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The American Forces Thailand Network

AFTN Udorn Station

      The Udorn radio station (Pre AFTN) was up and operating by September, 1966. According to Mike Dermody, the operation consisted of a broadcast booth and antenna located in the base information office, in sight of the main gate, just around the corner from the BX. Mike says they were operating out of this building and office until around Feb-Mar 1967. The station had the use of one turntable, one microphone and one transmitter (5-10) watts.  Once the new AFTN building was completed, they moved into it in March 1967. Once operational, it became AFTN Udorn, part of then Armed Forces Thailand Network.  Mike says tthat most the equiment and wiring was installed except for the antenna and two(2) new 50 watt transmitters. The antenna was installed and the old transmitter moved to the enw building. When the old transmitter started to fail, Mike installed the new one. AFTN radio remained on the air 24 hours a day.

Location of AFTN Udorn
Location of AFTN Building
AFTN Udorn 1968
Front of the AFTN station before arrival of TV

AFTN Udorn 1966-67 Crew
AFTN Udorn broadcasting crew: 1966-67
(seated: Richard Berry, Station Mgr; front row: Joe Laurendi, Donald L. Natale, Charles Balmos; Back row: Mike Dermody(engineer), Gary York, Gerald Ruffin, Keith Hill)
AFTN Udorn 1520 am
Originally broadcasting at 1520 on AM.

AFTN Udorn main studio
Main control room for AFTN Udorn radio
AFTN Udorn Record Library 1967
Looking through the record library

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