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Ubon Station 1968

AFTN Ubon staff 1968

(l to r, standing): MSgt Bob Eddy, station manager, Bill Edgeworth, John Wild, Doc Ball,
(up front): Bob Palmer and Joy, AFTN record librarian and general aide

AFTN Ubon staff 1968

(l to r, standing) Doc Ball, Mike Newman, Bob Palmer, Bill Edgeworth, B.J. Worth, John Wild; (Sitting)  Bob Eddy, Station Manager

AFTN Ubon staff 1968

(l to r, standing) SSgt Wally Kunihiro, MSgt Bob Eddy, Doc Ball, Bob Palmer

(Kneeling)(l to r) A2C Mike Newman, A2C John Wild, A1C "B.J." Bill Worth, A1C Bill Edgeworth



John Wild on the air at AFTN Ubon in l968











Thats John behind that rifle







John says that: "I was "adopted" by the Austrailian Air Force detachment ADG (airfield defence guards) who were on duty while I was on the air. They took me under their wing, trained me on weapons, put me into Tiger fatigues for trips off base, and I perfected my accent to make Doc Ball happy (gave him plausible denial that I wasn't one of "his" troops). We'd go somewhat far afield (they told me I was in Laos and Cambodia on occassion - hell, it all looked the same to me). They were allowed GUNS, as they were there under SEATO, not our "hire the Thais to protect us" arrangement".

Read about John's story on getting acoustic tile for the Ubon station

Photos from John Wild, 2004

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