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Udorn AFTN Station 1971


 AFTN Udorn - RIk Delisle 1971

AboveRebuilding AFTN Udorn- Dec l971. (Rebuilding AFTN Udorn- Dec l971. (L to r-Ray Santangelo,  Rik deLisle,  Ron Van Winkle, and  Jim "Mac"Millan, Station Mgr. ) 

AFTN Udorn - TV Van after plane crash


AFTN Udorn - temporary TV Van Dec 71


The relocated AFTN station in December, l971, across from the base chapel and next to Friendship Hwy looking west.   The first floor of the hootch served as the admin offices and newsroom for the station.  The second floor was for the staff.  The radio studios were located in a Chase Manhattan trailer close to the base pool.

Udorn TV Van 1971


The area between the TV van and the hootch served as an outside stage.   Above photo looking east w/our laundry on the clothes line and Friendship Hwy just across the fence.  And just to the north of the trailer was the base chapel.                    

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