
TSgt Jimmy W. Lewis Aug 72  
TSgt Richard A. Davis Oct 72  
TSgt Byron B. McCartney Jan 73  
MSgt James C. Humble Apr72  
SSgt John W. Noble Sep72  
SSgt Robert W. Bonnell Nov 72
Sgt Ronald L. Smith Jan 72  
Sgt James F. King Aug72  
Sgt Michael Newman
Sgt Robert A. Singleton Sep72  
A1C Stephen A. Vosler Nov72  
MSgt Paul Bassett III Jul 72 Station Engineer
Sgt Paul Campos Nov72 Engineer
  Kevin Kanter Nov 72 Part Time


MSgt Marvin M. Weiner Dec 1973 Station Manager
TSgt Wayne O. Loudermilk Aug 1973
Sgt Jerome C. Cocco Feb l973
A1C Bryan E. Cody Dec l973
Sgt Tommy Hurd Mar l973
A1C Terrence G. Dull Oct l973
SSgt Edward R. Hubenette Sept l973
PFC Joseph M. Moore July l973
SSgt Charles L. Sprague Feb l973  
SSgt Carlton Sargeant 1972 transfer from Korat
SP4 Rick Davies 72-73 TDY
PFC Joel M. Brown July l973  
SP4 Barry T. Callis July l973
MSgt Paul S. Bassett July 1973 Engineer
Sgt James M. Wismann Sept l973 Engineer
  Mike Curry   transferred to Takhli


MSgt Eugene M. Plunkett Jan 1974 Station Manager
TSgt William P. Billingsley July 1974  
Sgt Floyd R. Anible July 1974
Sgt Bryan E. Cody Dec l973  
Sgt Thomas Connell III Jan l974  
A1C Terrence G. Dull Oct l973  
TSgt Bartholomew Zarcone Jun l974
SSgt John W. Kay Mar l974  
Amn Douglas R. Boyd Mar l974
PFC Joseph M. Moore July l974  
  PFC   Joel M. Brown   July l974
  SP-4   Barry T. Callis   July l974  
  TSgt   Valinetine J. Lipscomb   Sept l974 Engineer
  Sgt   Kermit J. Barnhart   Aug l974     Engineer


MSgt Ronald E. Grabert    Jul 75 Station Manager
SSgt Thomas W. Edgeworth    Nov 75  
SSgt John W. Kay Dec 74
SSgt Cody E. Bryan Dec 74  
Erik S. Tingberg Aug 75  
Sgt David L. Gordon Jan 75
Sgt John M. Garvin, Jr. Sep 75
Sgt Robert H. Smith Jan 75
MSgt Robert E. French Sep 75  
SSgt Ricky E. Miller Jan 75 Engineer
SSgt Richard A. Beckwell Feb 75 Engineer
E-6 Louis Thompson Jun 75
E-5 Lawrence P. Dove May 75
E-4 George A. Smith Oct 75
SSgt Ralph Baldwin Nov 75
TSgt Edward R. Sischo Jan 75
MSgt James R. Connelly 1976
SSgt James D. Warfield Jan 75


TSgt Garland "Ray" Green 75-May 76 Station Manager
TSgt Richard A. Davis 1976  from Ramasun
SSgt Fred McNeilly 1976 Program Director
TSgt Harry C. Jackson 1976 Chief Engineer
SSgt James D. Warfield 1976  
TSgt George L. Wisely 1976  
SSgt Jeffrey W. Armstrong 1976  
Fred Frederick 1975-76
A1C Lon Roland 1976  
A1C Kurt H. Pickering 1975-76  
Amn James M. McGraw l976 TDY/from/Clark(AFPN)
J03 Mike Romine l976 TDY/from/Clark(AFPN)
J01 Lou Reed l976 TDY/from/Clark (AFPN)
JO3 Louis F. Bell 1976 TDY/from/Clark (AFPN)
SSgt Michael Bolton 1975-76  Part-Time
Sgt Mike Kieffer 1976

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Source: AFHRA - Air Force Historical Records Agency, Maxwell AFB, AL