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Udorn Personnel/Duty Roster






Spring l972:(Above)   Bottom row:  (l to r)  Dave Johnson, Jim "Mac" MacMillan   Middle row: (l to r) Bob Davis, Bob Wertz, Ron "Rip" VanWinkle,   Back row:  John Turley, Rik  Delisle, Virgil Hopper

August 72 (above): Bottom row:  Lowell Langford, Jerry Paonessa, Middle Row: Mike Siegel, Belle (station secretary), Loren English, Bob Davis, Back row: Ken Hoffman, Ron Van Winkle, Rik Delisle, John Turley, David Johnson,  and Bob Wertz

September l972  (above): Front row:  Bill Hart, John Turley, David Johnson, Station Manager, Bill Martin, George Gendron, Back row: Jerry Paonessa, Loren English, Ken Hoffman, Belle, Bob Wertz, Mike Siegel, Bob Davis, David Mallett, Lowell Langford


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